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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 53.2

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 53.2 – Wedding

Under the glow of the rising sun, Yongxi Palace looked unspeakably beautiful.

Rong Xi had sent Dan Xiang to go to Ninghui Hall early in the morning to prepare to go to the pharmaceutical bureau later today. It was better to have Dan Xiang give the officials there a notice ahead of time.

When it hit sishi (9 AM – 11 AM), Rong Xi sat on a palanquin and headed towards the pharmaceutical bureau.

When the group of female physicians in the pharmaceutical bureau heard that the Crown Princess Consort was coming, they became excited and felt that their usual dull work suddenly became a lot more interesting. They had never seen what the Crown Princess Consort looked like but heard that the Crown Princess Consort who came from a commoner’s background was extremely beautiful. They all wanted to take a look at this beauty and see what she looked like and whether the rumors that she was even more beautiful than fairies true or not.

There was a special department within the pharmaceutical bureau called the imperial medicinal bureau. All the female physicians and officials in the imperial medicinal bureau only served Zhuang Emperor. There was an official in the imperial medicinal bureau called Chang Yaolan and he was usually the person in charge of personally inspecting medicine for Zhuang Emperor. The food cannot be too hot or heavy, and must be light in taste. Only then would the ingredients pass inspection for quality and medicinal strength.

Rong Xi heard that Zhuang Emperor wanted to add on a designated Eastern Palace medicinal storage department within the pharmaceutical bureau as well. He wanted the medicinal storage department to serve only Mu Huai, but Mu Huai rejected this.

The pharmaceutical bureau’s official enthusiastically accompanied Rong Xi on a tour of the various areas in the pharmaceutical bureau. She felt that the times had really changed.

A few months ago, she still believed that that daughter from the Di family would become the Crown Princess Consort, and the Empress had also brought the Di family’s daughter to the pharmaceutical bureau to familiarize her with the duties of the palace. Who would’ve expected that the Crown Princess Consort had changed.

Furthermore, the Di family had already become a fallen clan. That Di miss had an evil and poisonous heart and had tried witchcraft, resulting in her miserable ending. The Empress was also holed up in Weiyang Palace every day, refusing to come out.

Rong Xi made some conversation with the current pharmaceutical bureau official and came to know that when Ye Yunlan was still alive, this official took good care of her.

As she watched the group of female physicians practicing on how to pick optimal medicinal ingredients, she deliberately brought up Ye Yunlan in a nonchalant manner to the official, asking, “I heard that a few months ago there was a physician that committed suicide?”

When the official heard this, he remembered the timid Ye Yunlan and there was a sorrowful expression on his face.

Her voice was a little hoarse as she replied, “Replying to Crown Princess Consort, there indeed was such a matter. That physician didn’t commit any crimes or do anything wrong, she just hid some medicinal ingredients. If the head official found out, it would only result in a scolding and a deduction of one month’s pay. It was an unlucky coincidence that when that physician hid the medicine, she was discovered by the Empress’s niece. Perhaps it was because her face was too thin, after being lectured a few sentences by the Empress, she committed suicide.”

When the official recalled the way Ye Yunlan’s corpse looked, she unconsciously shuddered.

Though she wasn’t a coroner, she also knew that the the marks on Ye Yunlan’s neck were very weird. Such a strong mark didn’t look like as if she had been hung but rather looked as if she had been strangled.

Even so, it wasn’t appropriate for her to tell this to the pregnant Crown Princess Cosnort.

Rong Xi knew the truth behind Ye Yunlan’s death. Thinking how although Di Shiyin was dead but the Empress was still fine, she felt as if there was a rock stuck in her throat.

Shifting to another topic, she asked the official in a gentle voice, “Then…has anyone filled that physician’s position?”

The official respectfully answered, “That physician had a female physician in the pharmaceutical bureau that she had a pretty good relationship with. Her name is Zhou Xing. Her medical skills and ability to distinguish medicinal ingredients are very outstanding so she filled that position. A while ago, Consort De had come over and praised her medical skills as well. The pharmaceutical bureau’s chief steward is old and will be leaving the palace next year. If Zhou Xing doesn’t make any mistakes, she’ll most likely be the next chief steward.”

Zhou Xing?

Rong Xi tried to recall this name and remembered that Ye Yunlan seemed to have mention this person to her before. It seems that the two people were on good terms in the pharmaceutical bureau.

Since Zhou Xing and Ye Yunlan were close, Rong Xi’s impression of her went up a few nothces.

She told the official, “Coincidentally, I am lacking a close female physician to serve me. Hearing your words just now, Zhou Xing must be a talented one. I’ll trouble you to call that female physician over, I would like to meet her.”

The official respectfully obeyed and immediately sent a female physician to go to the medicine room next door to call Zhou Xing over.

When the other female physicians heard the conversation between the Crown Princess Consort and the official just now, they all envied Zhou Xing. When she had first come, she had risen through the ranks faster than the rest of them, and today she had gotten a good stroke of luck, being favored by the Crown Princess Consort.

When good fortune comes, no one can block it.

When Zhou Xing arrived, she respectfully knelt on the ground and made her greetings with a calm voice, “This servant greets Crown Princess Consort. May Crown Princess Consort have ten thousand blessings.”

Rong Xi spoke warmly, “Rise.”

Her peach blossom eyes observed Zhou Xing and felt that she was very steady in doing things and her appearance looked quite honest as well. Standing next to her, Dan Xiang was also observing Zhou Xing. Rong Xi recalled what Dan Xiang said yesterday and felt that she was right. To have a brand new female physician serve her, she must observe her for a period of time, as she couldn’t fully trust her right now.

Moreover, whether Zhou Xing’s medical skills were truly good or not, she’d still have to test her. Anyways, Zhou Xing’s medical skills would not surpass the imperial physician Mu Huai chose.

Rong Xi told the official, “Starting tomorrow, let Imperial Physician Zhou come to the Eastern Palace every day at sishi (9 AM – 11 AM) to take my pulse.”

The official smiled and obeyed and emphasized that they would especially remind Zhou Xing so that she would not be late.

Seeing Zhou Xing’s lack of reaction, the official admonished her, “Hurry up and thank the Crown Princess Consort, you don’t even know that she rewarded you with a good thing, you silly girl.”

When Zhou Xing heard this, she immediately said to Rong Xi with respect, “This servant thanks Crown Princess Consort…”

After Rong Xi and Dan Xiang left the pharmaceutical bureau, the group of female physicians surrounded Zhou Xing during their noon break, their faces full of admiration.

–“Physician Zhou, you’re so lucky, you actually got chosen by the Crown Princess Consort to be her personal physician.”

The rest of the sentence, that female physician knowingly swallowed the rest of her words.

If the Crown Prince ascends the throne, then the Crown Princess Consort will become the legitimate Empress. If Zhou Xing does meritorious work by the Crown Princess Consort’s side, then after the current pharmaceutical bureau’s official retires in a few years, then Zhou Xing would become the new pharmaceutical bureau official.

Zhou Xing listened to the envious words of that female physician, but her face was quite indifferent. Her expression was like she had predicted long ago that Rong Xi would come to find her to be her personal attendant, calm and without ripples.


After leaving the pharmaceutical bureau, Rong Xi decided to walk instead of sit on the palanquin back to the Eastern Palace. She had the guards follow behind as she prepared to walk in the direction of the Eastern Palace.

The master and servant were chatting happily about some harmless gossip of the Eastern Palace and unexpectedly bumped into Consort Shu who was dressed in luxurious purple robes.

Although Consort Shu was no longer young, she took very good care of herself. From afar, one could barely see her wrinkles and would only think that her skin was very tender, like a thirty-something beautiful housewife.

When Dan Xiang saw Consort Shu, she had an ugly expression on her face.

Although Rong Xi wasn’t willing to meet this niangniang on the palace paths, in the end Consort Shu was still considered her senior. After Consort Shu came closer, Rong Xi calmly greeted her.

Thinking of the barbed words she had traded with Consort Shu at Jiaoyue Palace last time, Rong Xi secretly felt that Consort Shu must’ve learned her lesson and wouldn’t purposely put on a repeat this time.

Rong Xi slightly nodded her head and was about to leave the area with Dan Xiang.

Seeing her about to go, Consort Shu stopped her, “Crown Princess Consort, hold your steps. Bengong has something to say to you.”

Rong Xi stopped walking and tried to guess Consort Shu’s intentions. Consort Shu turned around and languidly walked over to her.

Rong Xi’s face was still calm, undeterred by Consort Shu’s strange gestures. However, her voice had unconsciously became a few degrees colder, “I can see that Your Highness Consort Shu doesn’t like me. The relationships between people are all about mutual reciprocity. Your Highness Consort Shu should also know this. Since you don’t like me, then keep your distance from me. I’ll stay in my Eastern palace, and you stay in your Qixia Palace. The two of us don’t disturb each other and pass our separate days peacefully, doesn’t that sound nice?”

Consort Shu let out a snort when she heard this.

This Lady Rong sure had a powerful mouth. What ‘mutual reciprocity’, she should just admit that she doesn’t like her, what’s the point of going around in circles?

Consort Shu spoke in her usual strange tone of voice, “Crown Princess Consort hasn’t become the Empress yet, but is running towards the Palace Interior Department, how impatient. The Emperor is still here and that Empress in Weiyang Palace is also alive. You shouldn’t make your desires so obvious.”

Anyone who had ears could tell that Consort Shu was accusing Rong Xi of being unfilial.

Already hoping for Zhuang Emperor to die so that she could become the Empress, otherwise she wouldn’t be in such a hurry to go to the Palace Interior Department.

Dan Xiang couldn’t take it anymore and after respectfully bowing to Consort Shu, she said, “Your Highness Cosnort Shu, aren’t your words tarnishing our Crown Princess Consort. The Crown Princess Consort came to the Palace Interior Department using her identity as the legitimate consort of the Eastern Palace. Furthermore, after Consort De obtained the phoenix seal, she also had the intentions of guiding the Crown Princess Consort, teaching her the ways of managing the six palaces…”


Before Dan Xiang could finish talking, she was slapped by Consort Shu.

A lowly slave actually dared to lecture her.

Moreover, this loose-lipped slave even brought up Consort De.

Consort De’s wield of the phoenix seal was precisely the reason behind Consort Shu’s anger. She didn’t expect this lowly servant to poke at her wound.

“Slave, what right do you have to lecture bengong?”

Dan Xiang’s face whipped to the side. Covering her swollen cheek, she had a fierce expression on her face as she didn’t even cry. Seeing Dan Xiang get hit, Rong Xi’s originally placid expression finally showed some coldness.

Consort Shu raised her voice, “Crown Princess Consort should take more care for your slave. Such a lawless slave, even daring to rebut the masters, how could she do things for you int he palace?”

Rong Xi didn’t react at all to Consort Shu’s words. She didn’t show any anger, not wanting to stoop to Consort Shu’s level. She left the angered Consort Shu behind.

Holding onto Dan Xiang’s elbow, she asked with concern, “Don’t be scared, let me see. How bad is it?”

After Dan Xiang lowered her hand, Rong Xi saw that the handprint on her cheek was not shallow. Her pretty eyes darkened some more though her tone was still quite gentle as she told Dan Xiang, “After we go back, put some ice on it then apply some salve so that the swelling will go away tomorrow.”

Dan Xiang gratefully answered Rong Xi, “…Many thanks for Crown Princess Consort’s concern.”

The guards had already surrounded them. However, Consort Shu was still a high-ranking consort in Zhuang Emperor’s harem so didn’t dare to rashly move against her.

Consort Shu quietly waited for Rong Xi to apologize to her. However, she didn’t expect that Rong Xi also raised her hand and slapped the palace maid next to Consort Shu.

That palace maid only felt her head ring. She never expected that the Crown Princess Consort would suddenly hit her. The palace maid looked at Consort Shu in disbelief.

Consort Shu became infuriated and asked Rong Xi beratingly, “What are you doing, bengong‘s palace maid didn’t provoke you. Even if you wanted to just vent, that was too immature.”

Rong Xi looked on indifferently as she questioned that palace maid, “When you saw me just now, why didn’t you bow in greeting?”

Consort Shu’s senior palace maid was stunned. Because she knew that her own master had come prepared, she treated the Crown Princess Consort as nothing, and thus forgot that she had to bow to the Crown Princess Consort in greeting. Yet, the palace maids and guards behind Rong Xi all respectfully greeted Consort Shu when they saw her. The senior palace maid’s face immediately turned pale and she had no words to refute.

Only to hear Rong Xi speak coldly to Consort Shu, “Since Your Highness Consort Shu likes to teach a lesson to my servant for me, then I should also follow suit and help you teach a lesson to your lawless palace maid. It’s not overboard for me to hit her, is it?”


Consort Shu was speechless.

In the end, this Lady Rong was an arrogant one, just like her previous master Concubine Yu. Both were spoiled to the point of unruliness.

Rong Xi glanced at Consort Shu and was unwilling to entangle with her any further. She only felt that she was very unlucky to have met her on the way back.

Consort Shu came for the purpose of provoking her and wouldn’t stop. She hit Consort Shu’s palace maid was partly to return the slap Dan Xiang received. The other reason was because her current identity was different now. As the Eastern Palace’s legitimate consort, although she was Consort Shu’s junior, she could not just accept her humiliation for no reason.

Mu Huai also would not want her to be a coward outside.

If she just bore with it, then where would Mu Huai’s dignity as the future monarch go?

Just as Rong Xi was about to leave with Dan Xiang, Consort Shu stopped her again. Seeing Rong Xi continue to walk away, she quickly walked over to her and Dan Xiang.

Seeing Consort Shu seemed to have lost her calm, those guards could no longer stand by without do anything. Though they didn’t pull their swords, they blocked Consort Shu from approaching Rong Xi.

Consort Shu let out a sinister smile to Rong Xi, “Don’t be so smug. Don’t think that no one knows about your dirty secrets. Who you were before, what you used to do under whose orders, and how you hid that face of yours to survive in the palace. Each and every thing, bengong has seen it all very clearly.”

Dan Xiang’s expression slightly changed. She was slightly in disbelief.

It turns out that the Crown Princess Consort was really that Rong gugu from before?

Rong Xi’s expression didn’t change. Since her father’s verdict had been overturned, there wasn’t anything for her to hide. She also finally understood why Consort Shu would always go to Weiyang Palace.

Consort Shu definitely wouldn’t have known about her past. The one who knew and told her all this was most likely that person in Weiyang palace.

It turns out that the Empress had guessed her identity a long time ago.

Rong Xi walked a few steps towards Consort Shu. She also let out a smile as she spoke in her soft and delicate voice, “You should be clear that it was the Crown Prince who sought to bring me back to the palace. So, even if Your Highness knows all this, what can you do to me? Your Highness Consort Shu, I’m advising you to know your place. Don’t provoke me again. Even if you spread this information, it wouldn’t affect me in the slightest. On the contrary, people would disdain you for having loose lips.”

Rong Xi placed more emphasis on the last two words.

Consort Shu let out a cold snort. Seeing Rong Xi and her entourage’s slowly disappearing figures, her smile became even more smug.

She [RX] still didn’t know that the Physician Zhou that was close to Ye Yunlan before was actually the demon that the Empress arranged to take her life.

Translator’s comments: I always like the times when Rong Xi shows her claws towards other people. It’s far more interesting than when she plays the submissive role in front of Mu Huai, in my opinion.

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