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Pampered Into Being the Empress – Chapter 11

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Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 11 – Why Are You Crying?

The rain in Yongxi Palace grew heavier along with the rough winds, constantly hitting the silkscreen paper window.

Until the early hours of the next morning, the crescent moon was hidden by the thick black clouds, did the autumn rain finally rest.

After the clouds disappeared and the rain finished falling, the people in Yongxi Palace’s Forbidden City had long entered their dreams as their surroundings was silent.

The room’s floor was scattered with the luxurious formal banquet clothes. Along with the most commonly seen maidservant uniform of Yongxi Palace, the articles of clothing were entangled together on the floor.

The bed in Rong Xi’s room was not very wide, the space reserved for maidservants to sleep was naturally quite simple. Other than a curtain, there was just a bed with a mattress. Right now, that pale curtain had already been pulled to the ground, and the bed had slightly collapsed, barely supporting the two people lying on top.

But this small space looked as if it was continuously ambushed by a storm through the night, trampled over by a wild beast in heat.

How unsightly.

The effects of the drug had already worn off. What was left was the feeling of clarity and insomnia. Mu Huai gazed at the beauty beside him with deep eyes.

The candlelight cast a faint glow over the room. Rong Xi’s body was covered with a thin quilt, leaving only the shape of a slender shoulder outside.

At least this area was as clear as jade. If you opened the quilt and looked elsewhere, it would look as if red ink had stained paper, large swathes of it connected to each other.

Like snow stained with blood, it was a shocking sight to see.

The beauty after being showered with dew looked tender and delicate, her slightly frowning brows extremely soft. This type of expression, even the most steel hearted man would have feelings of pity.

Mu Huai did not need to ask to know why Rong Xi had always hid her appearance. He always felt that he was not someone that would be easily bewitched by beauty, he didn’t even know what the people next to him looked like. But the appearance of the woman in front of him was so clear it was hard to look away.

A woman born of low birth, with such a stunningly beautiful appearance, would definitely be coveted by people with impure thoughts, leading to a disaster.

Any man whose status was not powerful enough would not be able to protect such a beauty, moreover her alone. Only by concealing her beautiful appearance would she be able to avoid any troubles.

Only the noblest man in this world would be able to protect her.

If she did not hide her looks, she would definitely be torn apart by evildoers, not being chaste until now.

Overnight, this woman changed from his servant to his first woman.

This change made Mu Huai secretly gleeful.

To be clear, the maidservants in those marquis estates and the likes were always tacitly seen as their women. Thinking of this, Mu Huai had a small smile. Seeing Rong Xi’s hair scattered on her forehead, he reached his hand out to smooth it out and tuck it behind her ear.

Seeing how Rong Xi had her eyes closed but those thin eyelids of hers kept trembling, Mu Huai knew she was already awake.

He cupped her palm-sized exquisite face, and his thumb rubbed at the traces of tears on her face. He spoke in a low voice, “Stop pretending to sleep, I know you’re already awake.”

Rong Xi’s heart shook. Since Mu Huai had already said it out loud, she did not dare to continue feigning sleep. Even though Mu Huai’s tone wasn’t considered warm, it was much friendlier than before, so she slowly opened her peach blossom eyes that were swollen from crying.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Mu Huai’s naked body lying next to her. His figure looked strong and healthy, not at all resembling a prince that supposedly had both legs crippled.

Such a masculine body must need years of physical training.

That time when she was drenched in cold water, even though she had burrowed into Mu Huai’s arms, her whole body was shivering from the chilliness and she did not realize this man’s body was actually this good.

But that day when his legs hurt, there was clearly a problem, and Rong Xi couldn’t figure out what the secret behind Mu Huai was. Under the man’s gaze, her cheeks gradually turned red.

Mu Huai saw her fair cheeks dyed pink, adding on a sort of alluring charm to her gorgeous appearance. He couldn’t help but recall how her tender voice called out ‘Your Highness’ and that pitiful appearance.

What a calamitous appearance that makes people lose their senses.

Mu Huai furrowed his brows and let go of Rong Xi’s soft face.

Rong Xi saw the man’s expression become heavy and she had an ominous premonition in her heart. She was worried that since she had discovered Mu Huai’s secret, with his usual temper, he would definitely harbor a grudge against her and then seek a suitable moment to kill her.

Would she be secretly disposed of by him?

She voluntarily saved Mu Huai. She could not let her master suffer without doing anything.

But this matter was not the beautiful dream she had in mind as a young girl.

Rong Xi always thought that this should have happened after exchanging wine and her husband looked at her with much affection1, and then naturally what comes next will happen.

Rong Xi could care less about regretting her ridiculous first night. Currently, what she was most worried about was whether she could survive.

Seeing Mu Huai stay silent yet his profound gaze never left her face for even a moment, Rong Xi timidly opened her mouth, “Your Highness, don’t worry, this slave…this slave will not say anything. May Your Highness take into account that this slave had saved you tonight and allow this slave to keep her life.”

When she finished, Mu Huai was stunned.

He didn’t expect Rong Xi to not use this opportunity to ask for some benefits. Instead, she was frightened of him to this degree, that the first sentence she uttered when she awoke was to spare her life.

Mu Huai pursed his lips and asked her in a low voice, “When did I say I wanted to kill you, hm? Are you this scared of me?”

The man’s slender hand held her chin. Rong Xi hurriedly nodded, then seeing Mu Huai’s gaze become unfriendly, she then shook her head.

“…This slave misunderstood Your Highness, may Your Highness forgive me.”

Mu Huai observed her for a moment. After he got up and put on his clothes, Rong Xi finally let out a sigh of relief.

In this Yongxi Palace, who didn’t hide from him like they were hiding from an evil spirit?

Every day she went to the battlefield and had to cautiously serve him right under his nose, how could she not be scared of him?

After the man stood up, he looked straight and tall. His shadow completely covered her. He casually draped a wrinkled outer cloak over his body yet did not look haggard at all. His figure was still emitting the proud and noble aura befitting of the royal family.

Mu Huai’s eyes stared at Rong Xi who was half-supporting herself, before calling for the guards outside to prepare water.

When he entered the room, his body was already drenched in water, then he had entangled with her for so long, even if it was the middle of the night, he still had to wash his body.

Mu Huai gathered up Rong Xi’s clothes on the floor and after he handed them to her, he spoke with an unreadable expression, “Get up and serve me in bathing.”

Rong Xi bit her lip and took her wrinkled clothes, saying yes.

She withstood the hardships of her body and got down from the bed. After just recovering from a serious illness, Mu Huai still had the energy to mess around but all she wanted to do was just fall on the bed and go to sleep.

After taking just two steps, Rong Xi almost fell due to the discomfort in her body.

Seeing this, Mu Huai finally seemed to pity the fairer sex and carried the person.

Rong Xi was very light, he didn’t need to exert much strength to carry her.

Mu Huai glanced down at her, thinking that although this woman truly was skinny, so light it was as if she had no bones.

Rong Xi saw Mu Huai looking at her and spoke respectfully, “…This slave thanks Your Highness for your compassion.”

Mu Huai didn’t speak. With furrowed brows, he walked in large steps towards the bathroom while carrying her. Rong Xi’s heart was furiously beating. Shrinking into his embrace, her brain was filled with the vague images of what had happened.

Probably no one would’ve thought that not long after coming to Mu Huai’s, the two people would’ve performed the most intimate matters.

What surprised her even more was that she had long made preparations. No matter if it’s mental or physical.

But later she found out, Mu Huai actually didn’t know…

Rong Xi couldn’t help but recall how Mu Huai angrily gnashed his teeth, with an expression that wanted to eat her but not knowing where to start on his face.

In the end, she, with a reddened face, had to tell him how to do it.

She actually had to teach him about this thing.

Even though Rong Xi had never experienced these flesh matters, she was still a close maidservant of Lady Yu. All maidservants of that rank all understood–thoroughly understand–this kind of matter so that they can help the concubines in the inner palace fight for favor.

Mu Huai was a very fast learner, otherwise, she wouldn’t be lacking the strength to even walk right now. That bed also wouldn’t have collapsed otherwise.

Mist swirled around in the bathroom, the air was filled with the scent of bath beans. She steadied herself after being placed in the wooden tub, and that person also came in.

When Mu Huai ordered her to hold the bucket as he washed, Rong Xi felt that she was too naive.

The serve he said did not mean the usual kind of serve.

But that type of serving.

Rong Xi felt the tip of her nose turn sour, the thing she was afraid of the most still happened.

In the past when she was a maid at the official’s branch family’s household, that family third master was a playboy that liked to stick to all sorts of flowers and grasses2. Any maid that was just even slightly outstanding in the estate were all touched by him.

That third master liked her hands the most, but she had always concealed her appearance. When that third master saw her face, his good mood would be swept away, hence she had saved herself.

All these years she had relied on her own skill to complete tasks for her master. She also felt relieved with the rewards she received, feeling a sense of accomplishment. But who knew that the day when Rong Xi exposed her features, she still became a plaything for her master.

—“Hold it well.” Mu Huai’s large hand pressed tightly against hers, his voice was hoarse as he spoke next to her ear.

Rong Xi didn’t utter a sound. All the strength and optimism she had carried over the years had instantly collapsed.

Clear tears dripped down one by one, landing on the back of Mu Huai’s hands.

Mu Huai realized her abnormality, and hearing how she seemed to be crying, he stopped what he was doing.

There was a vein that was slightly protruding from his forehead, but he suppressed the fire in his heart as he patiently coaxed her, “Why are you crying?”

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  1. Rong Xi is describing the marriage rites where husband and wife exchange cups of wine before doing the deed
  2. Flowers and grasses are a euphemism for women
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Gosh I can’t help but feel so bad for her especially when she says, “ But who knew that the day when Rong Xi exposed her features, she still became a plaything for her master.” and when she started crying. WHYYYYY

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