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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 5

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 5 – Seeking Revenge

The cosmetics Rong Xi used to mask her appearance needed a special type of remover to be wiped off, so her true appearance was not exposed by this bucket of water.1 But her hair and clothes were not so lucky. When her body was drenched, the curvy outline of a young woman’s body was shown. Looking so dazed and pitiful, it aroused a feeling of protection from others.

As several young masters arrived one after another at Hanlin Academy, their gazes couldn’t help but land on Rong Xi. Those looks full of ambiguity made Mu Huai unhappy, and seeing how Rong Xi’s figure was exposed from her wet clothes clinging to her body, his eyes darkened as he ordered, “Go back and change your clothes.”

Rong Xi crossed her hands in front of her and after obeying Mu Huai’s ordered, she left Hanlin Academy with quickened steps. The moment she stepped across the doorway, she bumped into Mu Qian as well as her older brother, Second Prince Mu Ji.

Mu Qian’s eyes were full of laughter. It looked like she was speaking joyfully to Rong Xi, but her words were actually for the person inside, “Heh, you just got transferred to Quyun Palace and you’ve already been drenched like a chicken in hot soup?”

Hearing Mu Qian’s mysterious words, Rong Xi didn’t forget to show proper etiquette and half-bowed towards Mu Qian and Mu Ji before rushing over towards Quyun Palace. Rong Xi’s entire body was so cold she was shivering. She secretly guessed that there was an 80% chance this prank was done by Second Princess Mu Qian.

As the sun shone brightly in the sky, the rest of the princes and young masters all arrived. The teacher brought along a book boy who was carrying a case of books. Everyone was already sitting down and quietly waiting for the teacher to begin lessons, but Mu Huai continued to stay at his original spot, staring at the ground stained by the spilled water.

The teacher didn’t know that an incident had occurred just now and also didn’t dare to directly ask Mu Huai so he turned to ask Mu Zhen’s third son instead, which was Consort De’s son, Mu Tao.

Mu Tao summarized and recounted the events for the teacher. After he heard this, the teacher stroked his white beard and was clear in his heart that today’s lesson would not be able to continue. Mu Huai, this sinister prince, had the type of personality that would seek revenge for even the smallest of grievances. If someone provoked him, then their only ending could only be described with the word “wretched”.

At this time, Mu Huai’s bodyguard barged into the classroom and barked out in a low voice, “Get in!”

Everyone’s eyes followed the source of the sound and saw a pair of red lips and white teeth. A little good-looking eunuch was pushed inside the classroom by the burly guard. The eunuch’s footing was unstable, causing him to trip and tumble onto the ground.

When Mu Qian and Mu Ji saw this little eunuch, their faces immediately changed. Mu Ji signaled to Mu Qian with his eyes. This little eunuch was one of Mu Qian’s people. He was especially adept in rock climbing and walking on walls, when he walked on rooftops it would look like he’s flying.

Seeing how the situation was about to be exposed, just as Mu Qian was about to write off the situation as being hopeless, she was stopped by Mu Ji. He purposely pretended to be suspicious and questioned Mu Huai, “Why does Fourth Brother grab the eunuch by my younger sister?”

Mu Huai gave a cold laugh and didn’t deign to reply to Mu Ji. Instead, he used his cold eyes to stare at Mu Qian and asked in a heavy voice, “This good deed was your doing? Wanting to splash cold water on me?”

Mu Qian was so frightened she had goosebumps. Mu Ji hurriedly protected his sister behind him, “Why is Fourth Brother doing this, randomly grabbing my sister’s servant, do you want to place the blame of today’s incident on my sister’s head?”

Mu Huai ordered his bodyguard to flip over the little eunuch’s hand to see that there were traces of mud on his palm as well as the imprint of a roof ridge.

The rooftops in autumn would always have a layer of frost on them. Any person with common sense would understand that this little eunuch must’ve sprawled on the rooftop for a long time. For such a deep imprint to be left behind on his hand, he must’ve been holding on to the jagged ridge all this while.

With such damning evidence, Mu Qian and Mu Ji could no longer argue their way out.

Seeing that this matter could not longer be concealed, Mu Ji switched tactics and putting on an expression of “I’m protecting my sister”, he humbled his attitude, “Fourth Brother, Qianqian’s2 personality has always been domineering. It’s my and Concubine Mother’s fault for not teaching her well. Please spare her today, I will ask you for forgiveness on her behalf.”

Finished, Mu Qi raised his hands in salute and bowed towards his younger brother.

The young masters and sons of ministers standing at the side all gasped. This second prince was really magnanimous, his personality was most similar to the current ermperor. No wonder why rumors kept going around in court that Second Prince Mu Ji would most likely be named Crown Prince.

Mu Huai only felt repulsed by Mu Ji’s antics.

What a hypocrite.

Since he liked to put on a show so much, then he will fulfill his wishes of wanting to be a good elder brother.

Mu Huai gave a cold smile, “This is Hanlin Academy. The previous emperor once laid down a set of rules that if a prince or princess dared to do anything here, then the punishment would be being hit by a ruler.”

The teacher heard this and was instantly frightened.

There indeed was such a rule. When the previous emperor Mu You was still alive, the teacher at Hanlin Academy was extremely strict. Even the current emperor Mu Zhen and the princes and princesses from his generation had been punished quite a few times.

But when Mu Zhen became emperor, even though Hanlin Academy still had this rule, no teacher actually dared to use a ruler and hit the princes or princesses.

The white-haired teacher was deeply afraid that Mu Huai would give him the “honor” of following this rule. He did not dare to hit the second princess.

Mu Ju didn’t understand, “What does Fourth Brother mean?”

Mu Huai raised an eyebrow, his voice deep, “Second Brother already said it. It was your teaching that was lacking. In consideration of Second Sister’s future, you must teach her a lesson today that she will not forget. At the same time, you must also give me, as well as the palace maid that had water poured on her, an explanation.”


Mu Ji glanced over at his younger sister who had an aggrieved expression on her face, then glanced at the aggressive Mu Huai. For a moment, he was in a dilemma.

At this time, Third Prince Mu Tao interjected, “Fourth Brother’s words are reasonable. Second Sister did something wrong today, if Second Brother does not discipline her today, then Fourth Brother will feel unjust.”

When Mu Tao finished speaking, the young masters and sons of ministers at the side did not dare to speak but their faces clearly implied that they agreed with his words.

Mu Ji loved his face3 more than anything and could only gnash his teeth in anger. He retrieved a ruler from the book boy and ordered Mu Qian to stretch out her hands in a low voice.

The rims of Mu Qian’s eyes were red and feeling wronged, she pleaded, “Older brother~”

Mu Ji’s attitude was not as gentle as it was before and he urged her, “Still not putting your hands out?”

Mu Qian sniveled and reluctantly stretched out her hands. Mu Ji strengthened his resolve and without deliberately controlling his strength, the ruler landed heavily on Mu Qian’s palms.


Mu Qian was spoiled growing up, how could she withstand such pain.

After he finished, Mu Ji gritted his teeth and asked Mu Huai, “Is Fourth Brother satisfied?”

At this moment, Rong Xi had already finished changing her clothes, although her hair was still a little wet. Mu Huai saw Rong Xi shiver a little when she stepped inside the classroom.

It looks like this girl caught a cold.

Seeing this, his gaze darkened and he replied to Mu Ji, “I am also her elder brother. If Second Brother can’t bear to hit her, then I can do it in your stead.”

Hearing that Mu Huai wanted to personally hit her with a ruler, Mu Qian was so frightened her eyes bulged out as she frantically spoke to Mu Ji, “Older Brother, it’s better if you hit me, you definitely can’t let him hit me, I beg you…”

As expected, Mu Qian is a spoiled princess. Since these events were happening right in front of the teacher, although Mu Huai sought justice in an aboveboard manner, the teacher didn’t want to let the situation get too out of control, “Your Highness, it’s enough to punish the princess with twenty hits.”

Mu Huai had always held respect for his teacher. His actions today had also interrupted the teacher’s lesson so he held back and agreed to the teacher’s request.

Each cry Mu Qian let out was more shrill than the next.

Pain was pain, but screaming out in such a shrill voice was really just a way for her to vent her anger. She really hated this Fourth Cripple4!

On one side, while Mu Ji was personally hitting Mu Qian’s palms with a ruler, on the other side, Mu Huai ordered a bodyguard to bring in a bucket of ice water.

The audience was still slightly shocked when they heard Mu Huai give an order to Rong Xi, “Go, dump this water on that eunuch.”

Upon receiving the command, Rong Xi did not hesitate the slightest and immediately obeyed, “Yes.”

She immediately used her slender arms to lift the bucket of water and unceremoniously dumped it on top of the little eunuch’s head. The water drenched him from head to toe as Rong Xi spoke to him, “This is the punishment my master has for you. You can provoke anyone but our Fourth Prince. Next time will not be so simple as a bucket of cold water being poured over you.”

This type of attitude caused Mu Huai and the others to widen their eyes and be unable to utter a word in disbelief.

This palace maid’s voice was soft and tender, but her actions were exactly like her master, swift and fierce like the wind and lightning, not leaving the slightest bit of leeway.

Truly, an evil master begets a fierce slave.

When Mu Huai heard Rong Xi’s words, the corners of his lips hooked up.

However, he had no thoughts of letting the eunuch off. Slightly curling his index finger, he reached towards his chin and spoke to the eunuch, “Next time? There is no next time. Someone come, drag him out and punish him with eighty planks5

Rong Xi was slightly startled upon hearing this.

She originally thought that when Mu Huai told her to dump cold water over the eunuch, this matter would end just like that. Who knew that he still wanted to beat the eunuch with planks.

Eighty hits of large planks, this little eunuch will most likely not be able to survive.

The teacher did not like seeing bloodshed and tried persuading again, “your Highness…since this is Hanlin Academy, then let’s do this according to Hanlin Academy’s rules. How about punishing him with one hundred hits to the hands?”

Third Prince Mu Tao also thought that the punishment was overly severe and also tried to persuade Mu Huai, “Fourth Brother, this eunuch is still one of Second Sister’s people. If he were one of your palace’s servants, then it wouldn’t matter how you punished him, but since he’s one of Second Sister’s, then you should still give her some face.”

Mu Huai pursed his thin lips. The hardest thing for him to understand was why he should show mercy to his opponents, but given the current situation, it was a little unreasonable to ask for the eunuch’s life. He didn’t speak and pushed his wheelchair towards his original seat in the classroom that was situated several levels higher.

After Mu Qian’s punishment finished, she ran out of the classroom sobbing.

—“Two hundred hits to the hand, not even one less.”

After Mu Huai was situated comfortably, he turned back and gave an order in a cold voice. These words were actually aimed towards the bodyguard, but Rong Xi was accustomed to doing such things when she was serving by Concubine Yu’s side. Whenever she wanted to teach those servants a lesson, whether it’s slapping their mouths or whipping them, Concubine Yu always made her do it.

Rong Xi was clear in her heart that although she usually interacted with others very peacefully, they were also in awe of her.

Where did authority come from? It came from such situations.

In the beginning, she thought that she was overly cruel, but she later understood that everyone was just performing their job duties.

Mu Huai saw how Rong Xi took a ruler from the book boy’s hands and walked towards the eunuch before stopping in front of him. Using a thin voice, she ordered him to raise his hands and without any mercy, she began to hit his palms. Mu Huai couldn’t help but lightly laugh.

The people who followed him definitely cannot be hypocrites and put on a kind and generous facade.

Someone like this girl satisfied him greatly.


Several days had passed after Rong Xi had settled down at Quyun Palace before it started to rain endlessly in the capital again.

These days, Shun Fu was a little anxious because Mu Huai’s legs flared up again but the old mama that usually helped massage his legs passed away a few days ago.

Mu Huai didn’t like strangers touching him and for the moment, a replacement had yet to be found.

Seeing how he was silently enduring the pain of his legs and sitting in front of the window staring at the falling rain with a dark face, beads of sweat formed on his forehead. When Rong Xi learned about this, she spoke to Shun Fu, “When Concubine Yu was pregnant, her legs were often swollen and it was uncomfortable for her to move. This slave learned some massage techniques from that time serving her, not sure…if gonggong is wiling to let this slave try.”

After hearing this, Shun Fu was surprised.

These past few days, he was continuously observing Rong Xi and felt that the skills of this palace maid were far beyond his original estimations.

It seemed like there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Shun Fu replied to her, “En, there’s no other way. When you serve His Highness, be more careful, don’t talk unnecessarily.”

Rong Xi nodded her head.

If Mu Huai didn’t take the initiative to ask her, Rong Xi naturally didn’t have the courage to be the one to initiate conversation with him.

When Rong Xi entered the room, she saw Mu Huai’s brows locked in a frown, his expression extremely ugly. She adjusted her breathing and walked with careful steps until she was by Mu Huai’s side. Because of the pain, Mu Huai’s voice was a little rough as he questioned Rong Xi, “What are you doing here?”

Rong Xi knelt by the side of his wheelchair and looked up at him with a caring expression, “Shun Fu gonggong said that Your Highness’ legs hurt, and this slave thought to give a massage to Your Highness. At the very least, it will alleviate Your Highness’ pain.”

Hearing Rong Xi’s tender voice, Mu Huai felt himself relax and agreed for her to massage his legs.

Rong Xi’s pair of hands were slim and as white as fresh snow, their shape was also very beautiful.

Mu Huai originally had his eyes closed, but when he felt Rong Xi’s skilled movements, all he could think about were her beautiful hands. He recalled the time when those hands accidentally touched the back of his nape and that soft sensation.

His thoughts suddenly went in a weird direction as he had the sudden impulse to want to grab her hands and play with them.

At this moment, her hands were slowly and gently massaging his leg…

Mu Huai’s breaths became heavier.

Rong Xi suddenly felt a wind around her, and just when she felt that it was strange, her slim arms were suddenly harshly held by Mu Huai.

Bearing the pain, she only saw Mu Huai’s eyes turn red as he spoke in an extremely cold voice, “Scram.”


  1. This translator would really like to know where one could get such magical waterproof makeup, heh.
  2. Nickname for Mu Qian
  3. For Chinese people, ‘wanting face’ is akin to something like wanting to keep your dignity or pride intact
  4. Instead of brother, she replaced it with cripple
  5. Being beaten with giant wooden planks eighty times.
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