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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 16

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 16 – Uncouth

The northern wind was bitingly cold. The red palace walls had just been repainted a few days ago and looked very shiny and new.

These past few days, Mu Huai did not deign to bring any bodyguards, taking only Rong Xi with him to walk towards the eastern gate. On the way there, Rong Xi carefully followed behind him and discovered that this Quyun Palace was really close to Great Jiazheng Hall.

When the palace maids and eunuchs they encountered along the way saw that Mu Huai was actually not sitting in his wheelchair but rather walking steadily on the stone ground, they panicked and gave their salutations with disbelieving looks on their face.

Like they just saw a ghost.

But there wasn’t a lack of odd things happening in this palace, so no one really dared to gossip too much about it.

The white jade railings were exquisitely carved with dragons that stood in a row. They encircled the towering Jiazheng Hall, giving off a majestical feeling.

When the court officials strode up the steps, they had to be extremely careful even when carrying conversations in a low voice. This was because there was an echo in the plaza outside Jiazheng Hall.

The sound of horse hooves could be heard nearby. Mu Huai stared into the distance and saw that not far from Jiazheng Hall’s doors, Li Rui was currently pulling the reins on a horse. He couldn’t help but give a couple more glances.

The court officials standing nearby had to enter the hall through Xuanhua Gate. However, Li Rui had special privileges and could enter the palace on horseback.

Rong Xi was aware that she was not allowed to continue following Mu Huai and watched as his straight back grew smaller. She stopped her steps at the eastern gate.

When the imperial princes of Qi came of age, they were to begin attending court to listen to government affairs. Zhuang Emperor currently had three sons who were all similar in age. After Mu Huai’s legs had healed, he would attend court just like the officials.

The conflicts between Qi and Jin had worsened. A few months ago, the two countries had small conflicts break out at the border, both trying to test each other’s bottom line. Going to war with Jin is now imminent.

Conquering Jin Kingdom was the late Emperor Mu You’s most fervent wish.

Mu Huai was clear in his heart that because his consort mother did not come from a noble background, he needed more than just Zhuang Emperor’s favor to sit on that seat.

Scholarly achievements and military merits, none could be missing.

Li Rui could act so arrogantly was all due to his military achievements, traded for using the lives he took. Although he looked heroic, there were countless battle scars on his body as well.

Before setting out, Mu Huai took the initiative to undertake this task. Although Zhuang Emperor could not bear for Mu Huai to personally go to battle, he was also clear about the pros and cons of this situation. In the end, he gave Mu Huai the title of Longxiang General.

On the other hand, Li Rui directly expressed his disdain and contempt in court. Mu Huai had no experience and had never wielded a sword in battle. A prince who just had his crippled legs cured, don’t try to take advantage of this situation to try to prove something and play hero.

Yet Yin Cheng guaranteed Zhuang Emperor that Mu Huai could uphold the rank of a general. He said that if Mu Huai did not go out to war this time, how could he gain the necessary experience?

Li Rui had long seen Yin Cheng as a thorn in his eye. It was just that in the military, there were at least a hundred thousand soldiers that were under Yin Cheng’s command, so he did not dare to do anything to him. He turned to Zhuang Emperor and Mu Huai, “Since Your Highness insists on going out to battle, how about adding on an additional twenty thousand troops as support, to transport food and grains?”

Zhuang Emperor looked towards Mu Huai, “Zhi Yan, what do you think of General Li’s proposal?”

Li Rui wanted him to transport food and grains. Mu Huai naturally knew it was because he didn’t want him to actually do anything. On the surface, however, nothing abnormal could be seen from Mu Huai’s face. Mu Huai confidently replied to Zhuang Emperor, “This son1 has no objections.”

Li Rui had a small smile when he heard this.

Zhuang Emperor nodded his head.

This was Mu Huai’s first time leading an expedition, and it was natural to have some fears and worries. Transporting food and grain was also an important duty in the army, this was not a light responsibility. It would also serve as training for Mu Huai.

Zhang Emperor bestowed upon Mu Huai the doumou2 that signified his rank as a general, as well as a glistening black armor. After the eunuch who read the decree left Quyun Palace, Mu Huai drew out the long and heavy sword from the scabbart.

“—hua3” The sharp blade shined with a silver light when it was pulled out.

Rong Xi stood behind Mu Huai and felt a little frightened when she heard this sound. The blade reflected Mu Huai’s deep eyes, concealing the murderous intent within.

After knowing Mu Huai would be setting off for the army expedition soon, Rong Xi felt like those wives who waited for their husbands to come back home. She was worried. If Mu Huai was not here, she should feel more relaxed.

Even though it was just transporting grains, the battlefield did not have feelings. There was still a possibility that Mu Huai would perish.

When she thought about the chance that Mu Huai might not come back alive, Rong Xi’s heart tightened a bit.

She understood Mu Huai’s personality. He was definitely not the type of person that would hide behind soldiers and play turtle. He volunteered for this expedition because he wanted to be on the front lines.

These past few days, his gaze had become much gloomier. Adding on the chill of winter, whenever Mu Huai looked at someone, his eyes were like an icy blade, piercing through one’s heart.

The day before he set off, Mu Huai returned from the Privy Council late at night.

Rong Xi had prepared dinner. Thinking about how Mu Huai would be gone for at least a month, she even applied some blush on her cheeks.

Such an attitude clearly conveyed a female’s feelings. Rong Xi had a bad feeling inside. She should not have developed these feelings for Mu Huai, and should have just dutifully fulfilled her responsibilities as a servant, being loyal to him as a master. When feelings develop, the one who ultimately suffers would still be her.

Just as she was about to clean off the makeup from her face, Mu Huai returned to the inner hall.

Small snowflakes were falling outside the hall. There was a faint chill on Mu Huai’s body as he walked towards Rong Xi the moment he stepped into the room. Before Rong Xi could give her greetings, Mu Huai engulfed her in his arms and his ice-cold lips kissed her with familiarity.

He didn’t say a word as he densely peppered her with kisses. It was a little frantic.

Rong Xi let out a light moan, feeling both of her feet being lifted from the ground as Mu Huai picked her up.

He used a lot of strength, she felt as if she was going to melt from his kisses.

Maybe it was due to his ambitions and desire for power, or maybe it was frustration from being suppressed all these years, it was unusual that Mu Huai would be silent and get right to it.

Rong Xi felt a little breathless. She felt that when he was treating her like this, he was trying to vent the restlessness and fire in his heart.

After Mu Huai released her, he saw the beauty’s eyes were hazy as her cheeks were stained with a faint blush.

Rong Xi finally took in some air. When she saw that Mu Huai had already carried her over to the pearwood bed, she hurried spoke up, “…Your Highness…this slave’s period came today, we can’t…”

Mu Huai stopped his movements although his dark eyes were still stained with desire.

After interacting with Rong Xi these past few months, he realized that this woman was quite scheming. At times, she would play some tricks on him and would often weave lies to deceive him, trying to escape from his intimacy.

Maybe it was because he had been spoiling her recently, she had grew bolder.

When Mu Huai grabbed her wrist, Rong Xi understood his intentions. She thought that although Mu Huai was usually quite disciplined, he never restrained himself when it came to this matter. So when he moved her hand down, she persuaded him in a small voice, “Your Highness…if you keep doing it this way, it will harm the body.”

Mu Huai raised his eyes and gave a chuckle, “What? Scared that I won’t be able to feed you in the future?”

Rong Xi’s face turned redder when she heard this.

This person was clearly a prince who read the books of scholars, how come his words were so blunt and roguish when he talked with her. Of course in the future, he would speak words that would make her blush even more at night.

Mu Huai let go of her wrist. When he saw Rong Xi’s eyes darting around, he knew that she must be up to her little tricks again.

This woman was originally his servant, but now she often plays tricks with him, this master. He had to teach her a lesson.

Mu Huai grabbed her chin with his hand and his thumb covered her soft lips. Slowly rubbing it, he couldn’t help but feel that her appearance had become more and more outstanding recently. That bewitching appearance of hers had also become more alluring.

Rong Xi suddenly felt that Mu Huai had a naughty glint in his eyes, but she had no idea what he was thinking about.

That pair of deep eyes clearly spelled danger.

—“Your period came? No matter.”

Mu Huai’s voice was very low and light. Following which, he lowered his head and kissed her.

Rong Xi’s eyelids fluttered. Even as she was confused, she only saw the man’s thin lips curl up into a smile as his hand grabbed her chin again. In a commanding tone, he spoke two words that scared her—

“Open your mouth.”

Author’s Notes: Dog Mu’s each and every dog word and actions are him personally digging his grave for the future

Translator’s comments: I have no doubt that if it weren’t for China’s strict censorship laws rn, the author definitely would’ve had this scene (and many others!) as a smut one, which would definitely add a whole new layer of spiciness to this story hahaha

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  1. Mu Huai refers to himself as erchen 儿臣 which means ‘subject son’
  2. helmet
  3. Sound effect
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