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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 54.2

Recap of last chapter:

Tuoba Yu was clear that due to Mu Huai’s young age, he did not have any descendants. Furthermore, out of the Mu clan’s young men, none were as outstanding as Mu Huai.

If Great Qi did not have Mu Huai, then the entire nation would slowly walk towards its downfall.

If that golden eagle had successfully killed Mu Huai and was not captured by the guards, after it flew back to him, then he would’ve also personally killed it.

If the assassination was unsuccessful, then this beast would die in Mu Huai’s hands, and he would certainly not send people after it to search for its body.

Tuoba Yue acted on her own and brought back the golden eagle’s body. Now, the fact that the two had arrived in Qi early was exposed, and him wanting to assassinate Mu Huai had also been exposed.

What an idiot.

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 54.2 – Increasingly Fussy

Tuoba Yu went back into the private room and his icy eyes stared at Tuoba Yue. He said in a heavy voice, “Just a plaything. Whether it ran away or whether it died, it doesn’t matter to me. On the other hand, Third Princess, you should stop making so many assumptions and acting on your own. Just be obedient for these next few days and don’t run around in Qi. After all, the day after tomorrow is the official day when Kingdom Gu’s emissaries are supposed to arrive in Qi.”

Although his tone was a little harsh, it was still considered respectful to Princess Tuoba Yue.

As a princess, Tuoba Yue had grown up being arrogant and reckless. Faced with Tuoba Yu’s harsh words, she could only docilely answer, “O-…Okay, I promise you.”

The guard standing behind Tuoba Yue was in shock.

This Third Princess had a domineering and stubborn personality. Usually, she even dared to act coquettish and play tricks with the monarch. All the servants in Kingdom Gu’s palace were afraid of her.

Yet Tuoba Yue seemed to be very obedient to this heir.

Truly, every person has their own kryptonite.


The moonlight hung high in the sky.

Due to the grand marriage welcoming the new Crown Princess Consort, the Eastern Palace had been renovated. Bright red curtains hung everywhere as paper cut-outs of ‘happiness‘ were pasted on the windows.

On this night, the Eastern Palace was brightly lit, making it almost as bright as daytime.

Rong Xi was still wearing the ceremonial wedding robes but had taken off the heavy dragon and phoenix crown from her head. The smell of bitter medicine hung in the air of the inner hall.

Dan Xiang stood next to the bed, watching as Rong Xi lowered her head to drink the bitter medicinal tonic.

Under the flickering candlelight, the Crown Princess Consort’s beautiful looks had been covered up by the makeup, making her look a little weak.

However, it was true that the Crown Princess Consort had suffered much today. Even a fully healthy young lady would be half-dead from exhaustion after going through this arduous wedding ceremony. Not to mention the Crown Princess Consort who was already pregnant.

Even so, the Crown Princess Consort had drank countless bowls of medicine today to force herself to keep up1. She felt her heart ache just by looking at her.

–“Dan Xiang, send someone out to take a look on why the Crown Prince hasn’t returned yet.”

Rong Xi’s words interrupted Dan Xiang’s thoughts. Dan Xiang explained, “Master, after hearing how you and the Crown Prince were greeted by the officials, the Emperor also heard about…what happened on the way. The Crown Prince was summoned over to aid in the investigation.”

Rong Xi nodded her head when she heard this, “I understand.”

Zhuang Emperor indeed cherishes Mu Huai, this son of his.

Mu Huai was the son he loved the most, and also the most outstanding son out of all his children. Ever since Zhuang Emperor fell ill, it became even more apparent that state matters had to be handled by Mu Huai. Evidently, when the elder fell ill, it was difficult to hold up a nation like Qi with its vast territory.

There were even rumors in the palace saying that Zhuang Emperor was going to step down and have Mu Huai ascend the throne in advance so that he could become Emperor Emeritus and pass the rest of his days away in peace. The rumors were quickly suppressed, however, and Mu Huai had also made things clear with Zhuang Emperor. He would definitely do his best to aid him, but he would never do something so unfilial as to ascend the throne in advance.

At this moment, a eunuch came from outside and respectfully passed along a message, “Crown Princess Consort, His Highness let this servant enter to pass a message. He said for you to rest first, no need to wait for him.”

Rong Xi’s thoughts were also interrupted by the eunuch, and she felt a little disappointed after hearing his words.

When will Mu Huai come back? The events of today had left her feeling very unsettled. He had almost entered the afterlife, and although that man was quite calm afterwards, she was almost scared to death.

She was extremely afraid that Mu Huai would die.

If he died, what would happen to her and her child?

Dan Xiang saw that Rong Xi was a little dispirited and whispered to her, “Master, since His Highness has said so, then let’s take the wedding robes off first, and this servant will also help you take off the wig. You’re still pregnant and you’ve busy since early this morning. You don’t want to collapse from exhaustion.”

Rong Xi nodded.

Indeed, just like what Dan Xiang said, she was very tied.

After changing into some comfortable inner robes, Dan Xiang brought over a special medicine cream that the imperial physician had concocted. Rong Xi took the chance while Mu Huai was not around to gently massage the cream on her stomach.

Observing how her body had gotten bigger, she had purposely decreased her food intake. Because she had been especially meticulous about her nutrition, she didn’t really gain weight anywhere else, and neither did she have any stretch marks on her belly.

The palace maids at the side glanced at Rong Xi’s fair and unblemished skin. All of them felt that after she got pregnant, her skin look even smoother, like tofu. No wonder why even such a prideful person like the Crown Prince would favor her so much. Look, a delicate voice paired with soft and coquettish looks, which man wouldn’t like it?

Seeing Rong Xi’s lonely expression, Dan Xiang respectfully persuaded her, “Master, how about you eat first.”

Rong Xi shook her head. She had ordered Dan Xiang to prepare food ahead of time, but Mu Huai had yet to return. She knew that Mu Huai definitely didn’t have dinner yet either, so she wanted to wait for her husband to return to eat together.

–“Greetings to Your Highness.”

Rong Xi heard the movements from outside. Hearing that Mu Huai had returned, her eyes immediately lit up. With her long hair streaming behind her, Rong Xi go up from the bed and hurried over to see the man she had been thinking of.

Mu Huai’s robes had some bloodstains from the beast. After returning to the palace, he had changed into a set of red banquet robes.

Mu Huai saw that Rong Xi had ran over in her inner robes and couldn’t help but frown, chiding her, “You’re still pregnant, how come after marrying me, you became even more careless?”

Seeing the man in the flesh before her, safe and sound, admonishing her with his low voice, she finally felt that this was reality.

He had finally returned.

Rong Xi’s eyes reddened and she answered, “This concubine knows she’s wrong, it won’t happen again.”

Mu Huai saw her teary eyes and he felt a little lost all of a sudden.

He didn’t think that his tone was harsh at all. Really, he couldn’t even scold this woman one bit lest her delicate temperament flare up again. But for this vixen to develop such a delicate temperament today, it was due to his habitual spoiling of her.

Mu Huai shook his head helplessly. His hand stretched out to support her back as he soothed her, “Let’s go in. It’s the big wedding day, how could I let my Crown Princess Consort stand outside the hall with me.”

The wedding ceremony was extremely extravagant and complicated. Any customs and rites that had to be completed were finished during the daytime already. Moreover, due to her pregnancy, some of them were even forgone.

After entering the hall, Rong Xi had Dan Xiang prepare the dishes. After the couple sat down at the table, Rong Xi attentively picked food out for Mu Huai.

Mu Huai seemed to have something on his mind as he absentmindedly ate. But then he saw that the woman across from him didn’t eat anything at all. Instead, she held her face in her hands as she stared at him. Mu Huai felt it was a little funny and couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you staring?”

It had only been a couple hours since they last saw each other, but this woman’s gaze seemed to be as if she had seen him for the first time.

Mu Huai couldn’t help but pick up a piece of meat and put it in her bowl. Gesturing for Rong Xi to eat, he ordered, “Eat, stop looking at me…”

Rong Xi nodded and obediently ate the food that he had picked for her.

The two people weren’t that hungry, so not too long after, Mu Huai ordered the servants to take it away.

Mu Huai didn’t like to carry the scent of blood on his body. Even though he had changed clothes after returning to the palace, he still felt uncomfortable and wanted to bathe.

After he bathed and changed into his inner robes, he saw the delicate woman sitting on the bed, looking as if she had something on her mind. Sitting next to her, he held her hand and asked, “What’s wrong? You’ve been absentminded all day today.”

Rong Xi came back to her senses. She recalled how this afternoon when she and Mu Huai were accepting the officials’ greetings, she had been a little nervous. Just like now, Mu Huai didn’t say a word, only quietly holding her hand. Even so, it had given her a sense of security and she no longer felt nervous.

Wearing a plain white inner robe, Mu Huai’s hair was half down with just a jade hairpin holding up his half-wet hair. His appearance made him look very young and lacked the heaviness and coldness that he usually emanated.

Even so, she felt that he was very reliable.

Rong Xi leaned her head against his shoulder. Letting out a sight, she said, “This concubine still feels frightened from earlier, afraid that what if that beast had harmed Husband…even more afraid if Husband would lose his life…if Husband were no longer here, then what would happen to this concubine and our child? Whenever this concubine imagines this…I feel so scared.”

Translator’s Notes: I’m back! Thank you everyone for your patience, I’m so grateful! May and June will (most likely) have an inconsistent update schedule because I am in the process of moving, so please bear with me just a little longer. I will do my best to provide the promised update schedule for both PIBE and AS, but there may be times where I am unable to. I also see that some people have donated to the ramen fund, so I will be posting the extra chapters for the relevant novels this week as well. As always, stay cozy and thank you for your support 🙂

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