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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 15

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 15 – Kiss Me

When he heard what Rong Xi said, Mu Huai was tongue-tied.

He suddenly seem to remember that women did indeed have such a troublesome matter and lightly coughed. Purposely putting on a calm expression, he asked Rong Xi, “This thing…is it that uncomfortable?”

Rong Xi nodded her head and patiently explained to Mu Huai, “This slave…this slave did not have this problem previously, but ever since taking an ice bath to help Your Highness reduce the fever…this slave has felt ill whenever these days arrive.”

She didn’t want to be polite at all with Mu Huai. She had to make this evil master of hers show some pity towards her, otherwise if one day in the future, Mu Huai wants to kill her, there could be a chance he would remember this and spare her life.

After Mu Huai heard this, his eyes slightly darkened and he supported himself to sit on the wheelchair. In the end, he still ordered the bodyguard to call for a physician.

Before the bodyguard could leave, Rong Xi stopped him. Seeing how Mu Huai was confused, she lowered her voice and explained, “This slave’s problem is a woman’s problem…it’s inconvenient to consult the imperial physician1…this slave hopes that Your Highness will allow this slave to go to the pharmaceutical bureau to find a familiar medicinal girl and allow her to write a prescription for this slave.”

Mu Huai raised an eyebrow. Knowing that Rong Xi wanted to conceal her appearance first before meeting any outsiders, he replied, “Why make the trip personally, what’s the name of that medicinal girl? I’ll get the bodyguard to bring her into the palace.”

Rong Xi bit her lip, acquiescing to Mu Huai’s request.

The palace servant she knew was named Ye Yunlan, she was a medicinal girl who came into the palace in the same cohort as Rong Xi. Yunlan’s father was a well-known talented physician who roamed the lands2, then opened a small clinic when he settled down in Bianjing.

Yunlan was the same as her. Her mother had passed away early on, and her father married another person.

However, her father was not the same as Rong Bing. After he remarried, he slowly began to neglect Yunlan and treat her coldly. Her stepmother did not treat her well either. Yunlan didn’t want to live in this family anymore, so she wanted to enter the palace.

She was deeply knowledgeable about medicine, but because her personality was very timid, Yunlan was always bullied and ostracized by her roommates. She would often go hungry for dinner.

Rong Xi felt very sorry for her, and since her own appetite was not very big, she would often save half of her dinner and give it to Yunlan to eat. The young palace maids who just entered the palace did not have it easy. Not only did they have to learn about the numerous rules and regulations, they also had to understand how to properly perform their duties as servants.

The two people had similar experiences and histories, and their ages were similar as well, which ultimately gave birth to this mutually sympathetic friendship. All these years, although they did not work in the same area, they still took care of each other.

Rong Xi’s stomach pain had eased somewhat. After she had cleaned up and put on her makeup, Ye Yunlan carried a medicine box made out of redwood and was timidly following one of Quyun Palace’s junior eunuchs into Rong Xi’s quarters.

Ye Yunlan was no longer just a regular medicinal girl. Due to her skills, she was promoted to be one of the head pharmacists of the pharmaceutical bureau.

She wore a round-necked purple palace official’s uniform with narrow sleeves. Small sunflowers were embroidered on her collar. Her hair was coiled into a bun, and a beaded futou sat on top. She looked a steadier than before.

Due to Mu Huai’s reputation outside, Rong Xi could tell Yunlan was very nervous and even a little afraid.

After Yunlan took her pulse, Rong Xi whispered into her ear, “Don’t worry, Fourth Prince isn’t here, you don’t need to be nervous.”

Hearing this, Yunlan heaved a sigh of relief.

She observed the room Rong Xi lived in and replied a while later, “How did your body come to be this way, it’s much colder than before.”

When she saw Rong Xi pursing her lips without speaking, Yunlan felt helpless, “I’ll go back and write a prescription for you. Don’t catch a cold again. As servants, we dare not have our bodies be even more delicate than the masters.”

Rong Xi nodded.

Ye Yunlan glanced at her surroundings again, then took out an exquisite jade box from her sleeves and handed it to Rong Xi. When Rong Xi took it, she sat up and in a low voice, questioned Ye Yunlan, “Is there a problem with this peach blossom perfume?”

When Lady Yu was pregnant, Rong Xi had thought about asking Ye Yunlan to help take care of Lady Yu’s body. However, Lady Yu didn’t like how Ye Yunlan didn’t have much experience and only wanted the best physician from the imperial physician’s courtyard to help her stabilize the fetus during her pregnancy.

Rong Xi could only follow. She didn’t understand medicine. Every time the physician wrote a prescription, she would still go to Ye Yunlan for her to check that there weren’t any problems with the prescription. Only then did she dare to grab the herbs to concoct the medicine for Lady Yu.

Normally speaking, all the medicines that Lady Yu had eaten over the course of her pregnancy were all fine.

But since Lady Yu passed away due to a miscarriage, Rong Xi truly could not fathom what went wrong. Thus, she carefully gathered the items that Lady Yu would use daily and secretly handed them to Ye Yunlan.

However, ever since she began to serve Mu Huai, she never had the time to go see Ye Yunlan. Coincidentally, she came in today to help take a look at her, and also gave her the information she wanted to hear.

“This peach blossom perfume by itself doesn’t have a problem. However, the peach blossom flower powder inside this little box is ten times more than normal…if there is too much peach blossom concentrate, it will cause the body to turn cold. I remember you once told me that Lady Yu liked to use this peach blossom perfume to wash her hair, and would often rub it into her hair all the way from her roots to her tips. Being absorbed for such a long period of time…how could it not harm the body?”

Rong Xi’s heart jolted after hearing this.

Lady Yu loved this peach blossom perfume. Moreover, the perfume that she used during her pregnancy was rewarded by Empress.

Ye Yunlan saw Rong Xi’s expression change, and she advised her, “Don’t blame yourself too much. It also took me a long time to discover the abnormality in this perfume box. A normal physician would not be able to find out either. Each of the masters in the palace have scheming hearts…it was not your fault that the Lady was unable to keep her child.”

Rong Xi frowned. Strictly speaking, the Empress had no children and her body was not too healthy these years either, therefore, many of the matters in the inner palace were managed by Noble Consort Li and Consort De. She didn’t seem like someone that would harm others in the dark or stick her hand between the disputes of other women.

Rong Xi’s heart grew a little heavy, but did not forget the most important matter.

She quickly grabbed Ye Yulan’s hand and spoke in an earnest tone, “Yunlan, in this palace, you are the person I trust the most.”

Ye Yunlan smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about this matter.”

Rong Xi shook her head, “It’s not about this.”

Ye Yunlan didn’t understand, “Then what matter?”

Rong Xi bit her lip and finally decided to thicken her face3, “After you go back, can you prescribe me some contraceptive medicine? I…I really have no other way…”

Ye Yunlan’s face immediately turned ashen, she asked in a shocked voice, “You…you want this…”

Rong Xi stared into Ye Yunlan’s eyes and nodded her head.

Ye Yunlan suddenly understood inside. It wasn’t uncommon for a palace maid to be kept by an imperial prince or be graced by the Emperor.

However, she never would’ve imagined that the master Rong Xi followed was that violent and ill-tempered Fourth Prince.

Ye Yunlan steadied her breathing. After staying silent for half a beat, she finally replied, “Okay…then I will help you concoct the medicine and try not to give anything that is cold. Don’t worry…I won’t say anything.”


After Ye Yunlan left, Rong Xi felt like her thoughts were in a mess. She felt very exhausted and rested in her room until shen shi (3 PM – 5 PM).

After she woke up, she felt that her stomach pain had greatly easy. Even though there was still a faint throbbing, it didn’t hurt to the point where she felt like it was difficult to even breathe. No one disturbed her either these past few hours.

Mu Huai must’ve found his conscience and didn’t call for her to serve him either, letting her sleep peacefully.

A junior eunuch knocked at this time, “Is Rong gugu awake, this little one has brought Pharmacist Ye to gather the herbs needed for your medicine. His Highness has already ordered people to concoct the medicine and let Rong gugu drink it after waking.”

Rong Xi called for the eunuch to enter. Pinching her nose, she drank the bitter medicine. Seeing the sky turning dark, she didn’t dare to rest any further and prepared to serve Mu Huai with his dinner.

The moment she stepped out, Zirui Hall’s clocktower rang out, the ringing to signal twilight came from afar.

The last rays scattered through Bianjing’s skies, setting everything aglow.

Rong Xi saw Mu Huai was watching the sunset at the side tower, and she carefully climbed up the steps, walking towards Mu Huai’s side.

Mu Huai had one hand on the wheelchair’s handle. His side profile was defined and exquisite. The thick, black eyelashes cast a shadow on his handsome face.

A goshawk circled up, its cries scaring the skies.

At this moment, Mu Huai raised his head and looked at Rong Xi.

He spoke in a light voice, “Come here.”

Rong Xi was in a trance for a moment, feeling that the Mu Huai in front of her was actually a little gentle.

She slowly walked to Mu Huai’s side when he spoke again, “Sit down.”

Rong Xi was stunned and was afraid to move. There was a bodyguard standing behind, after all.

Mu Huai wasn’t impatient at all as he spoke again, “Sit down, don’t let me say it a third time.”

Rong Xi could only thicken her face and under the astonished faces of the bodyguards behind them, she sat in Mu Huai’s lap.

Mu Huai’s arm wrapped around her waist. When he looked down at her, he awkwardly placed a hand by her stomach, seemingly try to rub it for her.

Under the fading sun rays, an amber glow could be seen within his deep eyes.

In that moment, Rong Xi’s breath hitched. She could only hear the sound of her heart jumping furiously without stopping.

But she was very clear that this feeling definitely wasn’t fear.


As time passed, Bianjing entered winter.

Today, Rong Xi felt a little nervous inside, but she didn’t know why. It shouldn’t be her who was feeling nervous.

A few days ago, Mu Huai’s legs had recovered again. Early this morning, he decided he would not sit in the wheelchair anymore and did not get ready to go to Hanlin Academy either.

Instead, he wanted to go to Jiazheng Hall.

Last night, Zhuang Emperor bestowed a court uniform for Mu Huai to wear. Today, he wore a yuanyou guan4 and the court robes. He looked extremely regal as he stood.

Rong Xi originally stood stably on her tiptoes as she straightened out the man’s clothes.

Mu Huai did not rest well last night and was currently a little sleepy. He shut his eyes and lowered his head, his forehead almost touching Rong Xi’s.

The two people’s breaths intertwined. Rong Xi’s cheeks slowly turned pink as she spoke in a small voice, “Your Highness…if you’re like this…this slave won’t be able to straighten the clothes properly.”

Mu Huai opened his eyes and straightened his body. After observing Rong Xi for a moment, he asked, “Your height…did you also grow taller?”

Why he tacked ‘also’ on, Rong Xi was clearer than anyone else. Last night, Mu Huai had said that some of the parts he kneaded finally felt a little plumper. He even showed a rare smile, saying he finally fed her to the point wehre she had gained weight.

Rong Xi was helpless and could only nod her head.

At this moment, the bodyguard pushed the wheelchair into the room and asked Mu Huai in a respectful tone, “Your Highn,ess where should this wheelchair be put?”

The smile on Mu Huai’s face gradually receded. He was not as relaxed as he was just now when he was interacting with just Rong Xi.

He coldly ordered, “Start a fire, burn it.”

The bodyguard assented, yet Rong Xi’s face turned even redder.

She unconsciously recalled how the two of them had squeezed into the wheelchair last night. Mu Huai looked at her and his voice was a little bewitching as he commanded, “Kiss me.”

Thinking of this, Rong Xi didn’t dare to recall the rest of it.

She secretly rejoiced about the wonderful decision to burn this wheelchair.

Translator’s comments: I hope everyone had a wonderful new year!

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  1. Actual physicians in the old days were all men. Women were usually midwives or just assistants
  2. The term used here is jianghu 江湖 which usually means the pugilistic world that’s full of martial artists, etc.
  3. To become more bold or not worry about being embarrassed
  4. See this blog for more information on headgear
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