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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 7

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 7 – Spoiling you

After finishing dinner, Shi Yi would poke his head out the window from time to time, wanting to see if the courtyard across had started the birthday celebrations yet. But reality proved that it was very calm on the other side.

He stood by the window and thought for a while. Opening his drawer, he took out a hundred-yuan bill from his piggy bank and put it in his pocket.

“Mom, I’m going out for a bit.”

“It’s already dark, where are you going?”

“Just to buy something, I won’t go too far.”

“Then take my cell phone with you, if anything comes up, call home.”


In the winter time, many of the shops in their neighborhood would already close around 8 PM or so, but he still wanted to give it a try.

Shi Yi ran around the block once before finally finding a cake shop that was preparing to close, “Boos! Do you still have any cakes?”

“Little buddy, you’re too late, we’re getting ready to close shop.”

He saw the boss was about to take the cakes out from the display cases. Indeed, they were getting ready to close up for the night.

“Boss, my little sister’s birthday is today, can you make one more cake?”

“Ah, it’s so late…”

“Boss, a birthday only happens once a year. She really loves to eat cake. Please help me just make one, even a small one will do, please.” He fished out the hundred-yuan bill and unhesitatingly gave it to the boss.

The boss was a soft-hearted and kind person. Seeing the little boy run over in this cold winter night to buy a birthday cake for his little sister, his heart was moved and he agreed.

However, the tools had already been packed up, and it would take some time to make a cake, “I think it’ll take another hour, can you wait?”

“I can!”

He called his mom and explained the situation to her.

Ning Suya heard that he ran out in the middle of the night to a cake shop to buy Yu Zhiyi a cake and didn’t know whether to feel angry or moved. He was obviously just a child himself, but in front of Yu Zhiyi he always played the part of an older brother.

However, she kept this thought to herself and didn’t object to her son’s decision, “Then when you finish buying the cake, tell Mommy. I’ll come over to pick you up.”

Shi Yi happily agreed.

In order to make the time, the boss made a six-inch small cake. He put some cream on the edges as well as a little flower on top, writing ‘Happy Birthday’ in the middle.

“Little buddy, the cake is ready.”

“Thank you, Boss!”

The boss didn’t take all his money and charged him according to the normal price, giving him back the extra change.

When Ning Suya arrived to pick him up, she saw her son sitting inside with the cake on his lap, waiting. The two people thanked the kind-hearted boss and finally left.

When they reached the courtyard, Shi Yi said, “Mom, I’m going to give Yiyi the cake.”

Ning Suya thought for a bit. Since this was the friendship between the two kids, she decided to stay back, “Go ahead, remember to come home earlier.”

“Thank you, Mom.” He was very happy to have a good mom that was thoughtful and kind.

At this time, it hasn’t been long since the Yu couple had returned. Their younger daughter was sleeping as their older daughter returned to her room.

They suddenly saw a little boy appear at their doorsteps. Ruan Qing recalled that this was the child from the Shi family.

Shi Yi was carrying the cake as he stood by the doorway and greeted them, “Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, hello. I’m here to find Yiyi.”

Grandma knew that Shi Yi was on good terms with her granddaughter and would often take care of her, so she liked him a lot and immediately brought him in.

“It’s so late, do you need Yiyi for something?”

“I forgot to give Yiyi her present, so I came here to give it to her.” He didn’t explicitly say that it was the cake.

Grandma understood, however, and pointed towards Yu Zhiyi’s room, “Yiyi just went in, she’s still awake.”

Seeing this, Ruan Qing felt this was a little inappropriate and pulled Grandma to the side, whispering, “Mom, it’s so late, how can you let a boy into Yiyi’s bedroom.”

In her point of view, boys and girls are different, and the two kids were already eleven-years-old, they should know to keep some distance from each other.

Grandma rolled her eyes at her daughter, “Forget outsiders, didn’t you see what little Shi Yi was holding in his hand? A cake! Even a ten-year-old child is more thoughtful than you guys!”

Yu Zhiyi was sprawled across her desk, muffling her cries.

She didn’t dare to throw a tantrum, feeling that she should know better and be more understanding now that she was so big. However, she couldn’t control her own emotions, feeling envious of her little sister being able to live with her mom and dad, able to throw temper tantrums however she liked.

Du du du—“

A knocking sound came from the door.

She hurriedly wiped away her tears and ran to the door, cracking it open, “Who is it?”

Confirming that the little girl hadn’t gone to bed yet, Shi Yi boldly pushed the door open and walked in. The little girl hiding by the door was fished out by him.

“Brother!” Yu Zhiyi looked at him in astonishment.

He closed the door and took a closer look at the fair face under the lamp light. Raising her chin, he could tell that there were traces of tears by the corner of her eyes.


She turned away in embarrassment.

Shi Yi had pretty much guessed the reason. He casually took over Yu Zhiyi’s seat and his back leaned against the table, hiding the present he brought behind him.

“Why did you cry?”

He didn’t want the little girl to hide her grievances inside of her. Small things can develop into habits. If she held things back once, there was a possibility of a next time. After the accumulation of many years, then things could turn bad…

Yu Zhiyi gently moved towards him and asked in a small voice, “Brother, why did you come?”

“You don’t want to see me?”


“Then you wanted to see me.”


This logic didn’t seem to be right? But she didn’t have the strength to rebut him.

“Yiyi, you still didn’t answer my question.” He stared at her, his deep expression resembled an adult’s.

“You don’t want to say?” Faced with Yu Zhiyi’s silence, he probed unceasingly, “Very well, Yiyi has grown up now, has secrets that she doesn’t want to share with Brother.”

He let out a deep sigh, planning to stand up.

Seeing his disappointed face, Yu Zhiyi suddenly panicked and grabbed his hand, “It’s not a secret.”

“It’s because Little Sister is sick, and Daddy and Mommy forgot to buy me a present and cake, so I feel a little upset.”

“I know they didn’t do it on purpose, but I’m still a little mad, and I feel like I am very immature.”

As expected, it was exactly as he guessed. Because of one child, her parents had forgotten the promise they made to their other child. And the child that suffered grievances was unable to get angry, afraid that she would be blamed for not being mature enough. Having to act so cautiously, how could be happy.

“Yiyi, they’re your parents. If you are unhappy, you can just tell them.”

“It’s rare for Daddy and Mommy to come back and plus, Little Sister got sick. I am the big sister, I need to understand them.” It was difficult for her to see her father and mother, she didn’t want them to think that she was an insensible child.

Shi Yi had already understood the way she thought, however, “It’s everyone’s first time on this Earth. There’s no rule that says one must always give way to someone else. You’re willing to treat your little sister well, that’s your right. You want to have presents and a celebration for your birthday, that’s also your right.”

“As long as you didn’t do anything bad, you don’t have to act so cautiously and fearful of how other people might look at you.”

Yu Zhiyi slowly lowered her head as she whispered, “I just feel a little upset.”

“Don’t be upset anymore. I brought you a present.”

“Ah? But I already I got your present.”

He smiled but didn’t say anything, revealing the cake he was hiding behind him.

Yu Zhiyi’s eyes immediately lit up!

“It’s a cake!”

“Of course, I promised you that I would have you eat birthday cake every year. I definitely won’t break my promise.”

“Thank you, Brother!” She tightly hugged Shi Yi, unable to hide her happiness and how touched she felt.

“Shh, we’ll secretly light the candles. This is the birthday cake for Yiyi.” He purposely lowered his voice.

Yu Zhiyi felt infected by this atmosphere and nodded her head excitedly. The moment the candles were lit, the wound in her heart was immediately healed.

She closed her eyes and made a wish. He lowered his head and watched her with a warm gaze, his pupils reflecting the flickering candlelights. From outside the window, one could make out the two shadows sitting side by side.

“Book of Answers, will I be able to eat cake this year?”
The Book of Answers: [Of course]

Yu Zhiyi’s 11th birthday was a little bumpy, but in the end, she fell asleep with a sweet feeling.

In her dreams, her father and mother were holding her hands, bringing her to this world. She was looking forward to growing up, but at this moment, her father and mother had already let go of her hand. Her mother was holding another child, and her father was protecting them as she was abandoned and left behind.

Sadness, fear, loneliness, all these frightening emotions invaded her world. But when she was most confused and helpless, a handsome older brother appeared, never leaving her side.


“Little Yi, the experimental middle school in the city called. Your grades are high enough that you can immediately enter the experimental middle school’s elite class.”

Nine years of compulsory education, although one can directly enter middle school from elementary school, each school had different eligibility criteria.

The elite class of the experimental middle school contained the most intelligent middle schoolers in the entire city. That was the hope for many parents of elementary schoolers. For Shi Yi to be guaranteed admission, that was the dream and envy of many people.

The teacher felt proud to have such an intelligent pupil. During the parent-teacher conference, she directly bought up Shi Yi’s name, causing many people in the audience to admire and be envious of Ning Suya.

Many people came over to ask how Ning Suya typically educated her child and so on.

With such furor, everyone in class also found out that Shi Yi was going to the city’s elite class to study.

“Wah, I’m so jealous of him, I definitely won’t be able to get in.” Qiao Lezhi looked up and sighed, then immediately poked her deskmate, “Yiyi, you’ll just go to the local middle school, right? Our grades are pretty similar, maybe we’ll even get into the same middle school!”

Yu Zhiyi shook her head. Ever since she heard that Shi Yi was guaranteed admission to the experimental middle school’s elite class, she panicked.

The people around her were still talking about this, and she was absentminded the whole day. Even after school ended and she was walking home, she was still in a daze.

“Look at where you’re going!” Shi Yi grabbed her backpack, preventing her bumping into things.

Yu Zhiyi had held back for a long time. Seeing that they were nearing their home, she finally couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, are you really going to go to the experimental middle school’s elite class?”


“Then…then we won’t be able to go to school together anymore.” For as long as she could remember, Shi Yi had always been by her side, just like a biological brother. If they were going to be separated, that would be too depressing.

“How about this, if you act cute towards Brother, I can reconsider it.”

Yu Zhiyi lowered her head to kick at the pebbles on the ground. She wasn’t very intelligent, but she knew that studies were very important. How could such a thing be changed by just acting cute.

Especially since, “Only children who are spoiled have the right to act cute.”

The soft voice entered one’s ears. Shi Yi’s ears twitched and he pulled her ponytail, forcing her to turn her head.

The moment their eyes met, she saw the youth open his mouth with a carefree smile on his face.

“Brother will spoil you.”

This author has something to say:

Shi Yi: Who wants to be your biological brother, hmph~

Translator’s comments: I love how Shi Yi brought up something very important, communication is vital to maintaining your relationships with others. Whether it’s your family, friends, or significant others, communication is important.

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I’m so soft and Shi Yi is very smart also Yu ZhiYi is such a good girl tho like she’s very well behaved. 🤔 but if she continues like that people might step on her good thing there is Shi Yi there. Thank u for the chapter!!!


Shi Yi to the rescue♥️ Though we know he’d do anything to prevent her from getting hurt in the first place 🥺 Thanks TN

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