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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 49

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 49 – Biting Mu Huai

Rong Xi blushed even harder. Everything that Mu Huai knew was taught by her. However, what she taught him was only the tip of the iceberg. After all, she was a servant in the past and she was very afraid of the short-tempered and twisted person that he was before. At that time, she had rejected it inside, hoping that Mu Huai would just hurry and finish.

Truthfully, Mu Huai was full of energy due to being a long-time practitioner of martial arts. In addition, his temperament at that time was very rough and prone to anger, like a lion pouncing on its prey. Just like an apex predator, it did not treat the prey under its claws with any compassion, not to mention sympathy. To sum it up, even if he knew how to do it, without a teacher, his technique was very poor.

Mu Huai saw the woman in his arms hadn’t replied to him for a long time. Moreover, her glassy eyes were turning about, and he knew that this woman must be up to no good again. This woman has too many bad thoughts in her belly.

Thinking of this, he wanted to pull at the belt Rong Xi used to tie up her sleeping robes. Rong Xi placced a hand on the man’s knuckles, not letting him move.

Mu Huai bit her earlobe and asked, “How do you want me to fix you tonight, hm?”

Because the man was a little drunk, his smile was not like usual, a bit of naughtiness could be seen from his gaze.

Rong Xi’s ears were so red they could drip blood. Although they were alone, she still cupped her mouth and whispered something into Mu Huai’s ear. Mu Huai’s lips curved upwards when he heard this, his smile deepening.

He very much liked the idea this woman suggested.

After Rong Xi finished what she had to say, she turned her shimmering eyes to look at the man and see whether he was satisfied.

Mu Huai’s voice was a little hoarse as he looked into her probing gaze, “Alright.”

Finished, he let her come down from his lap.

After Rong Xi regained her balance, she straightened her clothes. The robes made out of muslin were easily wrinkled.

She secretly rejoiced. Thankfully, Mu Huai was quite agreeable tonight, not like before when he would rip apart her perfectly fine clothes with brute force. Just as Rong Xi was looking down and organizing her thoughts, the man’s tall figure had already completely covered her petite one.

She secretly cried out no good and was a little panicked when Mu Huai had already restrained her with his hands.

One side of Rong Xi’s face was pressed against the desk. Originally, there were some memorials and books on the desk, but with a drunken wave of Mu Huai’s hands, everything was swept to the ground. Seeing him look so impatient, Rong Xi resisted as she coquettishly said, “…Husband, not here…”

“…This concubine doesn’t want to do it here.”

Mu Huai was unhappy and with furrowed brows, he asked, “Going by what you said just now, it’s most convenient to do it here, what’s not good about that? Otherwise, are you playing tricks on me again?”

Rong Xi bit her lip and slightly pouted. She put her face back down on the cold desk and pretended to put on the expression of someone waiting to be slaughtered as she whispered, “Then…then…Husband, go ahead.”

Finished, the fragile beauty closed her eyes, and her lowered eyelashes cast a shadow over her fair face. But due to her fear, her long and thick lashes were trembling.

Mu Huai’s gaze darkened. Standing behind her, he stared her like a predator eying its prey for a moment before finally helplessly saying, “Get up.”

Truly a test of endurance, she was too finicky.

Rong Xi shook as she slowly got up from the desk. Mu Huai picked her up in a princess carry, and strode out of the study with large steps. When the servants saw Mu Huai’s dark face, they all lowered their heads.

When he reached the ornately carved feizhao, Mu Huai suddenly halted and ordered in a low voice, “After we return to the hall, you should eliminate those little schemes of yours. You’re not allowed to play tricks with me anymore. Be good and we can end earlier, got it?”

Rong Xi felt as if her face was on fire. She finally nodded and said in a soft voice, “…En, this concubine knows.”

Although Mu Huai was drunk, he hadn’t completely lost his rationality. His tone softened and he spoke to the woman in his arms, “If you really feel uncomfortable…then tell me.”

Rong Xi had already buried her head into the man’s embrace. She didn’t really believe Mu Huai, so she bit her lip and asked in a low voice, “But what if Husband doesn’t listen?”

Mu Huai raised an eyebrow and answered, “Then just bite me.”


Two hours later.

Inside the Eastern Palace, the summer cicadas buzzed endlessly. The summer nights in Bianjing were not as hot as the daytime, instead there was a light breeze that blew.

Mu Huai sat on the side of the bed with a dark look. His clothes were half-open, and one could see vaguely see the muscles that were a result of his training.

His appearance was fair and handsome, and although his countenance was a little gloomy, his appearance looked a tad cold with his furrowed eyebrows.

Due to what happened just now, Mu Huai’s black hair was draped over his white sleeping clothes. A hint of wildness could be seen in his originally noble temperament.

The woman behind him had already covered her head with the blanket. Covering herself completely, she was currently crying softly.

Mu Huai’s frown tightened a little. Feeling his wrist was a little itchy, he lowered his head to take a look.

A deep row of teeth marks could be seen.

This woman had actually bit so fiercely. He said she could bite him, and she really did it without any hesitation.

Mu Huai looked down, and with his back towards the woman, he helplessly said, “So useless…”

Maybe it was because she was pregnant, but Rong Xi’s body was vastly different from before. Naturally, he could not treat her as he did before either.

This woman reached orgasm quicker than he did to begin with. Now that she was pregnant, that was even more so. If this vixen wasn’t pregnant, he definitely wouldn’t care about this.

What he should do, he would do.

But now that she was pregnant, he could only patiently serve her and accompany her to her bliss. Clearly, he had fed her tonight as he intended, but Mu Huai felt that he seemed to have eaten even less than before.

It wasn’t even as good as his previous life when he was a vegetarian1

It was also nighttime in the summer right now, so he couldn’t even leave the hall to feel the cold wind like he did before.

Mu Huai’s frown deepened.

He was about to order the servants to find some ice. If he were to stand next to the ice for about an hour, it should be enough to relieve the heat in his body.

Mu Huai stood up from the bed and looking at the woman burrowed in the blankets, his voice was considerably calm as he said, “You sleep first…”

Although Rong Xi felt apologetic to Mu Huai, she was also worried about the safety of the child. Even though the two people were very careful, her worries prevented her from feeling any pleasure.

Thankfully, Mu Huai knew to restrain himself and didn’t completely lose his rationality.

Mu Huai was the Crown Prince of Great Qi. He didn’t need to restrain himself just for a woman like her. He could easily search for a bed-servant or take in another liangdi or fengyi to resolve it. Even though she was no longer Mu Huai’s concubine anymore but rather his legitimate wife, the Crown Princess Consort of Great Qi, she had become more petty. Rong Xi absolutely didn’t want Mu Huai to touch another woman.

Even him casting an extra glance at another woman would cause her to feel unhappy.

She was truly a selfish and greedy woman.

When Mu Huai returned to the hall, a chilly air surrounded him.

Seeing the woman had already fallen asleep, he pressed his cold lips on her forehead then closed his eyes as well, deciding to accompany her to have a good rest tonight.

Before dawn broke, Mu Huai was in a light sleep when he felt that the woman next to him was twisting about. Because Rong Xi’s belly was very big, the two people could not hug each other to sleep as they did before. Instead, they were separated by a distance.

Mu Huai didn’t open his eyes and admonished, “Behave, the skies are still dark, sleep a little more.”

Yet the woman used her sweet and soft voice to say, “It’s better if Husband is lying down, this concubine will help Husband…”

Just as Mu Huai was about to get up and scold her, it was already too late.

Sitting halfway up in bed, his brows were tightly frowned as the knot in his throat rolled.

Mu Huai pressed his thin lips together and his large palm pressed the back of her head.

A low voice finally sounded, “Vixen.”

This author has something to say: No matter how prickly Dog Mu is, Rong Rong has ways of pacifying him

Translator’s comments: So now we finally get Rong Xi’s perspective on their first night. Although I wasn’t too surprised by her thoughts of how it was an unpleasant experience for her due to the pain and also lack of experience for both parties, I am a little sad that historical novels often begin relationships with non-consensual sex, especially when the two leads belong to different social strata or are in a superior-suboordinate relationship like our leads. Even if it was the norm at the time, where female servants were essentially considered to be property of the palace’s masters, and they could not reject the advances of the royal family, I’m just a little disappointed that our author chose to begin their relationship using this method as well, even if it’s somewhat historically accurate for that time period.

Remember, everyone, consent is sexy.

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  1. Abstinent, if it wasn’t clear.
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Yep it’s a long road to relearn how not to be an arrogant oblivious to the feelings of others prince. Definitely a test of his commitment 🤔
Thanks for the chapter 🙃


I love watching Dog Mu growing and learning hehe
Thank you for the chapter (//∇//)

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