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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 6

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 6 – Happy for Nothing

The Yu couple said that they were taking half-month’s worth of time off this time. When they heard this piece of news, the elder who was missing the children and the child missing her parents were both very happy.

Yu Zhiyi wore the new clothes that her mother brought back for her, and she was using the new set of stationery as school.

When her deskmate saw her pencil box, she was moon-eyed over how pretty it was, “Yiyi, this pencil box is so pretty, where did you buy it? I want one too.”

“Mommy bought it from out of town.”


Yu Zhiyi’s current deskmate was the mushroom-haired little girl from that year. She had a very cute name: Qiao Lezhi.

Nickname: Chocolate1

Qiao Lezhi reached a hand into her desk and felt around for a little bit before finally pulling out a transparent pouch, “I remember that tomorrow is your birthday. But it’s Saturday tomorrow, so we won’t have school, so I’ll just give you your present in advance, happy early birthday.”

“Thank you Qiaoqiao.”

They’ve been classmates for six years already and got along very well. The first time Qiao Lezhi knew of her birthday, she gave her a small present, and she naturally reciprocated. As they kept exchanging gifts every birthday, it was usually little trinkets, but they were filled with sincerity.

When school ended and she went home, Shi Yi asked how she was planning on celebrating on her birthday tomorrow.

“Your parents are back this year, they’re going to celebrate your birthday, right?”

“That’s right, Dad and Mom also said that they would buy a birthday cake home.”

“Oh…then this year, I don’t have to buy one.”

When Yu Zhiyi celebrated her birthday when she was little, her grandma did not buy cake for her. It wasn’t because she didn’t treat her well, but because the elder did not have it easy growing up and felt that buying a cake was not worth the price and would rather buy some more chicken, duck, fish, and meat to cook some more dishes for the child.

But all little kids felt that a cake was a must for celebrating birthdays; not having cake was equivalent to not celebrating the birthday. Thus, Shi Yi would save up his allowance to buy Zhiyi a small birthday cake.

Yu Zhiyi’s heart was bursting with happiness because her dad and mom promised to buy a big birthday cake for her tomorrow. It can be shared with a lot of people. The more she thought, the more anticipation she felt. Her hands grabbed Shi Yi’s as she earnestly invited him, “Big Brother, when the time comes, you and Aunt Ning and Uncle should come to my house to eat cake.”

“Alright, but they have to work during the daytime, so we can only come after they finish work.”

“No problem! Dad and Mom said they’re going to the city tomorrow morning to buy good food, so we’ll have to wait until dinnertime to eat too.”


This was the first time in seven years that her parents were celebrating her birthday by her side. Yu Zhiyi was very happy and woke up early.

When she was eating breakfast, she heard her parents discussing what they were going to buy when they went into the city. Her ears perked up and when she heard her mom give a reminder, “Buy a cake and presents for Yiyi”, her eyes curved into crescents as she smiled.

When Yu Kai and Ruan Qing left, Yu Xinyan threw a tantrum and insisted on going with her daddy and mommy. They had no choice but to bring along this clingy little fellow.

Yu Zhiyi had a lot of homework to do. After her parents left, she stayed back in the house to finish her homework.

Grandma brought in an egg and rolled it all over her [Yiyi] body, “Finish this egg, and you’ll be healthy and lucky, safe and sound.”

This was a tradition passed down from the old folks. Her grandma would do this every birthday, saying it would bring good luck. Yu Zhiyi liked this kind of celebratory tradition because it implied that she had received birthday blessings.

Her learning speed was a little slow and so was the rate of problem-solving. By the time she finished her homework, it was already the afternoon.

She went to the doorway and walked around in a circle. Her parents still had not returned.

“When are you guys coming back…” She really wanted to know when her dad and mom would come home with the cake.

But the longer she waited, even when the skies were about to turn dark, she only received a phone call in return.

“Mom, Yanyan suddenly fell sick. We’re currently at the hospital. You and Yiyi should eat dinner first, don’t wait for us.” Her parents told her grandma this.

“Is the child alright?”

“It’s acute gastroenteritis. The doctor has already written a prescription, don’t worry.”

Yu Zhiyi was able to hear the contents of the phone call but still asked, “What’s wrong with Little Sister?”

Her grandma rubbed her head and let out a sigh, “Little Sister is sick so they will return a little later than planned. Are you hungry? Grandma will go cook for you.”

Seeing her grandma walk into the kitchen, a bitter feeling rose in her heart. The type that she couldn’t really expain.

Winter nights came early. At this time, the Shi couple had already gotten off of work and returned home.

When they saw Shi Yi was home alone, Ning Suya set down her purse and walked towards him, “Today is Yiyi’s birthday, why are you home alone?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think Yiyi’s parents came home.” He secretly went to the courtyard across to sneak a peek a few times. Unable to hear anything, he didn’t feel comfortable inviting himself over either.

Just as he finished speaking, a little head appeared from the open doorway.

Father Shi who had just entered discovered her, “Yiyi, come in.”

Yu Zhiyi’s lips were pursed as she took two steps into the house. Looking at the three people, she stood straight as she bowed her head in apology, “Uncle, Aunty, Big Brother, I’m sorry, my Dad and Mom haven’t come home yet, so I can’t invite you guys to eat cake.”

She had broken her promise towards everyone and felt very sorry and ashamed inside.

Father and Mother Shi didn’t expect that the little girl came over to apologize to them and immediately began to laugh, “I was wondering what the big deal was.”

“Where did your parents go?”

“They went to the city to buy things.”

“Then they must’ve bought a lot of things for Yiyi, that’s why they’re coming home later.” They thought that the child was in a rush to celebrate her birthday and tried to coax her happy.

Yu Zhiyi’s head was lowered. She didn’t agree nor disagree their words.

Father and Mother Shi knew her personality. The two people were smiling as they entered the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Without the adults’ eyes on her, she slowly trudged over to Shi Yi and called out, “Big Brother.”

Shi Yi set down the game controller in his hand. When he stood up, he rubbed her head, “Go to my room to get your present.”

In the center of the neatly organized desk was a thick book. Its dark blue cover was very eye-catching.

Yu Zhiyi cast a curious glance at the person next to her. Shi Yi pointed at the book, indicating for her to take it. On the cover were the words ‘The Book of Answers’ embossed in gold lettering.

“Big Brother, is this really my present?” There was a little wisp of hope inside of her, please don’t make her read this book! She hated reading the most…

“Uh-huh.” Shi Yi nodded.

Yu Zhiyi wanted to cry but had no tears, “Can I reject this present?”

Shi Yi’s eyelid twitched. He could completely guess what this little fool was thinking right now.

“Open it and take a look.”

Under Shi Yi’s directions, Yu Zhiyi obediently opened the book.

Instructions on how to use ‘The Book of Answers’. Place the book between both hands. Close your eyes and think of a question. Starting from the back of the book, flip the pages, and based on your gut feeling, find the answer you need.

“Eh…” It didn’t seem to be the type of book she was thinking of.

“Do you want to try?” Shi Yi asked her.

But in the spur of moment, she couldn’t think of a question to ask.

Shi Yi: “Just ask, when will little fool Yiyi finally get smarter?”

‘The Book of Answers’: [No one can say for sure]

Yu Zhiyi: “…..”
Poking at her old wounds.

She snatched the book over and held it between her hands. Closing her eyes, she asked, “Let me ask, did Big Brother ever pass the level in his game?”

The Book of Answers: [Never]

“Hahaha.” When she saw this answer, the little girl’s heart finally settled down. She knew that Shi Yi was very smart and he could always pass the levels in his games. That’s why the answers in this book were not very accurate.

She pointed at the book, “Big Brother, the answers in this book obviously have nothing to do with the questions!”

Seeing her smug expression, Shi Yi smiled as he calmly replied, “It’s true that it cannot give you the correct answer, but it can help you find the correct answer.”

When you open this book, the answer you subconsciously want to see is the choice you chose.

Yu Zhiyi brought the present home with her and specially cleared out a space for this mystical book. Just as she set it down, she pulled it out again.

She put her hands together and asked a question in her mind.

The Book of Answers: [Of course]


8 PM – Grandma made another call, asking about Little Sister’s condition. Dad and Mom said they were almost home.

9 PM – Yu Zhiyi felt a little sleepy as she waited, but she continued to wait by the door.

“Yiyi, you should go sleep first.”

She stubbornly shook her head, “I want to wait for Dad and Mom, and also Little Sister.”

She didn’t know if Little Sister was feeling better or not. She didn’t know what kind of presents and cake Dad and Mom brought back for her.

9:30 PM – Yu Kai and Ruan Qing walked in carrying their younger daughter. They were holding some plastic bags in their hands.

Grandma walked over to welcome them back and asked after her younger granddaughter, “Is Yanyan better?”

“She’s fine now. After eating the medicine the doctor gave, she fell asleep on the way back.”

Yu Zhiyi wasn’t a talkative child. When she heard her mother answer that her little sister was fine, she didn’t ask any more questions about her little sister’s condition. Her eyesight moved to the bags her parents brought back. The plastic bags were a little flat, there definitely wasn’t any cake in them.

Ruan Qing placed the things on the table as Yu Kai carried his younger daughter into their room. Everyone else followed him in out of concern. She saw her parents put her little sister on the bed and her mother carefully place the quilt over her.

Afraid of waking up her yunger sister, everyone went out to talk.

Grandma asked about the reason why the child fell sick and Ruan Qing explained, “When we went to the city to buy things today, Yanyan saw some street food there and threw a tantrum, wanting to eat it. In the end, it caused an upset stomach, and adding on to how her body isn’t used to the climate here, she caught a chill. When we went to the hospital for a check-up, we found out it was acute gastroenteritis. At the time, we were really scared.”

“Then what about the cake and presents you guys bought for Yiyi?”

“We didn’t have enough time, so we only got these groceries. Originally, we thought we would just be delayed for a little bit, but who knew it would drag on for so long.”

Grandma knew Yu Zhiyi had waited for the entire day, and was afraid to look at the child’s disappointed appearance.

Ruan Qing took a look at the time and reminded, “Why hasn’t Yiyi gone to bed yet? It’s already almost 10 PM, hurry and go back to your room to sleep. It’s not good if children stay up too late.”

Ruan Qing’s words were also spoken out of concern. However, none of them knew what she [Yiyi] really wanted.

Yu Zhiyi held back her tears and ran back to her room. She felt extremely hurt and a little angry. But she didn’t know who to blame. Accurately speaking, there really wasn’t anyone that could be blamed.

Dad and Mom forget the promise they made to her because Little Sister suddenly got sick. But why…did it have to happen right at that time.

A birthday with her parents by her side, this was something she had looked forward to for seven whole years. In the end, she was happy for nothing.

This author has something to say:

Don’t panic, Big Brother is here for everything.

Btw, does anyone want to guess what question Yiyi asked the book when she went home?

Translator’s comments: This was so sad to translate because like Yiyi said, she really couldn’t blame her parents or her sister because there was a legitimate medical emergency, which takes precedence over a birthday celebration. Even so, this was a wish she had for seven years, and her parents are only back for two week, so the disappointment is even worse because who knows if they’ll be able to spend her next birthday with her.

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  1. 巧乐兹 qiao le zi is a famous chocolate-covered ice cream brand in China
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Stillll. Just stillll darn it. I know its logical not to blame someone or anyone gor the matter but darn it to hell. Do they have to slap in her face thats she’s not important enough as her younger sister? Not even a fckn greetings, not even a sorry, not even a bit of guilt or worry. Darn it. I need tissue.

Alien Representative

I’m literally crying, I feel so sad for Yiyi, she deserves the world 😭♥️

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