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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 8

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 8 – Peach blossom eyes

September was the golden time of fall. In addition, it was a brand new school year.

A youth wearing a sky-blue t-shirt stood in front of the little stall outside the school. Shelling out some change, he bought two bottles of water.

He was quite handsome. Although he was only 12 years-old, his bright peach blossom eyes already had signs of being a little bewitching. It was clear to see that after a few years, when this teen had matured, he would be very charming.

When some shy girls saw him, they felt a little bashful. However, because their parents were nearby, no one took the initiative to greet him.

“Which grade is he in?”
“I’ve never seen him, probably a new student.”

Otherwise, with his eye-catching looks, it would be impossible for these third-years to not recognize him.

“He doesn’t have any parents that came with him, and he also went to buy a bottle of water at the little stall in front. I don’t think he’s a new student.”
“Should we go over and ask?”

Two braver souls curiously walked over. There were a lot of people on the field, so they weren’t easily discovered either.

Shi Yi had a bottle of water in each hand as he walked over to the shade underneath the classroom building. He had already came to this middle school twice and had already memorized the routes of the school.

“Here.” He opened one of the water bottles and passed it over to the girl standing by the building.

The girl held the bottled water and took a few sips, “Brother, are we going to see the classroom assignments now?”


Yu Zhiyi and Shi Yi went to check-in together. She was still a little hesitant before coming, she didn’t know if she would be assigned to the same classroom as Shi Yi.

When she saw the classroom list, she was so happy she was jumping, “That’s great! We’re still in the same class, this is fate!”

This meant that for the next three years, they would still be together.

Shi Yi looked at the classroom list and awkwardly rubbed his nose. He had rejected the city’s top experimental middle school, and the two middle schools in their town were all fighting to call his home. At the time, he had only raised one condition, they had to be in the same class.

Walking into the classroom, only about a third of students were seated inside.

Shi Yi swept his eyes over the class and told her, “Pick one.”

He wanted her to pick a seat to sit in first.

Yu Zhiyi turned her head and secretly measured Shi Yi’s height before walking towards the last row.

The little girl who used to sit within the first three rows in elementary school now docilely sat in the second-to-last row. Shi Yi laughed when he saw this, “Sitting here, do you want to stare at the back of other people’s heads during class?”

Yu Zhiyi: “…”

She just wanted to be near her brother!

Shi Yi grabbed her empty bookbag and pulled the young lady to the fourth row, taking over two seats.

Yu Zhiyi hesitated and asked, “Brother, are you really okay with sitting here?”

She always worried that Shi Yi would get assigned to the last row because of his height.

“Let’s talk about it when the time comes.” Shi Yi was nonplussed.

Yu Zhiyi secretly looked at her surroundings. There were a few familiar faces in class, and many were her schoolmates from elementary school as well. It was just that they weren’t overly familiar with each other.

On the other hand, Shi Yi was a shining star no matter where he went. Someone came over to greet him the moment he sat down, “It’s really Shi Yi, I didn’t think that we’d be in the same class.”

When Shi Yi was still an elementary schooler, he was the treasure that all the teachers held dear. He was not biased towards any subject and also helped win plenty of awards for the school. Rumor had it that he had already completed the middle school curriculum when he was in elementary school, and he even knew how to do high school problems. Once, someone had advised him to skip a grade, but who knew why, he was willing to slowly pass each grade.

Yu Zhiyi sprawled out against her desk in boredom. Her two round and glistening eyes looked at the doorway, hoping that the next person who came in would be someone she knew.

As she watched, finally! She immediately stood up!

“Qiao Qiao!” She joyfully waved to Qiao Lezhi. They were really together again.

The new students were full of expectations towards the new middle school life because they’d be able to meet even more people. Today didn’t really count as a formal school day. Everyone came to class mainly to receive their new textbooks.

The current weather made it easy for one to feel sleepy. As Yu Zhiyi kept waiting, her eyelids drooped down as she directly laid against her desk and fell asleep.

After Qiao Lezhi had introduced herself to the new classmate behind her, she was about to turn around and call out Yu Zhiyi’s name when Shi Yi stopped her with a look. She angrily raised her hand, not daring to disturb her.

It was still quite warm in September. Soon enough, sweat began to form on the little girl’s forehead and nose. The ceiling fan didn’t have much use. Shi Yi folded together two sheets of paper together and began to fan her. Even when his hand felt sore, he kept fanning her.

For the classmates unfamiliar with them, they only stared at him, “I think I heard that girl call that boy ‘Big Brother’, are they siblings? That’s so nice!”

They thought that this was a big brother with sister complex1. In the end, Qiao Lezhi who had been subjected to six whole years of PDA held up a finger and wagged it as she answered mysteriously, “You’re all wrong, you’ll understand in the future.”

Qiao Lezhi didn’t explain it very clearly. Everyone admired Yu Zhiyi for having such a nice older brother that was gentle and cared deeply for his younger sister.

Slowly they would realize, what’s the big deal about fanning her?


When classes officially began, the head teacher rearranged their seats according to height. Based on the height difference between Yu Zhiyi and Shi Yi, the duo would definitely not be able to sit in the same row. Thankfully, she was still deskmates with Qiao Lezhi.

“Hello students, I am your head teacher, Yang Xiao, it’s very nice…” The head teacher wrote his name down on the chalkboard as he gave everyone some chicken soup for the soul on the very first day of school.

In his hand was the entrance grades of everyone in the class. Facing the class of new students, he asked, “I want to temporarily pick a few students for the classroom committee, does anyone want to recommend themselves?”

Some people were still shy from being in a new environment while others adjusted right away. Two or three people were eager to give it a try but then they saw Shi Yi immediately raise his hand.

“He’s so brave.”
“Of course, that’s someone who the experimental middle school wanted.”
“Then why’d he come over to our class?”
“Who knows.”

In elementary school, Shi Yi was the class rep for three years. Moreover, since he had good grades, it was basically set in stone that he would be chosen as the class rep. However, at this time a female student also raised her hand, “I also want to run for class rep.”

“This is our school tyrant2, Cheng Qingyu.”

Two school tyrants from different elementary schools wanted to compete for class rep. The teacher was fair and allowed them to work together. After two weeks, the class will vote for the person they wanted to be class rep.

Cheng Qingyu was full of spirit and treated the classmates to drinks.

As for Shi Yin, he became good buddies with a majority of the male classmates after a round of basketball. At this age, girls were basically defenseless against sunny, handsome, studious, and athletic boys.

When it came time for voting, Shi Yi won over Cheng Qingyu by five votes. Thus, Shi Yi became the class rep while Cheng Qingyu became the vice class rep.

Everyone thought Shi Yi would be a very serious and strict class rep, but they never expected–

“Class Rep Shi, I can’t memorize this English text, so I wrote some hints to myself…” The classmate glanced at the notebook full of ‘hints’ and probingly asked, “Can I read the hints?”


“Class Rep, let me borrow your math homework.”
“Take it.”

Class Rep Shi Yi was so ‘reasonable’ that all his classmates sang his praises without end.

Vice Class Rep Cheng Qingyu felt she had been humiliated! She had held it in for a long time until one day she bumped into Shi Yi openly helping Yu Zhiyi who had been punished to copy texts by the teacher.

A portion of the students’ essays didn’t pass and they were punished by the teacher to copy ten times. Yu Zhiyi was one of them. The teacher had the class rep and vice class rep supervise them. Cheng Qingyu had a strict expression on her face as she paced back and forth in the classroom, nagging them to hurry up with their copying.

Yet Shi Yi raised his legs and leaned back lazily with his eyes closed, not at all taking this seriously.

Cheng Qingyu thought: If this continues, the teacher will definitely realize that she was the person most suitable to be class rep.

Thus, she became even stricter.

Some people wrote very quickly and roughly. They didn’t take very long before finishing ten copies.

Cheng Qingyu paced back and forth only to discover Yu Zhiyi had yet to even flip the page after half a day. Believing that she was being lazy and wanting to stall for time, Cheng Qingyu admonished, “Yu Zhiyi, hurry up and write. Everyone else is about to be done, but you’ve only done half.”

The classroom was very quiet at this time. The moment she called her out, the teenager relaxing in the back opened his eyes.

Yu Zhiyi flipped through the four sets she had finished copying and solemnly apologized, “I’m sorry, I write a little slow, but I will definitely write all ten sets.”

Ever since she was young, her handwriting was perfect, she couldn’t handle even having one stroke out of place. As such, her speed was a little slow. Even if she was copying, her handwriting had to be textbook-perfect.

Cheng Qingyu stared at her characters and nagged, “What’s the point of having nice handwriting, you still have to copy ten times. You should hurry.”

Just as Yu Zhiyi wanted to reply, a pink cup was suddenly placed on her desk. A hand reached over and took the pen from her hand, “Drink water, I’ll help you write.”

Cheng Qingyu stared at him in disbelief, “Shi Yi, you’re blatantly cheating!”

The youth gave a light laugh as he raised his stunning peach blossom eyes, “So what?”

“Did you become the class rep just for your own benefits?”

Shi Yi didn’t deny it, “Pretty much.”

The girls in the back row were completely smitten as they held their faces, “Oh my god, Class Rep is so handsome!”

Qiao Lezhi agitatedly turned around and shared some gossip with the girls in the back, “Do you know why Shi Yi wanted to be class rep?”

The girls shook their heads.

Qiao Le Zhi: “Of course it’s because of Yiyi! When we were in third grade, Yiyi was reciting an essay, and the class rep targeted her on purpose, not letting her pass. The next day, Shi Yi directly went to the teacher to sign up to compete for the class rep position. In the end, he became our only class rep!”

“I will definitely report this to the teacher!” Cheng Qingyu was upset.

Yu Zhiyi wanted to explain, but was pressed down by Shi Yi. He glanced at Cheng Qingyu, “Whatever.”

Cheng Qingyu angrily left.

Shi Yi held the pen. The pen tip moved, the characters that appeared on the paper were about 90% similar to Yu Zhiyi’s handwriting. With just a glance, no one could tell the difference!

Yu Zhiyi knew what Shi Yi wanted to do and pouted, “Brother, you copied my handwriting again.”

“With your snail’s pace, the skies will be dark by the time you finish copying ten sets.”

After today’s events were secretly passed around between the students, everyone knew that Shi Yi spoiled Yu Zhiyi, this little sister of his, very much.

When school almost ended, a female student from the class next door shoved a letter into Yu Zhiyi’s arms, “Yu Zhiyi, please help me give his letter to your big brother!”

Before she could reject, the female student had already run away and disappeared. Yu Zhiyi held the pink letter, a little hesitant.

This author wants to say: Hahahahaha, Big Brother Shi openly abuses his power for personal benefits, please remember the handwriting!

Translator’s comments: Honestly, I kind of feel for Cheng Qingyu. It’s hard to compete with someone who oozes natural charisma. But, she shouldn’t have scolded our little Yiyi, so welp ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭

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  1. Sister complex means when an older sibling is very protective/loving/etc. towards their younger sister
  2. xueba (学霸) or school tyrant is usually referred to as the student ranked #1 in school
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:0 Benefits of being class rep: no one can bully ZhiYi

Ah Zhiyi isn’t really an idiot she’s just learning at a slower pace really nothing wrong with that ah.


It’s okay to be competitive after all its part of the learning progress, but also being sensitive to your surroundings, and not just for your personal gain is one of the things we informally learned at the school.
And btw is it just me or Yiyi has ocd?


I agree, I can sympathize with Cheng Qiyu’s frustration, but for the sake of the novel, I guess I will just focus on the dog food?

Thank you for the chapter! 🙂

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