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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 28

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 28 – Little Clamity

Rong Xi’s cheeks gradually turned red. At this moment, Mu Huai’s heartbeat was much faster than usual. His originally shallow breaths became heavier and were slightly scorching.

The inner hall was awash with the glow of the candles. His inner robes were slightly open, barely hiding his tight muscles. His sturdy body was a little stiff, as if he was trying hard to suppress something. Clearly, continuing to hug her would only add to this bitter feeling, but the man’s thin lips were pursed. His sharp, black brows were frowning, but he refused to let her go from his arms.

Mu Huai’s chin rested on top of Rong Xi’s head. She felt that area was a little hot. She couldn’t help but recall how they would tumble around in the past, how strong and fierce he was. When those cold eyes were full of lust and desire, she would become lost in his gaze.

Mu Huai was her master and also the father of her child. She didn’t want him to feel such discomfort.

Rong Xi leaned against Mu Huai. With a reddened face, her voice was like a mosquito, “This slave will help Your Highness…”

Hearing this, Mu Huai immediately opened his eyes, and her fair and dainty hands probingly made their way over.

Mu Huai couldn’t speak for a moment.

He only felt that woman’s pair of eyes were watery like a deer, a faint mist clouding her gaze. She looked pure and innocent.

Such a gaze was what all men in the world loved the most.

The expressions that Rong Xi would reveal in private to him were never seductive, but tendering and charming. Mu Huai originally wanted to stop her, seeing the woman in front of him made his rationality collapse.

He secretly cursed how Rong Xi was a calamity, a demoness. Losing his mind every day, he would die in this little calamity’s hands sooner or later. However, his large palms tightly grasped the woman’s slender wrists.

Having her arms grabbed so tightly, Rong Xi slightly frowned from the pain.

Her skin was extremely delicate like tofu. After today, her poor wrists will certainly have some purple bruises on them tomorrow. Thankfully, this hall had some ointment to remove bruises.

Mu Huai practiced martial arts so he was a strong person. Sometimes, he wouldn’t do it intentionally but didn’t realize that his actions were a little rough. The mornings after, he would wake up to find her body was riddled with hickeys, making him stunned. He didn’t realize that he would leave behind so many.

The candles flickered.

Mu Huai’s gaze slowly became deeper. No matter what this woman did, she would do so with the utmost concentration and sincerity, even when it came to these matters. They were clearly a pair of innocent eyes, but they knew everything. He knew that the current Rong Xi was serving him as her master, not as her man.

Currently, he should feel very joyful, but he suddenly felt very down for some reason. He felt stuffy, even.

Mu Huai’s brows knotted some more. His large hand cupped the back of the woman’s head, and he closed his eyes and kissed her.

For Rong Xi, this kiss was a bite that was full of venting.

Who knew how long it took, but Rong Xi’s wrists were sore and aching, and she even seemed to have pull a muscle.

When everything ended, Mu Huai didn’t show a satisfied expression. His deep eyes searched for a wet cloth. After cleaning her hands, his voice carried some hoarseness as well as a hint of threat as he scolded Rong Xi, “In the future, without my permission, you are not allowed to do this kind of thing on your own.”

Every time Mu Huai had finished kissing Rong Xi everywhere, she would always reveal a dazed and innocent expression.

Even after letting go of her, her palm-sized face would still be raised. Her pretty eyes were still hazy, as if she was still immersed in what happened just now, yet to return to reality. This kind of look always made him want to bully her again.

But seeing her swollen lips, Mu Huai decided to let her go. When the fetus in her stomach came out, see how he’ll deal with her. Thinkign of this, Mu Huai’s expression became darker.

After ordeal ended, Mu Huai began to massage her wrists. He used a lot of strength, and his movements were not gentle. Rong Xi felt the pain but didn’t dare to show any large reactions. She panted lightly like a warbler.

Jiu, jiu, jiu.1

When Mu Huai heard this, his eyes became gentler, not as fierce as they were before. His kneading also became much gentler. As expected, this woman was his little spoiled bird, not only could she not be rained on2, she also couldn’t handle pain.

Rong Xi observed Mu Huai’s expression, and seeing how his face had lightened up a bit and his attitude was become better, she finally pulled out the question she had been wondering about.

She quietly asked him, “Your Highness…how did you know this slave’s younger brother’s current identity?”

Mu Huai’s expression didn’t change. Due to his anger tonight, he did truly overreact a little.

After being rebirthed, there were many times when had would almost accidentally refer to himself as ‘zhen‘. He had to remind himself countless times that he was not someone from this lifetime, but one who had been rebirthed.

Mu Huai originally wanted to keep Tuoba Yu a hostage in Qi. However, Great Qi had just subdued Jin a few months ago, and had transferred a good amount of troops to Qinzhou.

On the other hand, Luolu Kehan had a great deal of power in Kingdom Gu, and he extremely cherished Tuoba Yu, this adopted son of his.

If he were to assassinate Tuoba Yu in Qi, then the people Kingdom Gu would send would have a difficult time finding the murderer. In the end, the wolf cub would be written off as an accidental death.

If he were to expose his identity and openly take Tuoba Yu as hostage, then that would be a clear provocation towards Kingdom Gu. With Qi’s current strength, it was not suitable to go to war with Gu.

Mu Huai lightly coughed, “I am Great Qi’s Crown Prince, naturally I can recognize others.”

When Rong Xi heard this, although the doubts in her heart didn’t vanish, she also didn’t dare to question further. She always felt that after Mu Huai had captured her back this time, he was a little different from before.

Yet the man in front of her was still the lofty Mu Huai.

Rong Xi thought that maybe she was thinking too much and assented in a warm voice, “En.”

Speaking of Tuoba Yu, Mu Huai suddenly recalled the scene of Rong Xi and that wolf cub hugging each other in front of the restaurant. His gaze unconsciously became sharper. Following which, he pinched the woman’s exquisite nose and questioned in a low voice, “Although that person is your blood-related younger brother, he’s also a grown man. How can you just casually hug him?”

Rong Xi looked down at her poor nose and replied in a nasally voice, “This slave…this slave has always held him this way ever since children.”

This type of wronged appearance looked really cute.

Mu Huai had to restrain his smile and purposely made his voice deeper as he commanded, “If the fetus in your stomach is a boy, after he turns eight, you are not allowed to hug him.”

Rong Xi was helpless and could only agree. Only then did Mu Huai let go of her.

Rong Xi secretly scolded how Mu Huai this person was too overbearing, not even letting his own child off.

Thinking of her little brother, Rong Xi became a little worried. At the restaurant, she wasn’t able to immediately recognize Rong Hui. If you were to say that he had a kind appearance, his eyes were a little fierce, like a jackal circling its prey.

Only when they were alone in the alley did he reveal a gentle and innocent look did she confirm that this person was her younger brother. After the passing of time, Rong Hui had changed his name and become a little unfamiliar. He must’ve encountered many hardships in Kingdom Gu.

Mu Huai held on to her waist as he quietly fell asleep.

She kept feeling that in these past few days, he slept like someone who had not slept for many years. Whenever night came, he would look extremely tired.

The man’s usual fierce and cold demeanor looked a little gentle now, even defenseless, but his posture was one of protection as he held her. Rong Xi burrowed herself into the man’s embrace. She placed a hand on her stomach as fatigue slowly crept up on her. Closing her eyes, she also quickly entered her dreams.


The next morning, the warm rays of the winter sun lit up her body. Rong Xi faintly realized that she was late.

Mu Huai was no longer next to her. Rong Xi felt a little regretful. Last night, she was still thinking that she had to wake up earlier than Mu Huai and serve him well.

But her pregnancy made her much sleepier than sual.

She faintly recalled that before Mu Huai left Quyun Palace, he had pecked her forehead but didn’t wake her. Rong Xi also remembered that Mu Huai had said something to her: lazy woman. She seemed to have snorted as she resentfully replied: I’m not lazy.

Rong Xi was so scared her mouth dropped open. She thought she had dreamed of everything just now.

If she really said all of that, even referring to herself as ‘I’3, and spoke to him without any respect, Mu Huai would definitely have been angry. He would’ve long flung away the blanket and given her a scolding.

Rong Xi shook her head. After she had completely woken up, four junior palace maids entered the inner hall. Their expressions looked as if they had entered a dungeon, full of fear.

At least the palace maid in the front still looked somewhat composed.

Rong Xi recognized these maids. They were originally also Quyun palace’s palace maids, but did not personally serve Mu Huai. When the palace maids looked at Rong Xi, a stunned look flashed across their eyes.

The beauty in front of them had a sleepy look to her. Her cheeks had a pink glow to them and she had a lazy expression on her face.

Her thick hair was black like ink, softly hanging by her waist, making her palm-sized face look sharper. She was clearly an extremely gorgeous beauty, but her aura was like a gentle beauty.

With such looks, even though they were also women, seeing such a beauty like Rong Xi, they had to swallow back their saliva.

The palace maid in the lead was called Dan Xiang. As she secretly observed her, she felt that the beauty in front of her looked a little like Rong gugu who was expelled from the palace. But that person’s appearance was extremely plain, so she abandoned this thought.

Everyone in Yongxi Palace knew that the Crown Prince had brought back a beauty from the commoners, bringing her into the Eastern Palace. As for what this beauty’s name and background was, no one knew.

Rong Xi currently had no name and no identity. Seeing how these maidservants were the ones Mu Huai sent to serve her in washing and dressing, her current position was probably at most a bedservant.

At this moment, Dan Xiang opened her mouth, “Since Miss4 has woken up, then shall this slave serve Miss in cleaning up now?”

After Rong Xi nodded, Dan Xiang calmly and quickly did her hair. Not too long later, she had changed her clothes, and Dan Xiang spoke in a respectful tone at this time, “After Miss finishes breakfast, an imperial physician will come to take Miss’s pulse. This His Highness’s arrangements.”

Rong Xi replied, “En, I understand.”

These past few days, she had suffered several rights. It was right for the imperial physician to come today to take a look at her and see if the child in her belly was alright.

After she finished using breakfast, the imperial physician who came was an extremely young man. Rong Xi sat behind a screen embroidered with pulm blossoms and stretched out her wrist.

Mu Huai had obviously chosen a newbie imperial physician this time instead of one of the old-timers in the palace.

Rong Xi secretly felt that Mu Huai didn’t seem to trust the senior imperial physicians in the palace.

This young imperial physician on the other hand must be one that he had cultivated. After the imperial physician had taken Rong Xi’s pulse, he spoke respectfully, “Miss’s body constitution is a little cold but the fetus is quite healthy. It will be fine as long as you drink some more nourishing medicinal soup.”

When Rong Xi heard that the child was fine, she felt assured. After thanking the imperial physician, she still felt that she had to do something to make this fetus more stable.

Within the entire palace, the medical official she trusted the most was Ye Yunlan. Only after she had taken her pulse would she be completely at ease.

She had hidden her true appearance from Ye Yunlan for many years already, yet Ye Yunlan this naive girl had always told her everything.

Rong Xi always felt a bit sorry for this, and wanted to explain everything to Ye Yunlan this time after seeing her.

If Ye Yunlan got angry at her, then she would ask for forgiveness. She had always cherished her friendship with Ye Yunlan.

Thinking of this, Rong Xi directed Dan Xiang, “Dan Xiang, in a moment, come with me to the Pharmacy Bureau.”

When Dan Xiang heard this, she didn’t answer right away. After half a beat, she replied, “Miss…His Highness the Crown Prince has already ordered that you cannot leave the Eastern Palace on your own.”

Rong Xi slightly frowned. It was reasonable that Mu Huai wouldn’t let her leave the Eastern Palace. After all, she currently had no name or identity. If she were to suddenly walk around the palace and bump into someone along the way, it would not be good if something happened.”

She spoke to Dan Xiang again, “En, then I’ll trouble you to run an errand for me. Go to the Pharmacy Bureau to search for Physician Ye and have her come to the Eastern Palace.”

Dan Xiang obeyed.

Rong Xi sat on the daybed. Watching the warm sunrays scatter in the hall, she was thinking of how she should begin to explain to Ye Yunlan the matter of her hiding her appearance. At this moment, the palace maid named Dan Xiang had retrned.

Seeing Dan Xiang had a heavy expression on her face, Rong Xi had a bad feeling.

She somewhat panickedly asked Dan Xiang, “Why hasn’t Physician Ye come over, is it because the Pharmacy Bureau is busy and she doesn’t have time?”

Dan Xiang opened her mouth and hesitated for a while before finally replying, “Replying to Miss, a few days ago, Physician Ye…committed suicide.”

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  1. Sound effect
  2. Essentially meaning she’s a very delicate person
  3. Remember she always refers to herself as ‘this slave’ instead of I/me when talking to Mu Huai
  4. guniang 姑娘 means young lady/miss to refer to a young unmarried woman
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My guess is that Ye Yunlan who, willingly or not, leaked Rong Xi’s pregnancy…maybe to the empress or another opponent of the ML. Thanks for the chapter !


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