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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 2

Translated by: Cozy Translations Chapter 2 – “Shi Yi’s Weakness” In the latter half of the year, the two kids will be turning 4. Father Shi and Mother Shi discussed with each other about sending their son to kindergarten. Shi Yi was very happy because he could play with his classmates every day! However, he

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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 1

Translated by: Cozy Translations  Chapter 1 You are the joy in my heart, and also the one and only.—Inscription The warm weather still lingered around in September. The air was so hot, it made people feel restless. The skies were getting dark, the golden sun slowly being covered by the night skies. Outside, the lights

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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 0

Hello everyone, as PIBE is about 1/4 translated, I thought I’d switch things up by translating a short but very heartwarming modern romance story, called Absolutely Spoiled. In essence, it’s about two childhood friends that grow up together as neighbors and eventually become lovers. Our female lead was neglected and unloved by her family when

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