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Pampered Into Being The Empress

Original Title: 恃宠为后

Author: Wu Fan (妩梵)
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Status: Complete
Chapters: 101 (Complete) + 24 Extras (Complete)

Genre: Palace, Rebirth, Happy Ending
Character List: Link

Summary: The story between a super tsundere and ruthless emperor vs a soft and tender scheming beauty.

Rong Xi is the daughter of a convicted official. After entering the palace, she concealed her beautiful appearance and became the maidservant of the Fourth Prince.

Fourth Prince Mu Huai was born as fair as jade and as refreshing as the breeze in the moonlight, yet he is a cripple in a wheelchair, making him violent and withdrawn.

All the palace servants tremble in fear before him and none dare to serve him. Rong Xi, this person with a good temper and unyielding patience was pushed out instead.

One month later, the Fourth Prince allowed Rong Xi to sit on his lap, shocking everyone in the palace.

Six months later, the Fourth Prince’s legs were healed, and he entered the Eastern Palace to become the Crown Prince, yet Rong Xi died.

While Mu Huai did not reveal any sadness, his hair turned white overnight.


The Emperor Mu Huai died early in his previous life and never married. Before he passed away, he made the deceased daughter of the Rong Family as Empress, and specially ordered his younger brother to bury her with him in the imperial mausoleum.

After being rebirthed, Mu Huai returned to the day before Rong Xi died and was able to make up his past life’s regret, saving the person in his heart.

Extended Summary (Possible spoilers alert!)

Yet Rong Xi with her red eyes stubbornly refused to return with him to the Eastern Palace.

Mu Huai stroked her belly, his eyes dark and his aura overwhelming, “Will you go with me or not?”

Looking at his cold face, Rong Xi thought that she would go back to being a maidservant, just that the child in her belly would have to suffer. After returning to the palace, Rong Xi became a second rank liangdi.

As Rong Xi’s body slowly became bigger, everyone said that the Crown Prince was about to marry his principal consort, and she, the liangdi with no background, was about to meet her doom. Mu Huai stared at her small face and spoke nonchalantly, “Just focus on safely giving birth to the child. Who the principal consort is will have nothing to do with you.”

A few days later, Rong Xi received the imperial edict declaring her as the principal consort. Just as the Crown Prince came home drunk, he stared at the surprised beauty and raised his eyebrows, “Satisfied? My consort.”

Seeing the beauty at a loss for words, the man became dissatisfied and immediately showed a fierce expression, viciously commanding (but actually shamefully begging), “Come here, let me hug you.”

Little Theater:
When Emperor Wu, Mu Huai, ascended the throne, he dismissed the harem, and Rong Xi became the solely favored Empress. The pregnant beauty’s face was soft and beautiful, carrying a slight frown because of cramps in her calf.

Seeing this, the ruthless and vicious air around the Emperor gradually dissipated. He rubbed his Empress’s calf and spoke in a cold voice with a hint of pampering, “Xi’er has it hard, let zhen help you rub it so it won’t hurt anymore.”

Main Story | Chapters 51 – 75 (In Progress)
Main Story | Chapters 76 – 101
  • Chapter 76
  • Chapter 77
  • Chapter 78.1 | 78.2
  • Chapter 79
  • Chapter 80.1 | 80.2
  • Chapter 81.1 | 81.2
  • Chapter 82
  • Chapter 83.1 | 83.2
  • Chapter 84
  • Chapter 85
  • Chapter 86.1 | 86.2
  • Chapter 87.1 | 87.2
  • Chapter 88
  • Chapter 89.1 | 89.2
  • Chapter 90
  • Chapter 91
  • Chapter 92.1 | 92.2
  • Chapter 93
  • Chapter 94
  • Chapter 95.1 | 95.2
  • Chapter 96
  • Chapter 97
  • Chapter 98
  • Chapter 99
  • Chapter 100
  • Chapter 101.1 | 101.2 (END)
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