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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 27

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Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 27 – Stealing Your Woman

When Mu Huai had ascended the throne in his past life, some people said that if the monarch of Qi was the fierce lion in the central plains, then Tuoba Yu of Gu was akin to a fierce jackal in the western frontier.

He had met Tuoba Yu once before in his past life. This Tuoba Yu was Kingdom Gu’s Luolu Kehan’s adopted son. His birth was also quite a legend.

Kingdom Gu was a still a country that had a caste system. He was originally someone from the central plains that emigrated to Gu. However, he was favored by the sterile Kehan, from a labor servant, he became the adopted son, and eventually became the Crown Prince.

The third year after he ascended the throne, Tuoba Yu used his identity as the Crown Prince to pay tribute to Kingdom Qi. He was arrogant due to his own innate talents and looked down on everyone. During the competition, even the bravest soldier of Great Qi was not his opponent, and only General Yin Cheng won over him.

However, the current Tuoba Yu was only seventeen when he came to Qi. His voice had not yet fully matured, and he had not yet grown to his full height.

When Luolu Kehan was still alive, he was am ambitious person and quickly obtained the throne for himself. After he passed, Tuoba Yu naturally inherited his father’s position. Before Tuoba Yu had taken over Kehan’s position and in order to secure his position, he had killed off Luolu Kehan’s real brothers. His methods were already cruel at such a young age, yet he also understood how to be a ruler and won the trust of his subordinates.

Mu Huai remembered that at that time, Kingdom Gu had heavy internal strife. He had originally wanted to take advantage of their infighting to swallow Kingdom Gu, but after Yin Cheng died and the many years of battling with Kingdom Yan had diminished Qi’s strength. In the end, this matter could only be set aside.

Before Kingdom Gu’s internal strife ended, he had already died and did not know whether Tuoba Yu had succeeded in seizing the throne in the end.

Anyways, whether he got the throne in the end or not, this wolf cub was a scourge regardless. After entering Qi’s borders, Tuoba Yu even dared to set his sights on his woman. Clearly, he did not want to leave this place alive.

When he walked to Tuoba Yu, Mu Huai commanded in a cold voice, “Let go of her.”

He pulled Rong Xi behind him as he shielded her in front.

Tuoba Yu looked down to see the blade resting against his neck, then observed the man in front of him. He saw how Mu Huai’s face was elegant and deep, clean and handsome, yet he had an overbearing aura around him. He guessed that this man wasn’t a high-ranking official of Qi, he was more like a member of the royal family.

Rong Xi saw the kind-looking youth in front of her and her eyes met his.

Mu Huai unhappily spoke up, “Still not going back with me?”

This was a restaurant in the middle of the street, and it was inconvenient to act in front of all these commoners. Mu Huai prepared to assign some guards to follow these people. If he could have them assassinated in secret, that would also save him a lot of trouble.

Just let this wolf cub stay alive for a couple more hours.

After Mu Huai led Rong Xi back to their private room, Tuoba Yu stared at the two’s backs with a deep gaze.

The guard behind him persuaded him in a helpless tone, “Master…even though that woman is very beautiful, but…we’re still in Qi’s borders after all, you cannot steal just because you want to…”

Tuoba Yu gave a cold snort, “Who told you to talk so much?”

That guard immediately shut his mouth.

After arriving in Bianjing a few days ago, this little young master of theirs had already gone through all the brothels and courtyards in Tianshui Alley.

He had called all the old pimps1 to bring out their best girls, meeting them one by one.

Such a decision greatly surprised these guards, because Tuoba Yu actually wasn’t a lustful person. Even though Kehan had gifted him with several pretty women, he never allowed those women to serve him.

Tuoba Yu spent a lot of money to search for beauties, and the old pimps were also extremely surprised.

Although this rich little master was young, his clothing didn’t seem to be from Qi. How could he be so flamboyant, going through the brothels one by one to see their top girls?

Yet when Tuoba Yu saw those number one intelligent beauties, his face was full of disgust. After giving away some silvers, he’d leave.

The guard said, “The women in Bianjing are just so-so. They can’t be compared to the different flavors of women in Gu.”

Tuoba Yu slightly glanced at him as he answered in a lazy tone, “It’s not that there’s no beauties.”

Rong Xi and Mu Huai’s figures had already left his line of sight. Tuoba Yu slowly clenched his fists.

Even though that regal-looking man looked like her husband, he could also sense something.

She was afraid of him.

Since she was afraid, then that meant that she was not living a good life.


After leaving the restaurant, Mu Huai had already ordered his guards to assassinate Tuoba Yu’s group who had yet to leave. Using the excuse that the restaurant was located on the imperial road, sitting in the carriage would only serve to shorten the time it took to arrive at Yongxi Palace, and thus did not let the soldiers clear out the civilians. He prepared to reutnr to the palace in a low-key manner.

Rong Xi was originally quietly standing next to the carriage. When Mu Huai bid farewell to Yin Cheng, he said a couple more words to him, but it only took this short amount of time for Rong Xi to disappear.

Tuoba Yu, that wolf cub, had a good set of skills. He knew qinggong2. The guards hadn’t reacted yet when she was kidnapped.

Thinking of how Rong Xi was pregnant and how that rascal was reckless, Mu Huai was in regret. He should’ve just killed Tuoba Yu earlier.

At this moment, Tuoba Yu had flew onto the pavilion next to Jinming Pond.

The youth’s strong arms tightly held the woman in his arms. Another hand covered her mouth. After seeing Mu Huai’s group finally leave the vicinity, he looped an arm around her waist and searched for a back alley to land in.

The two people were alone in the alley. Tuoba Yu let go of Rong Xi, but his gaze was not sharp and fierce with a cunning glint like how it was earlier.

In this moment, it was as if a snarling wolf cub had become an obedient puppy.

Tuoba Yu was at a loss as he asked, “You…are you okay…”

Rong Xi saw how the youth avoided her eyes and confirmed the guess she had in her heart. Her voice was a little choked up as she asked wiht much difficulty, “Ah Hui3…is it you?”

Even though the youth had not yet fully grown, he was still taller than her by half a head.

Tuoba Yu agitatedly nodded his head, “…Elder Sister.”

Hearing him call her elder sister, Rong Xi swiftly hugged the youth, just like how she hugged him when they were children.

While Rong Bing did not like Rong Hui very much, she, as the elder sister, spoiled him very much. At that time, Rong Hui was still very young, just a crybaby that would often look for her to play and eat.

Although he was now older and taller, a little brother will always be a little brother.

Rong Xi was half crying as she spoke to Tuoba Yu, “Good..Ah Hui is still alive, I thought you were dead.”

Tuoba Yu also hugged the older sister he had been searching for so long as he replied in a low voice, “Elder Sister, come with me this time, I will definitely take care of you.”

—“Let go of her!”

Before Rong Xi could answer him, Mu Huai had already led the group of guards to the duo with their blades drawn. Tuoba Yu’s guards also stood behind them, their hands placed on the handle of their swords.

Seeing Rong Xi and Tuoba Yu embracing each other in such a place, Mu Huai’s heart was instantly filled with anger.

Rong Xi let go of Tuoba Yu when she heard Mu Huai angrily question him, “Tuoba Yu, what do you want?”

Tuoba Yu was surprised. He didn’t expect Mu Huai to recognize him. He quickly recovered as a glint flashed through his eyes. In a disdainful tone, he replied, “What do I want? Hmph, can’t you tell, this young master wants to steal your woman.”

These words intensified Mu Huai’s anger. When he tightened his hold on the sword, Rong Xi’s gaze changed. She could sense that Mu Huai was about to order his guards to deploy a hidden weapon and hurriedly knelt down, “Your Highness…please spare him. He is this slave’s long-lost younger brother, Rong Hui.”

He was actually Rong Xi’s concubine-born brother, Rong Hui?

Mu Huai waved his hand, stopping the guard behind him from using the hidden weapno.

When Tuoba Yu heard his own sister call herself a slave, even kneeling in front of that man, his hands immediately balled into fists. He lifted Rong Xi off the ground and said in a cold voice, “Elder Sister, you don’t need to kneel for that person. I will definitely kill him today and bring you away.”

Rong Xi saw that Tuoba Yu didn’t understand the current situation. With rarely-seen anger on her face, she scolded Tuoba Yu, “You stop talking, neither you nor your bodyguard are his match.”

Tuoba Yu’s guard was stunned. Even Luolu Kehan had never spoken in this way to Tuoba Yu. But their young master not get angry, he only gritted his teeth and turned his head away.

After Rong Xi kowtowed, she pleaded with Mu Huai again, “He is indeed my younger brother. He is young and ignorant, this slave begs Your Majesty to spare his life…”

Mu Huai’s expression was a little stern as he ordered Rong Xi to rise.

Allowing Tuoba Yu to return to Kingdom Gu was tantamount to letting the tiger return to his mountain. In the future, if this rascal truly became the monarch of Gu, it would be much more troublesome to eliminate this problem.

But he was Rong Xi’s younger brother. Upon closer observation, the siblings did resemble each other to some extent.

If he killed him, then this woman would definitely hate him.

When he thought about this, Mu Huai told Tuoba Yu in a chilling voice, “I’ll give you one night to scram back to Gu. I will send someone to follow you. If by tomorrow morning, I find that you’re still within Qi’s borders, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”


It was already night curfew in Bianjing. Rong Xi followed Mu Huai back to Quyun Palace. On the journey back, she kept thinking of Tuoba Yu. Knowing that he was living a good life, it seems like he must’ve become someone who held power in GU.

But her brother was quite reckless when he did things, and it truly made people worry.

When Mu Huai returned to the palace, he had a dark face the whole time. After ordering her to sleep first with a cold voice, he went to the study alone.

It was difficult for her to fall asleep alone on the familiar and spacious four-poster bed. Her whole body felt cold and she kept recalling Nanny Huan’s voice and smiling face; her younger brother, Rong Hui, who returned; and the child she was going to have with Mu Huai.

All these thoughts were swirling around her head, making her restless.

Rong Xi didn’t know why, but at this moment, she really longed for Mu Huai’s hug right now. As such, she walked barefoot to the study to look for him.

The study was lit up with candles. Mu Huai sat behind the desk, thinking about something.

After being rebirthed, he was very familiar with the Qi’s future for the next decade or so. There were many things that could be changed, and as such, there were many things that were waiting for him to accomplish.

In this life, the ambitions he originally had to take over the entire central plains had hope to come to fruition. His ambitions to expand the territory had made him unable to peacefully fall asleep at night.

Sensing Rong Xi’s appearance, he raised his eyes to look at her.

Under the glow of the candles, the beauty’s face was like a flower, her beautiful eyes a little timid.

Looking both charming and evoking sympathy.

Mu Huai’s heart slowly softened. He suddenly felt that country or whatever, conquering the central plains, etc., none of it was as important as she was.

He secretly mocked himself for suddenly having this thought. It seems like the him in this life was going to become a muddleheaded emperor bewitched by the beauty.

Mu Huai walked to the woman, and when he saw her bare feet, he slightly frowned and asked, “Why didn’t you wear any shoes?”

His tone was a little stern but he carried the delicate woman in his arms, “If you catch a cold, I will be the one who has to take care of you.”

Rong Xi didn’t say anything as she leaned against him.

When Mu Huai saw this, his tone softened a little, “Tell me, instead of sleeping peacefully, why did you come to find me? Hm?”

Rong Xi’s voice was soft and tender. After slightly pursing her lips, her voice drifted out from his chest, “This slave is cold…wanted Your Highness…to hugh this slave to sleep.”

When she finished, because she was embarrassed, she buried her head in the man’s arms again.

Mu Huai’s lips hooked up and he didn’t say anything. It was a good thing that this woman would act coquettish with him.

He slept together with her. Rong Xi’s hands and feet were cold, yet Mu Huai’s healthy and robust body was warm. As such, her limbs wrapped around the man’s body.

Such a pose really made her seem like a little demoness sucking away a man’s life-force. Truly tested one’s endurance.

Mu Huai allowed her to cling onto him, though his tone was a little unkind as he asked, “Do you treat me as a furnace?”

Rong Xi closed her eyes and replied in a soft voice, “This slave doesn’t dare.”

Mu Huai tightened his hold on the woman. He felt that after this beauty became pregnant, even the fresh and sweet scent from her body would elicit a reaction from him.

Rong Xi naturally detected the man’s breathing had become a little ragged.

Her small face turned red as she quickly opened her eyes and in an extremely small voice said, “Your Highness…”

Mu Huai’s eyes were heavy as he ordered, “Shut up and sleep.”

Rong Xi’s voice grew lower, “But Your Highness…you…”

Mu Huai frowned and pressed her restless head by his shoulder, “It’s not as if you’ve never met it…what are you being so surprised for? Sleep.”

He’d already been abstinent for over a decade, it’s not as if he was in a hurry.

On the other hand, Rong Xi was slightly flabbergasted. Mu Huai could really endure it for his child.

He was only twenty years old and in the prime of his youth, he had his first taste. Forcibly suppressing himself would only result in his body being harmed.

Rong Xi bit her lip. Should she try and think of something to help him?

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  1. The woman in charge of the brothel girls
  2. Chinese martial arts that allows one to fly
  3. Ah is often used as a prefix to show endearment/affection when addressing someone you’re familiar with
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Wow! Her brother. I am glad she has another family member alive that cares for her. Her brothers actions of going through the brothels make sense now.


Glad her lil bro is alive !


Not sure about the age gap between her and her brother too. She’s 16 and her mother died when she was 3. So there’s at least an age gap of 3 years, assuming her father chose to immediately marry again. Which is a little unlikely since he loved his wife. Therefore, the oldest possible age her brother can be is 13 years old. I’m trying not to view this part with modern sensibilities though I suspect, at age 13, even in ancient times, I’m not too sure about him visiting pimps and hitting on women is common for feisty 13 year old. And this is the oldest possible age of her brother. Logically, should be a few more years younger. 2-3 years is not much of a gap to be in awe and adoration for an elder sibling. Doesn’t quite add up to me.


Somehow, I feel like this story had 2 different authors. FL in front was quite shrewd and wise. Also, the characterisation and the sexual tension between them sizzled.

From chapter 25 when time was fast-forwarded, it seemed like a different writer “using” the same characters. The Nanny character was discarded with no rhyme or reason and her children conveniently adopted elsewhere. Here, FL also becomes too coy. Doesn’t feel like her. Both leads don’t “feel” the same. I hope it doesn’t become too bland. The beginning was very promising.

Not sure how the market works but maybe they use a better writer to get the readers hook to the story and then should they choose to continue, they will need to pay to access the VIP chapters. Kinda like a story mill.

Hope I’m wrong. I really do like the original lead characters.

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