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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 44

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 44

A woman actually barged into the Political Affairs Hall tonight.

Mu Huai could never tolerate even a speck of sand in his eyes. Di Shiyin had actually disguised herself as a eunuch and trespassed into the Political Affairs Hall to try to seduce him.

He was always a suspicious person who concealed his deepest thoughts. What happened tonight not only made him feel uncomfortable and repulsive, due to his many years of being the Emperor in his past life, what he hated the most was when his guards were negligent in their duties.

After Di Shiyin fled in a hurry, Mu Huai frowned even more. He shot a glance at the broken porcelain and spilled tea on the ground. It was probably drugged.

In a cold voice, he ordered for all the guards and servants in the Political Affairs Hall to assemble. In the middle of the night, the rainstorm was raging endlessly. With his hands behind his back, Mu Huai stood straight inside the hall, his youthful and handsome face dark and heavy.

The aura of the heavenly family was very oppressive.

After Mu Huai interrogated everyone one by one, he quickly found out the eunuch that was bribed by Di Shiyin. He punished him with thirty strokes and expelled him from the Political Affairs Hall. Furthermore, he banned him from serving any of the noble personages within the palace, he can only become a manservant doing rough work.

At the same time, he walked by the guards with their lowered heads, coldly reprimanding this group of people for not even detecting that a woman had infiltrated her way into the Political Affairs Hall.

This time, with a punishment as precedent, this group of people will be more alert and cautious. If this situation repeats itself again, then it will not be resolved with just a simple punishment.

The guards expressed their understandind.g

Tonight, they had failed their duties and angered the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince had a cold and serious personality, his methods were ruthless and cruel.

However, tonight he had given them a fair punishment.

If the Crown Prince was the monarch of Great Qi, then he would naturally have high standards for his personal guards.

After this time, the guards had all heightened their senses and became more cautious, not daring to be lazy even the slightest.

Naturally, Emperor Mu Zhen heard what Di Shiyin had did today, with one side being the safety of the Crown Prince and the other being a daughter of a noble house, he was caught between a rock and a hard place. After Zhuang Emperor caught wind of this news, his normally genteel and calm manner finally cracked and showed some anger.

He ordered for people to call for the Empress to come to Ganyuan Hall.

One has to know, the Empress was the leader of the inner palace after all, and she naturally treated differently from the concubines and consorts. Zhuang Emperor treated her with respect. Although he did not love her, he respected her as his legal wife. Usually, if something happened, he would go to the Empress’s Weiyang Palace to personally discuss with her.

The people in the palace saw that today, Zhuang Emperor had actually treated the Empress just like the other concubines and consorts. She had to personally come to Ganyuan Hall and wait to be scolded. Only then did she discover that Zhuang Emperor had called her over because the elder daughter of the Di family had angered the Crown Prince.

Zhuang Emperor secretly felt that Di Shiyin was usually a spoiled young miss and she didn’t have the courage to do such a lowly thing.

The only person in the palace that was familiar with its daily affairs and could also find out about Mu Huai’s daily schedule was the leader of the inner palace–the Empress.

When Zhuang Emperor found out about all the details of this scheme, he discovered that Di Shiyin had dressed up as a eunuch and infiltrated Ganyuan Palace. Consequently, he became even more incensed.

A few years ago when he was just a junwang1, there was someone in his prince estate that used this method to get close to him. At the time, Zhuang Emperor was young and felt that it was quite interesting and fresh to see a woman dress up as a eunuch. As a result, he had showered the low-born concubine with his favor. Currently, this concubine was still in the palace. Although she was no longer favored, because she had borne him a princess, her current position was a fifth-ranked xiuyuan.

Zhuang Emperor understood Mu Huai, this son of his. Since he did not like Di Shiyin, her trying to use such methods on him would only further anger him.

The Empress stood outside Ganyuan Hall. Although she felt an unsettling feeling inside, after sitting in that highest position for so many years, her face didn’t show any changes. She originally wanted to set up some chances for Di Shiyin to approach Mu Huai, then plan for the next step. However, she never would have thought that the niece she had pampered so much that usually looked like a mature and virtuous aristocratic young lady would actually be such an impatient person that didn’t know how to gradually follow the flow.

Mu Huai’s personality was also very cruel. He didn’t care at all that Di Shiyin was a young girl and had unhesitatingly splashed the scalding tea on her head. He didn’t know how to treat women at all.

When she thought of this, the Empress sighed again.

At this time, Zhuang Emperor’s senior eunuch walked out the hall’s doorway and respectfully greeted the Empress, “Niangniang, the Emperor calls you inside.”

The Empress nodded and under the support of her senior palace maid, she carefully stepped past the threshold, entering the hall.

When Zhuang Emperor saw the Empress, his attitude was still quite calm.

He asked, “What Di family’s eldest daughter did, I’m sure the Empress already knows.”

The Empress’s mood calmed down somewhat, knowing that Zhuang Emperor let her keep her dignity.

In a soft voice carrying an apologetic tone, “Your Majesty, please punish me. This subject-wife did not teach well, and had caused the Crown Prince to be unhappy. This subject-wife did not have the luck…was not able to add any sons or daughters for Your Majesty. Now, Yin’er has made such a big error, although this subject-wife treats her as my own daughter, I also cannot continue to protect her. However, she is a young lady after all, so Your Majesty, taking into account this subject-wife, please just place her under house arrest at the Minister’s Estate. In the future…she also does not need to enter the palace to visit this subject-wife. After all, this is not a glorious matter, if word gets out, it would also be disadvantageous to the Crown Prince. This time let her reflect behind closed doors, it is also to make her stop harboring any ideas about the Crown Prince. This subject-wife will issue a decree to not let her ever enter Yongxi Palace…Emperor, what do you think about this subject-wife’s arrangements?”

Zhuang Emperor glanced at the Empress. She had already compromised, not letting Di family’s daughter enter the palace. He didn’t know what else he could say and thus agreed to the Empress’s request.

The Empress was very disappointed in Di Shiyin, this niece of hers. She had spent a lot of effort to cultivate her all these years and even took her to the Imperial Household Department a while back. She had really spent a lot of time and effort on her.

But who could’ve known that Di Shiyin was such an impatient, short-sighted, and disappointing person. Now that it’s come to this, she could only treat this niece of hers as an abandoned chess piece.

The Empress continued to contemplate. After a few days, when what happened between Di Shiyin and Mu Huai mostly dies down, all she had to do was fulfill her duties as her paternal aunt and help her find a matching noble young master. She could only have her marry someone else.

However, she didn’t expect that after just a few days, this piece of news could not be suppressed and even the commoners knew about it.

There were many female academies in Bianjing, and all of them used Di Shiyin as an example to warn the young and impressionable girls. They could not be shameless like she was, destroying their own future.

All the good families in Bianjing looked down on Di Shiyin. No family’s matriarch wanted to have their precious son marry a woman like Di Shiyin. Letting such a woman into their family was just asking for humiliation.

Recently, whenever Di Zhuo attended court, he could faintly sense that his colleague’s gazes towards him were a little complicated and ambiguous. Those gazes seemed to be both contemptuous and also mocking.

His face had been completely lost by Di Shiyin!

These days, Di Shiyin had originally been docilely staying in the Minister’s Estate playing her guqin. Her mood was very sad and lonely. Obviously, she knew that her reputation had already been ruined. It took a long time recover before she returned to normal.

Thankfully, Mother Di did not criticize her.

On the other hand, that Empress niangniang in the palace did not comfort her nor did she admonish her. These few days, she had solely called for Di Shihua to enter the palace. It was clear that she was now an abandoned chess piece.

Her mind wandering, a sharp sound came from the instrument. Di Shiyin felt her hand hurting, and saw that it was bleeding. When she looked down, it turns out one of the strings had snapped. Just as she wanted to get up to wrap the wound, she saw Di Zhuo who had just returned from court angrily storming over to her.


Before Di Shiyin could fully greet him, with a wave of his sleeves, Di Zhuo angrily slapped his own eldest daughter.

He yelled angrily, “What a waste for your mother and the Empress’ efforts on cultivating you all these years. You actually did such a shameless thing, yet you’re still in the mood to play music here?”

Di Shiyin’s face was originally slightly burned by Mu Huai’s hot tea. After being subjected to this slap, her face was going to be swollen even longer.

Recalling the coldness her father had treated her with these days, Di Shiyin felt extremely unhappy. Holding the side of her face throbbing with pain, she retorted, “Father…the blame does not lie solely on this daughter. Her Majesty the Empress and Mother both participated. Now that it’s failed, why do you only place your anger on this daughter alone?”

Di Zhuo was infuriated and yelled, “You dare to talk back?”

Finished, he raised his hand to slap Di Shiyin again but was stopped in time by Mother Di.

Mother Di had a bitter expression on her face as she persuaded, “Old Master2…Yin’er’s words aren’t wrong. It really isn’t all her fault.”

Di Zhuo took back his hand. The more he looked at the mother and daughter, the angrier he felt. He coldly commanded, “Di family’s face has been completely lost by you, I am too ashamed to face our ancestors. Today, you’re punished to kneel in the ancestral hall for the day. Ask the ancestors for forgiveness. After you have kneeled long enough, you will be able to eat dinner.”

As his words fell, Di Zhuo raised his voice by a few degrees as he repeated, “Everyone better listen well. If anyone dares to give food to Eldest Miss, then no matter who that person is, I will expel them from the residence!”

Di Shiyin had an aggrieved expression on her face, but she could only obey her father’s orders, going to the ancestral hall to kneel.

She had always been pampered growing up, and had never been punished like this before. She could still endure it for the first few hours, however after it late at night, she felt as if her knees were being pricked by needles. Her stomach was also growling from hunger, she was so famished she saw stars.

Madam Di originally wanted to secretly pass her some food but was discovered by Di Zhuo who stopped her.

The next morning, Di Zhuo came to the ancestral hall before heading to court, wanting to inspect Di Shiyin’s situation. In the end, he discovered his eldest daughter’s body wasn’t able to hold on and had fainted in front of the ancestral altar.

In the end, she was the eldest daughter he had pampered and loved for over a decade. Di Zhuo finally ordered the servants to carry Di Shiyin back to her boudoir. After Madam Di fed Di Shiyin some warm soup, she slowly regained her conciousness.

After waking up this time, she no longer held any feelings for that proud and lofty Crown Prince.

Instead, she began to hate him.

Although she hated him, the person she hated the most was still that bitch surnamed Rong.

However, she was not under house arrest in the Minister’s residence, barred from taking even half a step outside. How could she possibly come up with ways to deal with that woman? As she thought, Di Shiyin couldn’t help but cry sorrowfully, diving into Madam Di’s arms.

Madam Di rubbed her’s daughter’s back and gently persuaded, “Yin’er, you should admit your fate. Just obediently stay in the residence for the next few years, don’t go out. Whatever you want to eat, whatever you want to play with, Mother will buy them for you. You should also loosen up. At the very least, the Minister’s residence can let you live a wealthy and carefree style for the rest of your life. Don’t harbor any other ideas anymore.”

Di Shiyin didn’t say anything. As her tears streaked down her face, she tightly clenched her fists.


In the beginning of summer, the landscape scenery in the Eastern Palace had finally been renovated. Zhuang Emperor ordered people to bring over many precious river stones. These rocks had been smoothed out and carved by the flowing river water for many years. The holes and crevices on them were all naturally formed. Then, they were slightly shaped and chiseled by one of Bianjing’s master craftsmen, changing it into a fake mountain and an interesting stone to be imported to the Eastern Palace. When one looked at it, they could make out the artistic scenery of heavy mountain ridges.

Recently, the people in the Imperial Household Department had brought over many different-shaped potted plants, and also repaved the ground with various granite stones and pebbles. The Eastern Palace was originally abundant with all sorts of greenery, but with all this, even more precious flowers and trees had been added.

There were orchids and oleanders, red knotweed and purple chestnuts.

Seeing how summer was already here, the flowers’ fragrances grew stronger the deeper the night was at the Eastern Palace. It was much more luxurious than the previous Quyun Palace that had never been renovated.

It was already weishi (1 PM – 3 PM). Because Rong Xi felt a cramp in her calf, she wasn’t able to take a noon nap. She was afraid that if she slept in the afternoon, she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Thus she took Dan Xiang with her and stood in the hallway of the floating pavilion. Sprinkling fish feed in to the water, she had a lazy expression on her face as she fed the swimming fish.

These past few days, she had felt extremely tired and she would always be woken up by her dreams at night. It’s already been a few days since she had a good sleep.

The day before last, Mu Huai had called for the imperial physician and asked about the cause. After the imperial physician took her pulse, he said that there wasn’t a big problem based on the pulse movements. The imperial physician said that it was probably because she was thinking too much recently, resulting in her dreams and insomnia. It could also be because she was always in the Eastern Palace and couldn’t go anywhere else, resulting in her mood becoming a little unstable.

Rong Xi recalled Mu Huai’s concerned expression from that day. It seems like he’s very attached to this child.

Rong Xi watched the fish swim by as she thought of Nanny Huan and Ye Yunlan. She had also asked Mu Huai recently and was positive that Zhuang Emperor no longer intended for Mu Huai to marry Di Shiyin.

But she also heard some news that made her heart turn cold.

Although he wouldn’t marry her, Mu Huai would still have to take into account Zhuang Emperor and the Empress’s opinions.

Di Shiyin had made a huge error and her reputation was ruined. However, Zhuang Emperor and Mu Huai did not seek to take away her life, letting her live. Di Shiyin continued to live her days as a wealthy noble miss in the Minister’s residence.

Thinking of this, Rong Xi stopped tossing fish feed, her eyes a little cold.

However, she wanted Di Shiyin to die.

“–Greetings, Your Highness.”

A chorus of palace maids’ voices broke Rong Xi’s rain of thought. She sensed that Mu Huai had returned and bent her knees in greeting.

Mu Huai had already walked over to her. Holding her slim arm, he had her stand.

She looked much better than yesterday, but her eyes still looked somewhat pitiful.

Mu Huai knew that she was afraid he would worry and would always secretly put some power on her face, making her seem more lively.

Rong Xi held the pouch of fish feed in her hand. She resumed her usual soft and gentle expression as she lightly asked Mu Huai, “How come Your Highness returned so early today?”

Mu Huai airily replied, “You haven’t been in the best condition recently, naturally I have to accompany you more.”

Rong Xi smiled when she heard this and continued to feed the fish.

Mu Huai had indeed been very attentive and caring towards her these past few days. He came back earlier than before, and knowing that she had trouble sleeping, he would hold her in his arms, coaxing her to sleep as if she was a child.

Rong Xi felt her heart was full of honey. However, because Di Shiyin wasn’t dead, she still felt a little bitter.

Mu Huai quietly watched his little liangdi, no one else could enter his eyes. Rong Xi could feel Mu Huai’s gaze on her and said bashfully, “Husband…this concubine wants to feed the fish some more. If you’re bored, you can go back ot he hall first.”

Mu Huai didn’t say anything, shifting his eyes from the woman to the pond. He suddenly felt that the fish in the pond and the koi fish looked quite boring.

If she wasn’t pregnant, then he could still gift her with some baby rabbits, Siamese kittens, etc. to play with to relieve her boredom.

But now, if he wasn’t in the Eastern Palace, feeding fish was the only entertainment the woman could find.

No wonder.

Mu Huai couldn’t help but hold the woman’s hand in his own as his other arm looped around her waist, not letting her move.

The servants nearby tactfully retreated a few steps, not daring to raise their heads to look at the affectionate displays between their masters.

Rong Xi asked in confusion, “Husband…if you’re like this, how is this concubine supposed to feed the fish?”

Mu Huai kissed her forehead. As he played with her soft and seemingly boneless hand, he whispered into her ear, “Forget it, don’t feed the fish, I’ll take you on a trip outside the palace.”

Translator’s comments: Sometimes I forget that Rong Xi is an intelligent and manipulative person as well, mainly because she acts like a frightened little lamb in front of Mu Huai, that when she shows her true personality, I get thrown off a little. Like, in Mu Huai’s impression, she’s so soft and fragile that she’d probably faint at the sight of blood, but in reality, she has no qualms about wanting someone she doesn’t like to die (granted, even if that person had caused the deaths of her two closest friends).

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  1. Prince of the Second Rank
  2. laoye 老爷 is used to refer to the head of a household (aka patriarch)
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