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Pampered Into Being the Empress: Characters List

Our cast is slowly expanding, so here’s a character list to keep track of whose who. (Also serving as a reminder for all these titles changes for me haha) This list will be updated periodically. There may be minor spoilers, so read at your own caution.

Main Leads

  • Mu Huai: Our male lead who is the Fourth Prince of Qi. Son of Virtuous Consort Yin, he is Zhuang Emperor’s favorite son. After ascending the throne, he is known as Wu Emperor.
    • Also known as: Fourth Prince, King Jin (aka Jin wang), Man Ya (pet name), Zhi Yan (courtesy name), Longxiang General, Wu Emperor
  • Rong Xi: Our female lead who is a senior maid serving Mu Huai. She wears makeup to hide her looks but was accidentally found out by Mu Huai.

Royal Family

  • Zhuang Emperor/Mu Zhen: The emperor of Qi
  • Empress: Wife of Mu Zhen and empress of Qi.
  • Noble Consort Li: Highest ranking member of the imperial harem after the empress. She is the mother of Second Princess Mu Qian and Second Prince Mu Ji
  • Virtuous Consort Yin: Birth mother of Mu Huai who perished in a fire ten years prior to the beginning of the novel. She was also the most favored consort of Zhuang Emperor prior to her death.
    • Also known as: Consort Xian
  • Consort De: Birth mother of Third Prince Mu Tao
  • Mu Ji: Second Prince of Qi and the son of Noble Consort Li
  • Mu Qian: Second Princess of Qi and the daughter of Noble Consort Li. She is known for her cruel treatment of her servants and arrogance.
  • Mu Tao: Third Prince of Qi and son of Consort De

Rong Xi’s Family

  • Rong Bing: Rong Xi’s and Rong Hui’s deceased father. Originally an official in the Ministry of Rites, he was stripped of his title after an incident occurred and was sentenced to exile. He passed away during the journey to exile.
  • Lady Fang: Rong Xi’s deceased mother. The principal wife of Rong Bing, she passed away when Rong Xi was three years old.
  • Rong Hui: Rong Xi’s younger half-brother born from a concubine Rong Bing took after Lady Fang passed away. He disappeared one day outside and his current status was unknown until he bumped into Rong Xi and Mu Huai outside a restaurant. It was revealed that he had immigrated to the neighboring Kingdom Gu and had become the adopted son of their leader, Luolu Kehan.
    • Also known as: Tuoba Yu
  • Nanny Huan: Previously Lady Fang’s old maidservant, she now sells food in the capital city. She and Rong Xi made a promise that Rong Xi would leave the palace when she turns 25 and live with her. She passed away after she and Rong Xi encountered bandits on their way to Hongdu.

Other Supporting Cast

  • Shun Fu: Mu Huai’s head eunuch. He taught Rong Xi the ropes of Quyun Palace and acted as an elder to her before passing away.
  • Ye Yunlan: Rong Xi’s closest friend in the palace and a minister-physician (siyi) in the pharmaceutical bureau. She has a timid and cowardly personality. She passed away during the time Rong Xi was expelled from the palace.
  • Li Rui: Lord of Privy Council and Noble Consort Li’s father.
  • Yin Cheng: Commander of the City Guards and relative of Mu Huai. During the times when Mu Huai would be able to walk, he would secretly train horse riding, archery, etc. with Mu Huai in the middle of the night.
  • Di Shiyin: Elder sister of Di Shihua and niece of the empress
  • Di Shihua: Younger sister of Di Shiyin and niece of the empress
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