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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 18

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 18 – Titled King

(wang) or ‘King’ refers to a titled prince. Typically when princes came of age, depending on the era, they would either be given a province/territory to be in charge of or just the title and some salary. In addition, they would also move out of the palace (because the Emperor was the only fertile male allowed in the palace) and establish their own residence/estate or wangfu 王府.

Yin Cheng was stationed in the newly-conquered territories of Jin Kingdom. Zhuang Emperor had successively sent over several officials to take over the responsibilities and positions in Jin Kingdom’s court.

The former monarch of Jin Kingdom had already become a fallen country’s slave and was imprisoned by Yin Cheng within Jin’s Palace. What he ate, what time he slept and woke up, etc. were all monitored.

Some officials of the original Jin Kingdom refused to surrender and chose to commit suicide instead, but a greater number saw which way the wind blew and quickly searched for ways to surrender to Qi.

During the banquet.

Zhuang Emperor’s complexion was clearly pale, but he could not conceal the pride he felt towards Mu Huai. Even though he was lacking in energy, he insisted on sitting upon the banquet host’s seat. Ignoring the imperial physician’s advice, he drank a few glasses of wine.

Ever since Li Rui returned to Qi, he used the excuse of being ill to avoid going out.

Noble Consort Li had been confined to Jihua Palace, and her son and daughter naturally did not attend the celebration banquet Zhuang Emperor specially prepared for Mu Huai. Without Noble Consort Li, the empress had the rare chance of being the true leader of the imperial harem. She had many more smiles on her face than usual.

Taking advantage of the celebrations, Zhuang Emperor also promoted Yin Cheng to General of Agile Cavalry and rewarded him with twenty thousand gold taels.

On the other hand, his reward for Mu Huai made the banquet’s attendees dumbfounded. Zhuang Emperor decreed Mu Huai as Jin wang on the spot.

One has to know, of Zhuang Emperor’s four sons, only the eldest, which was Consort Shu’s deceased son Mu Run, had been made a titled prince.

With the title of “Jin”, anyone with common sense knew that one, this was to reward him for his achievements in conquering Jin, and two, he had the intention of bestowing Mu Huai the conquered Jin territory as his province.

After Mu Huai calmly accepted the edict, in front of all the royal concubines and subjects, the empress asked Zhuang Emperor, “Since Jin wang has been bestowed a title, will he be establishing his own residence outside of the palace, then shall we order the Ministry of Rites to select an area in Bianjing to build the residence?”

Zhuang Emperor was silent for a moment before picking up a piece of roasted meat with his chopsticks and placing it on the empress’s dish. His voice was warm, “Naturally, a residence must be built. However, construction requires much manpower and time, Zhi Yan has just returned to Qi, this matter does not need to be too rushed.”

The empress replied, “Subject-wife understands.” Although she spoke like so, her expression subtly changed. Not allowed to leave the palace to establish his own residence, but continuing to live in the palace instead?

The emperor’s intentions could not be any more obvious. Thinking of this, the empress helplessly shook her head.

Ever since Mu Huai narrowly avoided disaster at the last banquet, Zhuang Emperor this time directly arranged for several trusted imperial physicians in Zirui Hall. The dishes and wine had been thoroughly checked before the banquet began, and the imperial physicians carefully checked once again using silver needles.

He was afraid that problems would occur in Mu Huai’s dishes again.

However, Mu Huai truly was an outstanding person amongst his peers, much more excellent than Zhuang Emperor’s other sons.

Ever since ancient times, it has been difficult for heroes to resist the temptations of beauties. Since Mu Huai had been titled and already had his capping ceremony, it would be perfect if he married his princess consort.

The empress had her own ideas about Mu Huai’s marriage.

The music rang out from time to time but Mu Huai’s expression turned more and more placid.

He had never liked banquets, even if this banquet was thrown in honor of him and people praised and flattered him to no end.

He was thinking about whether the woman in Quyun Palace had eaten dinner yet. This woman was unusually obedient today. Mu Huai was thinking about after he went back, he wanted her to lie on her stomach when they do it for the first time tonight. Thinking again, if he were to do it in that position for his first time back, that woman would definitely feel saddened again.

Mu Huai couldn’t help but frown.

Forget it, tonight he’ll just go with whatever she wants.

When the skies turned dark, Mu Huai felt that this banquet was finally about to end. Just as he was about to rise and take leave, the empress spoke to Zhuang Emperor, “This subject-wife especially had people prepare an exquisite song and dance. Let’s have this be the finale, then we can end the banquet afterwards.”

Zhuang Emperor nodded his head in agreement. Mu Huai could only sit back down. His eyebrows sharp, he restrained the impatience in his eyes.

How f*cking annoying, here comes another round of song and dance, preventing this old man from going back to feed the woman.

Mu Huai had been gone on the army expedition for a long time and since he lived together with the soldiers, he would inevitably hear some of their coarse words. When he first heard them, he thought it was quite inelegant. But at this current moment, he had actually cursed in his heart in this manner.

After the empress clapped her hands, tens of musicians began to play their instruments, the melodious and elegant music ringing out.

Suddenly, the sound of a pipa rang out from not far away, adding a little bit of exoticness to the performance. When the audience looked towards the source of the sound, they saw two young women wearing extravagant dresses, looking just like fairies, as they waved their sleeves and danced.

The empress’s smile grew deeper. These two women were the pearls the head Minister of Rites held dear. The elder daughter was named Di Shiyin and the younger was named Di Shihua.

Elder daughter Shiyin had picturesque eyebrows and was very gentle. Second daughter Shihua was born loveable and cute, her beauty moved many people and was definitely an outstanding beauty.

Yet behind the Di family was the empress’s maternal family. The empress did not have a son nor daughter, and amongst the two sisters, she preferred the more dignified elder daughter Di Shiyin. She would often call for Di Shiyin to enter the palace and stay over for a few days to accompany her.

After the duet finished their dance, the empress faintly ordered for Di Shiyin to pour a cup of wine for Mu Huai. When everyone else saw this, they all knew what was going on.

Her Majesty the empress had the intention of matchmaking her beloved niece with Jin wang. Di family’s standing was not low either, if the emperor also agreed, then Di Shiyin would most likely be the future consort of Jin wang.

Di Shiyin elegantly took over the white jade wine jug from the palace maid, and nervously walked towards Mu Huai’s seat.

Prior to this, Di Shiyin had placed all her attention on Second Prince Mu Ji. However, ever since Fourth Prince Mu Huai’s legs had been healed, she slowly shifted her attention to this eye-catching and dazzling fourth prince. Now that she looked closer, although Mu Huai had a bad temper, he was outstanding in all other outstanding aspects.
As Di Shiyin moved closer to Mu Huai, the more she felt he was handsome beyond compare and how outstanding his aura was.

She had heard before how Mu Huai was extremely brave and skilled in battle, so she originally thought he would look brutish like a warrior. Bot today, when she saw him wearing the white banquet robes with her own eyes, she instead felt that although his gaze was slightly sharp and cold, he looked like a refined gentleman.

Mu Huai frowned a little, thinking about when he could leave this place. Di Shiyin walked towards his side and spoke in a soft voice, “This subject-daughter greets Your Highness Jin wang, may Your Highness be peaceful for ten thousand years.”

When she finished, Mu Huai swept over her with a cold gaze and didn’t speak.

Di Shiyin felt his aura suppressing her and she felt a little fearful.

Only to see Mu Huai lower his head, he played with the jade chopsticks in his hand, treating her as if she was nothing. She felt even more panicked.

Di Shiyin had an excellent appearance. Within the noble young misses of Bianjing, she was the cream of the crop. The young masters who saw her would always take a few more glances at her, admiration in their eyes.

But she never thought that Mu Huai wouldn’t even deign to look at her.

—“This subject-daughter will pour wine for Your Highness.”

Although Di Shiyin didn’t change her expression, she secretly came up with a plan.

When she poured wine into Mu Huai’s cup, she intentionally altered her strength, and that mellow wine splashed onto mu Huai’s luxurious banquet robes.

Under Mu Huai’s cold glare, Di Shiyin widened her eyes and pretended to be scared out of her wits.

She retrieved a handkerchief from within her sleeves and wanted to help him wipe it off, “This subject-daughter has erred…offended Your Highness.”

Mu Huai’s countenance didn’t change, though he avoided Di Shiyin’s touch with disgust. Following, he stood up and saluted Zhuang Emperor, “This subject-son’s robes were sullied with wine by this woman, and it is inconvenient to continue to stay for the banquet, thus I will take my leave first.”

Zhuang Emperor saw everything clearly. He tilted his head to glance at the empress then agreed to Mu Huai’s request.

Di Shiyin was stunned as she was at a loss.

She didn’t see when Mu Huai turned around to leave, he had a small smile hanging on his lips.

This idiot gave him exactly what he wanted. If it weren’t for her splashing wine on his clothes, how could he escape so quickly.


The winter moon was especially bright and clear, the snow falling lightly.

When Mu Huai stepped across the snow and returned back to Quyun palace, he saw the inner hall’s lights were lit up.

A beauty with skin as fair as snow stood in the hall, with thick black hair hanging down to her waist. Her bare face was as smooth as a peach and as beautiful as a plum.

She wore a lotus-colored inner robe, her watery eyes gazing in his direction. She looked soft but still innocent.

The news of Mu Huai being titled as Jin wang had already spread throughout Quyun palace. Rong Xi wanted to be the first to congratulate him. Before she could open her mouth, the man already picked her up and threw her over his shoulder as he strode into the hall. His big hand also patted her bum a few times.

So impatient.

Rong Xi couldn’t help but grumble in a low voice. But she suddenly felt all the blood in her body flowing backward towards her head. Rong Xi suddenly felt an acidic feeling well up in her chest and she became nauseous, wanting to vomit.

She was afraid if she vomited on Mu Huai, he would break her neck so she spoke in a faint voice, “Your…Your Highness, this slave’s body doesn’t feel good, put this slave down first…”

Mu Huai pursed his lips and did as she wished, putting her on the ground.

After Rong Xi regained her balance, she felt a little dizzy and the nauseous feeling became even stronger. She couldn’t hold it back no matter what. Under Mu Huai’s probing gaze, she rubbed her chest and dry heaved a couple of times.

When Mu Huai saw this, he furrowed his brows and patted her slim back. He was puzzled as he asked, “Did you eat something bad?”

Rong Xi had not stopped dry heaving and couldn’t answer him.

Mu Huai spent about a month to go to Jin Kingdom. Her period…had also been late.

She did it once, the time when she didn’t drink the contraceptive medicine.

The fear inside Rong Xi’s heart multiplied, could it be…

She’s pregnant.

Translator’s comments: Ooh, is this our second FL?

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