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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 53.3

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Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 53.3 – Wedding

The 13th year of Xuanping Era, the 29th day of the lunar month1.

Today was the auspicious day as determined by the imperial astrologers. It was the day that the Crown Prince, Mu Huai, and the di daughter of the Minister of Ceremonies, Lady Rong, would hold their grand wedding ceremony.

By Jinyue Pond, the hubbub of the crowd grew more fervent as carriages rolled to and fro.

As far as the eyes could see, the dark heads here belonged to all the people who came to witness the ceremony of the Crown Prince taking in his consort.

The city guards had long ago prepared countless red ropes to prevent people from getting too close to the royal family’s entourage. It was also used to separate the people into groups, so as to prevent any accidents and stampedes.

There was a fan in the Crown Princess Consort’s hand. Adorned in a formal and luxurious juyi and stole. On her hair sat a dragon and phoenix pearl crown. Her appearance was both dignified and graceful.

Although people could only catch a glimpse of the Crown Princess Consort’s side profile from afar, they distinctly felt that the current dynasty’s Crown Princess Consort was an overwhelming beauty that suppressed everyone else.

The Crown princess wore a long crown and bright red ceremonial robe. His appearance was very handsome, and his temperament was proud and domineering.

Just based on looks, the two people were a match made in heaven.

After the welcoming rites taken place by Jinyue Pond had finished, with the Crown Prince’s assist, the Crown Princess Consort stepped on the luxurious three-wheeled carriage.

The guards escorting them were numbered in the hundreds. The guards in front leading the way were dressed in red, and the ones in the middle were dressed in green. The guards behind the carriage were dressed in blue.

The entourage heading towards Yongxi Palace was jaw-dropping and full of strength. The Crown Princess Consort sat underneath the golden awning, letting the people along the path witness their brilliance.

The Crown Prince rode atop of a purebred horse that was also clothed in red, slowing trotting in front of the carriage.

When the troupe had gotten farther and farther away, the people by Jinming Pond didn’t disperse. Because the Crown Prince had long sent down orders for fireworks to be set off by Jinming Pond today, letting the people partake in the revelries.

The area surrounding Jinming Pond was already known in Bianjing for its nightlife. It was normally already quite lovely, and there were even more waves of people today. Even though night hadn’t fallen, the place was packed with people.

–“My dynasty’s Crown Prince not only looks like fine gentleman, he is handsome beyond comparison. It hasn’t even been a full year since he became the heir, but he’s already gained military merit for himself and also harshly punished that treacherous and corrupt scourge of an official, Di Zhuo. Now, he’s even laid down new laws, eliminating farmers’ taxes. He is a wise and benevolent ruler.”

“Even before the Crown Prince was declared the heir, he was excellent. He had conquered Jin and expanded Great Qi’s territory. He even overhauled Great Qi’s exam system to make sure it was fair and just.”

As Tuoba Yu listened to the two Bianjing citizens praise Great Qi’s Crown Prince, he let out a faint snort. His expression was a little ugly. Standing next to him, Tuoba Yue saw this and was about to tease him when she saw a stall selling cold herbal water and cold pear juice.

Tuoba Yue’s eyes lit up as she spoke to Tuoba Yu, “Hurry, give this princess some money. This princess wants to try Great Qi’s snacks.”

Tuoba Yu followed the direction of Tuoba Yue’s finger. Casting a chilly glance towards Tuoba Yue, he unhappily said, “What a nuisance.”

Even though he said it, he still passed the money over to Tuoba Yue with a frown.

Tuoba Yue weighed the bag of money in her hand. Taking away half of the money, she flew over to that stall.

Tuoba Yue’s skin was a little dark, different from the young ladies in the Southern Bianjing. Her skin looked a healthy shade of golden brown. Her facial features were prominent and deep, and her eyes were black and shiny. Even though she was wearing the clothes of the Central Plains’ people, anyone could tell that she was a foreigner.

Tuoba Yu wanted to take advantage of Tuoba Yue’s absence and leave her behind. However, he didn’t expect that after Tuoba Yue had finished buying juice, she went to the stall next to it and picked out a few desserts. She ordered the guards behind her to hold him, then flew back to Tuoba Yu’s side.

Tuoba Yu frowned at the guards behind Tuoba Yue, secretly grumbling how she wasn’t even afraid that she’ll get food poisoning from buying this stuff.

However, this Tuoba Yue was truly annoying. It was best if she did get food poisoning. That way, she wouldn’t cling on to him anymore.

Tuoba Yue went up to Tuoba Yu and saw his darkened countenance. Laughing, she asked, “Just now when we were watching Great Qi’s Crown Prince’s wedding ceremony, I saw that everyone looked very happy, even I felt quite jubilant looking at it. But you’re such a weirdo, standing there with such a dark face. Say, do you think your spring2 is coming; after seeing someone marry a beauty, you also want to get married now?”

Tuoba Yu glared at her, secretly cursing her to get lost.

However, the other party was Kingdom Gu’s monarch’s biological daughter after all. She was the princess of Kingdom Gu, and he could not directly say such crass words. He could only use his sharp eyes to silently glare at her.

At this moment, the sound of golden eagles suddenly appeared in the skies of Bianjing, causing everyone to look up. This golden eagle was originally a beast that could only be found in outside the borders. Now that it had appeared in the southern skies of Bianjing, it naturally elicited gasps of wonder from the people.

Tuoba Yue saw Tuoba Yu ignore her, but didn’t care and continued to talk by herself, “Although that Crown Princess Consort’s clothes had covered much of her stomach, her pregnancy was still quite obvious from my view.”

When Tuoba Yu heard the word ‘pregnant’, his countenance changed.

Sister was pregnant?

She was actually pregnant with Mu Huai’s child?

Tuoba Yu had no way of confirming the truth of this information. But seeing the golden eagle in the sky had already flew farther away, he hurriedly blew the bone whistle in his hand.

This whistle could only be heard by golden eagles. However, the golden eagle was already too far from him and didn’t hear the call of its master.

One could only see that golden eagle fly to where the Crown Prince’s entourage was and focus its golden eyes on Mu Huai who was currently riding on a horse.

Translator’s Comments: Some more pictures of what I vision for the clothes of our leads during the wedding ceremony: Rong Xi | Mu Huai

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  1. Sorry, I really don’t know which month this is. If anyone has an idea, please lmk!
  2. Euphemism for love or a crush, typically applied to young people when they like others for the first time
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