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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 9

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Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 9 – Love Letter

Although it was almost October, the weather was still a little warm. The girl sitting by the window was absentmindedly doing her homework. She secretly opened the textbook in front of her, a pink letter was tucked inside.

She wasn’t stupid, it was obviously a love letter!

It was a love letter that someone had asked her to give to Shi Yi. However, she was hesitating on whether she should give it or not.

Firstly, she never promised to do such a thing, it was that person who forcefully stuffed it into her hands. Secondly, the school didn’t allow students to date. What if this love letter would disturb Shi Yi’s studies?

However, ultimately this was still something that someone wanted to give Shi Yi.

After ruminating for half a day, she finally went to the Shi family in the afternoon.  

During the weekends, Ning Suya rested at home. Seeing that the person knocking on the door was Yu Zhiyi, she called for her to come in.

“Is Brother not at home?”

“I think he said he went out to go play basketball with his friends. He should be back soon.”

“Then I’ll wait for him.”

“Coincidentally, I need to go out to buy groceries. Yiyi, you just stay here. There’s fruits and snacks on the table, eat whatever you want.” Ning Suya was used to taking care of her, and had no qualms about letting her stay in her home.

Yu Zhiyi nodded her head.

Not long after Ning Suya left, the sound of keys inserting into the door could be heard. She ran over to the peephole, and when she saw the person outside, she suddenly felt playful and hid behind the door.

Shi Yi had just returned from the basketball court, his body full of sweat. The basketball was cradled in the crook of his arm as he slid the key into the lock and turned it to open the door.

Stepping through the doorway, he swept his gaze over his surroundings. When he looked back, his eyes met with the little girl’s that was hiding behind the door, her hands outstretched, ready to scare him.

The little girl blinked, then blinked again.

He stepped backwards. He had an indifferent expression on his face as he stepped outside the doorway. After waiting a while, he stepped back in.


Just as he stepped through the doorway, a head suddenly popped out from beside him. The little girl acted fierce with her hands outstretched.

Shi Yi goodnaturedly played along and leaned backward, his face full of surprise. Even the basketball in his hand had dropped to the ground due to the shock. He patted his chest, muttering, “Scared me to death.”

Yu Zhiyi hurriedly ran outside to pick up his basketball. Her smile grew deeper, “Brother, you can go be an actor.”

“So heartless, who’d you think I did that for?” Still playing such a childish prank!

Seeing his body was covered in sweat, she quickly brought over a bowl of clean water. After wetting a towel and wringing out the excess water, she passed it over to Shi Yi.

Shi Yi grabbed the towel and casually wiped a few times.

At this time, Yu Zhiyi sat at the side. Her backpack was placed on her knees as she slowly pulled the zipper open.

Secretly glancing at Shi Yi, she still brought out the letter in the end, “Someone asked me to pass this letter to you.”

“What letter?”

“This…” She passed over the letter that was half-hidden in the backpack, “Do you want to see?”

A pink-colored letter naturally contained a deeper layer of meaning behind it. Shi Yi only gave it a cursory glance before saying, “Throw it away.”

“Huh?” Yu Zhiyi never thought he would give such an answer. “But you didn’t even look at it, what if someone had something very important to tell you in there?”

“If this matter is as important to that person as you say, then the other party would definitely not just casually ask someone to pass it to me. Since it’s like so, there’s nothing much to look at.” Don’t look at how he’s young, he was very sharp when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Although those at the age of twelve or thirteen were still ignorant about love, it was inevitable that some people matured earlier and would develop good feelings towards the other sex. By not responding, it would naturally make the other party abandon the desire.

Just treat it as if it never happened. He was too lazy to entangle himself with those bored fellows. The way he saw it, it was very childish to develop feelings at this age!

Seeing the dazed little girl in front of him, he knocked her forehead, hating iron for not becoming steel1, “And you, if you have time to help other people deliver letters, you might as well do two more problem sets!”

“I didn’t want to either, but that person shoved the letter to me and ran away.”

“Don’t give me these things in the future.”

“Alright then, I won’t help them deliver it.” The little girl obediently nodded her head.

Seeing her docile yet easy-to-bully appearance, he couldn’t help but want to laugh. Leaning backwards as if he was a big boss, he pointed to the bowl of water, “Go, pour the water out.”

“Oh.” The little girl obeyed and stood up. Putting down the letter next to her, she poured out the water he used in the bathroom.

Shi Yi stood up and picked up the letter and threw it into the trash can without a second thought.

It wasn’t his first time seeing such a thing, though it was the first time he received one through Yu Zhiyi.

When Ning Suya returned from buying groceries, Yu Zhiyi had already left.

“Yiyi left? Why didn’t you make her stay to eat.”

“She needed to go home to help her grandmother cook.”

“Yiyi is such a good child.”

“…” It was true that she was a good child, but her obedience was a result of her parents’ absence. She had to force herself to grow up and become mature.

Ning Suya prepared to chop the vegetables and brought the trash can in the living room over. When she opened it, the pink letter laying on top was especially eye-catching.

Just taking a cursory glance at it, Ning Suya didn’t find anything weird. Although her son was young, she had already seen these letters at least eight or ten times now. The first time she discovered her family’s son had threw away the love letter someone had written him, she felt quite amused inside. She asked him if there were many girls at school who liked him.

Shi Yi refused to continue this conversation.

Later, she realised that all the letters thrown into the trash had never been opened, and she was even more surprised, “Since you don’t even read them, why’d you bring them home?”

Could it be he wanted to show his parents how popular he was at school…

How did Shi Yi reply at the time?

“If I throw it away in the classroom, other people will find out. After school ends, Yiyi and I walk together, so it’s not convenient to throw it away on the way home.” Thus, he can only bring it home to get rid of it.

Ning Suya: “…”

She really couldn’t treat her son as if he was a normal ten year-old!

When she thought further, this letter wasn’t in the trash can before she went out to buy groceries. Moreover, only Yu Zhiyi came by earlier, “This wasn’t here when I left earlier…could this letter be…”

It couldn’t be that Yu Zhiyi gave this to him, right?

She hurriedly went to knock on Shi Yi’s door, “Little Yi, I have something to ask you.”

Shi Yi, who was currently playing video games, raised his head in confusion, “What?”

“Who brought the letter in the trash can?”


“It’s not Yiyi’s?” Only she came by earlier.

“Mom, what are you thinking, how could she be the sender, that fellow is so foolish.” If she knew that was a love letter, then he’ll write his name backwards!

Ning Suya nodded, “That’s ture.”

If Yu Zhiyi really was the sender, even if Shi Yi didn’t like her, he wouldn’t throw away her letter without even opening it.

“I know you’re smart, but Mommy still wants to remind you, studying is the most important right now.”

“Got it.” He carelessly raised his hand, indicating he had no interest in those matters.


Yu Zhiyi thought that the love letter was just a one-off. She didn’t expect that for a long time afterward, she would encounter such situations many times.

The ones she could reject, she rejected. The ones she couldn’t reject, such as people directly putting it on her desk for her to pass it on, she would still give them to Shi Yi to look at after school ended.

Shi Yi didn’t even avoid her when he did these things, directly throwing them away in front of her.

“Yu Zhiyi, if you dare to give me these things again in the future…” The youth’s gaze was full of warning.

She shook her head repeatedly, “I won’t give it you to ever again! I promise!”

Just when she made her decision to never touch such things, who knows where the rumor came from about Yu Zhiyi secretly throwing away other people’s love letters.

Everyone was already very sensitive towards these types of matters. Some people were afraid that their crush would be exposed, and other people wanted to watch the play, so some unkind gossip secretly spread around.

Yu Zhiyi really wanted to say that she’s being maligned.

At first, she could still hold it in. However, after one or two of her classmates purposely asked her, “Hey, I heard that the girl in the classroom next door wanted you to pass on her love letter, but you just threw it away?”

“I didn’t.”

She had explained it before. Since they weren’t the actual party, she didn’t care that much, just treating it as a joke.

However, as time passed, she really couldn’t handle hearing such things anymore. Unhappily covering her ears, she finally spoke the words she had been holding in for a long time, “They were the ones who forced me to take them. In the end, they blamed me for not passing it on, those people are so annoying!”

Shi Yi stopped smiling, “I thought you didn’t care.”

“Brother!” She called out in a loud voice, her round and bright eyes widening.

He couldn’t help but pinch her round cheeks, “You only know how to be mean to me.”

“When did I…”

“Alright, let me handle this matter.”

“It was originally…” The mess you created.

“Hm?” He raised an eyebrow.

The little girl who originally planned to rebel immediately raised her hands in surrender, “I believe that Brother will be able to resolve it beautifully.”

Shi Yi was very quick in his actions. Not only did he help her resolve this problem, he also posted a warning for all their classmates.

During the flag-raising ceremony on Monday, the head teacher for their grade used some flower language in their speech to express how young love was not allowed.

After this meeting, everyone stopped for a while.


“Class Rep, did you do the extra math sets the teacher gave yesterday? Let me copy it.”

Shi Yi was still a school tyrant as always, and some people had become accustomed to it. Many people didn’t like to bring their homework home, always waiting until the next day to copy answers when they arrived at school.

Just like the previous times, he generously gave out his math homework.

Yu Zhiyi who was sitting in the row in front looked back a couple of times. She quiet grabbed Qiao Lezhi’s hand, “Qiaoqiao, let me look at the answers later too.”

“Ah? You need to copy too?”

How strange. Although Yu Zhiyi’s grades were average, she would seriously complete her homework every time. If she met a problem she couldn’t solve, Shi Yi would also tutor her.

Yu Zhiyi feebly took out her problem set. It was completely blank, “I forgot to bring it home yesterday, so I didn’t have time to do it.”

“Alright…” The answer sheet had already been passed over to them, not copying it would be a waste.

The math representative for their class stood up, reminding everyone to turn in their homework. Everyone passed up their answer sheets.

The math representative suddenly held their belly, anxiously patting Shi Yi’s hand, “I’m going to the restroom, Class Rep, help me collect them.”

“En.” They were deskmates, it wasn’t a big favor to ask for.

Most of the answer sheets that people turned in had very obvious mistakes in the written section. His gaze landing on the problem, Shi Yi’s lips slightly hooked up.

Yu Zhiyi who worked hard to copy the answers was one of the last people to turn in her homework. He turned his head, raising his eyes, “Stop.”

Yu Zhiyi felt her back turn cold. No way, would she be caught the first time she did something bad…

“Did you do the homework yourself?”



She dared to lie to him, very good2.

After the math representative returned to the classroom, he organized the answer sheets. Just as he was about to take all the homework to the teacher’s office, Shi Yi pressed down on the answer sheets, “Wait a moment, I just remembered that I have to fix one of my answers.”

The math representative was very trusting towards the class rep and directly pushed the pile of answers over, “Then you can look for it yourself.”


He hurriedly dug out a certain answer sheet. Erasing the original answer on the written section, he wrote down a new answer.

This author has something to say:

Trust me, Shi Yi is definitely a scheming boy, anything out of the ordinary has the possibility of being a trap he laid.

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  1. Idiom to mean someone feels disappointed in another person for failing to meet their expectations
  2. Sarcastic manner, not literally.
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I suppose this is the boiling frog method of his. Pft this is very good can’t wait for more thank u for the chapter (≧∇≦)




Thanks for the chapter 😉


Hahaha apparently I’ve been here before though it slipped my mind 🤯 I guess all the stories I read daily are clogging my brain 🤣



[The math representative was very trusting towards the class rep and directly pushed the pile of answers over, “Then you can look for it yourself.” “En.” He hurriedly dug out a certain answer sheet. Erasing the original answer on the written section, he wrote down a new answer.]

Makes me remember my High School Days, when I stayed all night to do my math homework and some peps just borrow my answer sheet early morning, so I always have 2 sheets ready( one with my 100% sure answer and the other one with one or 2 wrong ones)

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