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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 43

Sorry for the confusion earlier, Chapter 42 has been updated with the correct contents!

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 43 – Playing With Fire

Although Mu Huai had a clean and delicate appearance, due to many years of practicing martial arts, he had a robust and healthy body. When he applied a little more force when he hugged her, his arms were solid and full of strength.

These few days, before she fell asleep, Rong Xi would be wrapped in his familiar warm body temperature. Only after hearing his strong heartbeat and rhythmic breathing would she fall asleep.

Everything about him made her think of the time when the two had shared a carriage.

When he reached his peak1, Mu Huai’s black eyes would suck her in, and he would always whisper coaxing words into her ears. Rong Xi knew that Mu Huai had never had any other women before.

The first time they did it, he used a lot of strength, and because he was also reluctant to do such a thing, yet also couldn’t help it, he didn’t find any pleasure from these activities. After a few more times, Mu Huai was no longer so rough. Knowing that he had become much gentler, she also willingly cooperated with him. Soon, she herself found pleasure in it as well.

Rong Xi comforted herself, he can’t blame her for this.

Mu Huai was handsome, and she was also a normal women. Both were in the prime of their lives, it’d be weirder if they weren’t attracted to each other.

Even so, her cheeks were red like the setting sun.

Mu Huai saw the woman escape and hide. Confirming his earlier thoughts, his interest piqued. His smile grew deeper as he leaned over and whispered into the woman’s ear, “Do you want me to feed you?”

Rong Xi’s ears felt itchy and she shrunk her neck. She answered, “…This concubine has kept in mind the imperial physician’s instructions…before the stable period has passed…we can’t. I won’t bother Husband, this concubine can endure it.”

Mu Huai pursed his lips, not saying anything else. He took her soft hand in his own, slowly interlinking their fingers. Rong Xi closed her eyes, forcing herself to go to sleep. However, Mu Huai’s next actions made her eyes flew open…

Not long afterward, Mu Huai got off the bed and lit the candles by the bedside. He found a handkerchief and patiently wiped her.

Outside, the rain was still drizzling. Rong Xi’s shimmering peach blossom eyes held some tears in it.

Although Mu Huai didn’t expend much effort, her mind had already been lit up with fireworks countless times.

Peng, peng, peng.2

Even now, Rong Xi felt that the scenery in front of her was very blurry. Mu Huai saw the tired woman laying on the bed. He had on a reluctant expression.

Seeing her calamity-causing appearance, he suddenly felt that everything he just did was playing with fire. If he lost his rationality for even just a second, he would hurt her. Mu Huai lowered his head and kissed her forehead. Putting on a random coat, he walked out of the inner hall.

The guards were keeping watch outside. Seeing the Crown Prince walk out of hall so late at night, everyone was surprised. Even so, they greeted him and lowered their heads, not daring to ask any questions.

A rainy spring night, the breeze outside was chilly and damp.

Mu Huai stood under the Eastern Palace’s eaves for a long time. Only after he suppressed his urges did he return to the hall, carrying the remnants of the chill from outside.

Under the yellow candlelight, he gathered the delicate girl back into his arms and asked, “How is it, are you full from my feeding?”

The woman’s exquisite nose was a little red and her voice was a little hoarse as she agreed, “En…”

Mu Huai saw her eyes were closed, but there were still some traces of tears at the corners. This vixen was really a delicate doll made from water. So sweet and full of honey, the bed was almost completely soaked.

His voice was thick and hoarse, electrifying as he continued, “After the child is born, you must repay all of your debt, understand?”

Rong Xi felt her consciousness was drifting farther and farther. She docilely nodded her head and answered, “En, this concubine will return it all to Husband…”

Mu Huai could only helplessly caress her head. Feeling that this woman was probably talking in her dreams, she probably didn’t even realize what she was saying.

His tone became gentler as he ended the conversation, “So good, go sleep.”


A few years ago, Di Zhuo’s main wife had been issued an edict by the court. Her title was not just the Minister’s wife, but also Great Qi’s mingfu3.

Bianjing today had a rare sunny day. Madam Di took her two di daughters with her to enter the palace to greet the Empress.

Di Shiyin’s hair had been nurtured for a period of time and had finally recovered its former shine and softness. Madam Di had searched for some hair growth and skincare recipes in Bianjing. Whatever foods that could be eaten to make the skin look brighter and paler, that was what she ate.

After being nourished for so long, the current Di Shiyin had recovered her dark hair and fair-skinned appearance.

Di Shiyin had always had her eldest daughter give off the impression of being elegant and virtuous, rather than a short-lived beauty. Di Shiyin had learned the art of dance ever since she was young, and she was also tall as well, with a pair of long, slim legs.

She [Madam Di] didn’t want her eldest daughter to develop those types of vixen-like behaviors that could be found in those lowly concubines. She led her eldest daughter over. Even though she [DSY] could not marry the Crown Prince and become the mother of the heavens, she was still destined to become the main wife of a high-ranking noble family.

The Empress sat in her phoenix throne, letting the palace maids serve tea to the two Di family’s daughters that sat on either side.

On her face was a thick layer of powder, but nonetheless it couldn’t hide her aging. Her voice was calm as she said, “I’m afraid that even now, the Emperor does not have the intention of letting Shiyin marry the Crown Prince. Bengong had brought up this matter to the Emperor a while ago. It seems that the Emperor wants to find another noble young lady to become the consort.”

Madam Di let out a light sigh.

Di Shiyin forced herself to stay calm, but her face was taut. There was no sign of her usual ease and chivalry. On the other hand, Di Shihua secretly observed her mother and elder sister’s expressions, her mouth slightly curving up.

Ever since the day Madam Di had heard about Di Shiyin having an argument with Rong liangdi, she had prepared herself. She respectfully addressed the Empress, “Since it’s come to this, then we can only abandon the wish of letting Yin’er marry into the Eastern Palace. There are so many duke and marquis families in Bianjing, no matter which family Yin’er marries, she’ll be the main wife. At the very least, she’ll be able to live in comfort and ease.”

Although she put it that way, Madam Di still felt it was regretful. After all, she had put in so much effort these years, nurturing and cultivating Di Shiyin into becoming the person who would sit in that position. Now, because of that Rong liangdi, all of her efforts had gone down the drain, all of her results up in the air.

Di Shiyin thought of Mu Huai’s cold gaze and his cruel attitude towards her. She felt deeply dissatisfied. These past few months, she had spent her time recuperating her hair. The competitive streak she had became even stronger, she wanted to ruthlessly stomp on Rong Xi, that lowly concubine, under her feet, clearly differentiate whose the winner and whose the loser.

She wanted to conquer Mu Huai, this proud man.

Sometimes when Di Shiyin looked into the mirror, she would pity herself. The more she saw her own beautiful figure and fair skin, the more she couldn’t find any flaws about herself. Although that woman was more beautiful than her, she was pregnant and couldn’t satisfy him. Why did Mu Huai have favor her so, not even taking in a bedservant?

Di Shiyin raised her eyes and spoke lazily, “Your Majesty, is there really no other way?”

When she saw her being like this, Madam Di rebuked her in front of the Empress, “Now that it’s come to this, how could you still be harboring such desires. That Crown Prince doesn’t like you, can’t you be more reserved?”

Listening to Madam Di scolding her elder sister, Di Shihua let out a snort, but she used a handkerchief to cover her mouth in time.

Di Shiyin sensed her younger sister was mocking her and turned her head to shoot her a cold glare, “Stop mocking me.”

Di Shihua couldn’t help but raise her brow in disdain when she heard this.

The Empress took in the two sister’s actions. Taking a sip of tea, she addressed Di Shiyin, “The Crown Prince has always had a cold personality, but he is also a man in his youth. Although Yin’er is not as beautiful as that commoner liangdi, she is also a famed beauty in the capital.”

Madam Di didn’t understand why the Empress suddenly said this, “What does Your Majesty mean by this?”

The Empress asked Di Shiyin again, “Shiyin, are you willing to make another gamble? If you’re not willing, bengong will choose a good family for you.”

Whether it was power or looks, even if you tried to look through all of Bianjing, no man would compare to Mu Huai, naturally she wanted to take another gamble. Moreover, she really wanted to torture that bitch surnamed Rong to death. Di Shiyin nodded her head and spoke to the Empress in an earnest tone, “I fancy the Crown Prince, naturally I am willing to bet everything I have to marry him.”

The Empress nodded and her voice became heavier, “En, since you have made this decision, then you have to be willing to take a risk. Go back to the estate tonight and have a good rest. Bengong will think of a way to let you have an opportunity to get close to the Crown Prince.”

After Di Shiyin returned to the residence, Madam Di followed the Empress’s instructions and invited an expert from Sweetwater Alley to give pointers.

The Empress’s plan was for Di Shiyin to abandon her virtuous persona, saying that her movements could not surpass the beauty of Rong Xi’s.

Currently, the biggest problem was that there was no opportunity for her to approach the Crown Prince.

After all, she had to be able to bump into him first before they could proceed to the next step of their plan.

That woman surnamed Rong was a wild woman that came from a commoner’s background. Without any etiquette teaching, she probably never cared about propriety and shame. Perhaps that was what the Crown Prince liked about her. Different from the noble and aristocratic young ladies in the capital, maybe that woman surnamed Rong was more free-spriited.

Di Shiyin felt that the Empress’s analysis was very reasonable. She refused to believe that even after she set aside her dignity, Mu Huai wouldn’t fall into her trap.


The spring rain once again disturbed the Bianjing night. Mu Huai sat in the Political Affairs Hall reviewing the memorials that accumulated over the past few days.

He had a weird quirk. After all the court officials leave, he didn’t like for other people to disturb him, and instead liked to work alone.

The sounds of the rain were like pearls hitting a plate. When Mu Huai heard the sounds, he raised his eyes to look at the rain falling outside the windows. Feeling that the rain had gotten heavier, he decided to stay in the Political Affairs Hall for a little longer before returning back to the Eastern Palace.

Based on his memories of his past life, he had some impression of the different memorials sent by the different areas. It was just that the greeting memorials the officials in those places sent up were quite annoying. They pretty much all said the same few words. As the Emperor in his past life, he naturally couldn’t just completely ignore them.

In the end, he still replied with one word: Greetings.

Mu Huai frowned. After placing all of the greeting memorials to one side, he picked the most urgent memorials, preparing to present them tomorrow to Zhuang Emperor, reporting the government matters he had been handling for the past few days.

He closed his eyes and massaged his brows, taking a break. However, he suddenly smelled a light tea fragrance, as well as the scent of female rouge powder.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw that someone had placed a steaming cup of tea on his desk.

A eunuch had his head lowered, his feminine voice sounding slightly like a woman’s, “Your Highness…please have some tea.”

Raising an eyebrow, Mu Huai’s voice was cold and strict as he unhappily asked, “I never called for anyone to send over tea, why did you come in on your own?”

He coldly swept his gaze over the eunuch’s face. Looking a little closer, he frowned even more.

That eunuch was actually Di family’s eldest daughter, Di Shiyin.

Di Shiyin immediately knelt on the ground and respectfully greeted him, “Your Highness…Greetings, Your Highness.”

Her hair, which was tied in a topknot, was slightly loose. It was done on purpose.

When she slightly lowered her head, her thick, black hair naturally poured out, cascading down her torso. di Shiyin followed the instructions of the expert from Sweetwater Alley. When her hair lightly fell down, her eyes closed halfway, letting off a soft and delicate bewitching feeling.

Mu Huai suddenly felt a burst of anger well up inside. There should’ve been guards stationed outside the Political Affairs Hall, so how did this bitch make her way inside?

He recalled that there was a listening room in the Political Affairs Hall. Usually, the servants would wait there, if the master had any orders they would hear it from the listening room and walk to the hall to receive their order.

Then this bitch seems to have been lying in wait in the Political Affairs Hall for a long time already. She must’ve bribed one of the greedy servants.

How audacious.

Mu Huai’s coldly glared at the kneeling Di Shiyin and asked in a heavy voice, “Saved your hair, but you still don’t know how to restrain yourself. Do you really think that I’m afraid to take your life?”

When Di Shiyin heard this, she was stunned silly.

However, she still shuffled on her knees to where Mu Huai was sitting. Speaking in the tone of voice the expert from Sweetwater Alley had taught her, she softly said, “…This little one, wants to serve Your Highness…Your Highness tonight, can do whatever you want to this little one.”

Mu Huai’s gaze grew heavy as he looked at her.

Di Shiyin became even more daring as she continued, “Does Your Highness not want to? Tonight, this little one is just a junior eunuch serving Your Highness, no one knows that this little one is actually the Di family’s young miss. Since this little one is already here, secretly having a dewy affair4, is that not good?”

She pretended to be a eunuch, inviting him to indulge in licentiousness with her.

She was born beautiful, and Mu Huai was also a normal man, so how could he reject her?

She will definitely make him be unable to forget her after tonight. Moreover, she’ll make him realize that she is the one that’s fated to be with him.

As the days grow longer, she didn’t believe that Mu Huai wouldn’t develop any feelings for him.

Di Shiyin saw that Mu Huai had a dark countenance on as his hand shook as he reached out.

In the end, Mu Huai couldn’t suppress the fury inside of him. Standing up, he picked up the hot tea on the desk and poured it over DI Shiyin’s head.

The tea was originally steaming hot. Di Shiyin only felt a searing pain coming from the top of her head. She was scared that she would be burned and her looks would be ruined. Di Shiyin was in so much pain, yet at the same time she was afraid of provoking Mu Huai, so she didn’t dare to let out any sounds. Clumsily wiping away the tea on the ground, she suddenly lost her ability to think.

She only heard a “–ding lang” sound, the teapot was harshly flung onto the ground by Mu Huai.

Di Shiyin’s heartbeat sped up, her heart almost jumping into her throat.

Only to hear Mu Huai’s icy voice command, “Scram, I feel disgusted when bitches touch me.”

This author has something to say:

Just a warning, Di will have a tragic ending in a while, I’m afraid that some faint-hearted readers might not be able to handle it.

After all, the ML was never a good person.

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  3. Couldn’t find a reliable translation for this title, but I assume it’s similar to how Di Zhuo is the Lord Uncle (because he’s the Emperor’s brother-in-law), just the female version.
  4. 露水情缘 means to have a relationship solely for the purpose of sex (you can think of it as a one-night stand)
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