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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 5

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Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 5 – Buying Candy for You

On the way home from school, Yu Zhiyi was counting her fingers. Seeing how she was looking down as she walked slowly and almost bumped into the utility pole in front, Shi Yi sped up as he blocked her forehead with his hand, “Watch where you’re going!”

“What are you mumbling about? Don’t cry later if you bump into it and fall down!” He fiercely taught the little girl a lesson.

Yu Zhiyi was unfazed as she raised her little face and replied, “Big Brother, my birthday is almost here.”

He hummed in response and instantly replied with a timeframe, “Five mroe days.”

The little girl’s eyes widened in admiration, “Big Brother, you’re so awesome!”


He had already prepared her gift, there was no need for him to calculate the days.

Just before they arrived at home, Shi Yi stretched his hand out to grab her ponytail, “The homework the math teacher gave out today is a little hard. If you don’t understand, come find me and I’ll teach you.”

She tilted her head, “Is today’s math problems very hard?”


“Then I’ll just go to your house to do homework!” She happily made a decision, “Big Brother, wait a moment, I’ll go back home and tell Grandma.”

The moment Yu Zhiyi stepped into the courtyard, she discovered that today was different than usual. She doubtfully walked towards her house and saw the door was open. There was even new appliances inside.


The door was open, but no one answered her. She backed away from her house’s doorway and turned to go to her uncle’s family next door. She heard the sounds of lively conversation in side.

Yu Zhiyi quietly stuck her head through the doorway, seeing some people that were familiar strangers. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Suddenly, a little girl about five or six years-old ran out chasing after a toy car. Yu Zhiyi jumped, and everyone inside discovered her.

“Yiyi?” Ruan Qing stood up as she rushed towards her daughter standing outside the dor.

Yu Zhiyi opened her mouth and called out an unfamiliar word, “Mommy.”

The year Yu Zhiyi was three-and-a-half, her father, Yu Kai, and mother, Ruan Qing, left town to work. Seven years had passed by since then, and during that time, they had only returned twice. To Yu Zhiyi, they were people that she was both familiar and unfamiliar with.

These were the two relatives who shared the same blood as her and brought her into this world. Even after so many years had passed and they had rarely met up, she still longed for parental love.

Shi Yi waited outside the door for a while, then walked in as well. From far, he saw that the picture of the mother and daughter hugging in front of Uncle Ruan’s doorway. He quietly stood in place, not wanting to disturb them.

“Yiyi, quickly come and see the present Mommy got for you.” Ruan Qing joyfully pulled her eldest daughter home to open presents, but Yu Zhiyi immediately pulled her arm back.

“Big Brother is waiting for me outside, I need to go tell him first.”

“Big Brother?” Ruan Qing wasn’t able to fully react to this name.

Yu Zhiyi didn’t get the reason behind her mother’s confusion and nodded at her before running outside.

She unexpectedly ran into someone’s arms. When she raised her head, she saw Shi Yi.

“Big Brother! My daddy and mommy came back!” The happiness and joy in her eyes and voice couldn’t be contained.

Shi Yi rubbed her head, “I saw. You go and accompany your dad and mom, come over later when you have time. If you don’t, then I’ll teach you tomorrow when we get to school.”

“En en!” She happily nodded her head.

Shi Yi completely understood her mood at the moment. After all, every child wished to receive their parents’ love and care.

The Yu family’s couple had earned some money outside these couple of years. This time when they returned, they had replaced the furniture at home with a set of new ones and added a refrigerator and washing machine.

Ruan Qing was holding hands with her five year-old younger daughter. Only now did Yu Zhiyi find out that the little girl with a mushroom-haircut and bangs was her younger sister–Yu Xinyan.

The last time she had met her younger sister was three years ago, when she was only two years old, completely different from how she looked now. That’s why she couldn’t recognize her earlier.

Ruan Qing happily took out the gifts. Padded jackets for the winter, jackets for spring, dresses for the summer, she had everything, “Yiyi, Mommy bought all of these for you. See if you like them?”

“I like!”

As long as Mommy was the one who gifted them, she liked them all.

Yu Xinyan dug out a box of fruit candies from inside the bag and wanted her mommy to open it for her to eat. Ruan Qing confiscated the box, not giving it to her, “This candy is for Big Sister, you can’t eat it.”

Yu Xinyan who was unable to eat the candy felt very unhappy. She jumped up, trying to grab it.

Ruan Qing didn’t give it to her, handing it to Yu Zhiyi instead, “Yiyi, this is imported candy. Mommy specially picked it out for you, there’s a lot of different flavors.”

Yu Zhiyi accepted the candy, she smiled so wide it was lopsided.

When Yu Xinyan saw the candy landed in her older sister’s hands, she immediately switched targets, “Big Sister, give me one candy.”

Her heart softened, and just as she was about to open the box to grab one, she was immediately stopped by Ruan Qing.

“Don’t worry, there’s a lot of candy in here, I can share with Little Sister.” She was kind, understanding, and generous.

Instead, she heard Ruan Qing reply, “Yanyan’s starting to lose her baby teeth, she can’t eat candy.”

Yu Xinyan liked to eat candy ever since she was little. Ruan Qing had always kept strict watch, and now that she was already beginning to lose her baby teeth before she turned six, she was a little worried and decided to directly ban her younger daughter from eating candy.

“Keep it away, don’t let your little sister secretly eat some.” Ruan Qing nagged.

Yu Zhiyi looked down at the candy in her hand as the smile on her face slowly faded away.

Daddy and Mommy brought back clothes, snacks, as well as stationery for her. She brought all the clothes back to her room and neatly hung them up in her closet before organizing her stationery.

At last, when she looked at the box of candy, she comforted herself, “Daddy and Mommy brought back so many gifts for Yiyi, Yiyi should be thanking them!”

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The adults decided to eat together at Uncle’s house, so everyone went over there to help out. Yu Zhiyi finished her easier homework problems just in time when someone called her to go eat.

Although all these years, her uncle’s family was next door, she rarely came here. Most of the time, she only ate with her grandma, or Shi Yi would occasionally have her stay at the Shi family.

Because her uncle’s family had received gifts, they treated them very politely. It looked like a harmonious family.

Yu Zhiyi felt a little wary, because she could not fit in with the excitement here. Her five year-old younger sister was still a picky eater. She was holding a toy with one hand as she only took a few bites when Ruan Qing fed her.

Yu Zhiyi looke up occasionally to see her mother chasing after her little sister to feed her, then quietly lowered her head again.

Father Yu and Uncle Ruan were drinking alcohol. When he would occasionally glance over at his elder daughter and see that she didn’t take any dishes, he directly picked up a piece of meat and put it in her bowl, “Yiyi, eat more meat, look at how skinny you are.”

Seeing the extra piece of meat that appeared in her bowl, Yu Zhiyi was stunned. This meat was half fatty and half lean, stir-fried in spices. Her mouth still hasn’t fully recovered yet, and she couldn’t eat anything spicy.

Thankfully, her grandma who was sitting nearby helped her out, taking away the meat, “Yiyi has a coldsore, she can’t eat anything spicy.”

Father Yu nodded, “Then eat some more vegetables.”

She quietly obeyed, “Okay.”

In the end, she only finished less than half a bowl of rice, and drank some soup.

The adults were drinking alcohol and talking while eating. She couldn’t wait any longer and went back first.

Returning back to her room, she put the new pretty pencil case in her backpack. Before leaving, she grabbed a few candies and shoved them in her pocket. Slinging her backpack across her shoulders, she went to the Shi family.

Shi Yi had already finished his homework at school, when he returned home, he began to play video games. Today, Ning Suya came home late and had just started cooking.

When Yu Zhiyi knocked on the door, Shi Yi didn’t hear it, and Ning Suya was the one who opened the door.

“Yiyi is here.”

“I have some math problems I want to ask Big Brother.”

“Big Brother is in his room, you can go in an dfind him.”

She was very familiar with Shi family, she walked towards Shi Yi’s room as if it was her own. When she pushed the door open, Shi Yi was still playing his game in excitement.

Yu Zhiyi quietly stood behind him. After he finished, she called out, “Big Brother.”

Shi Yi who was massaging his shoulders, turned his head in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Yu Zhiyi set down her backpack, and pulled out her math workbook. There were two chairs in front of the desk. They sat in their usual spots, the workbook placed in between them.

“Your dad and mom are back, you don’t need to stay with them?”

“They’re at Uncle’s house drinking.”

“Oh.” He knew how long adults could take when they would drink and talk.

“What about your house’s little sister? You don’t want to play with her?”

“Little sister…I don’t really know how to play with her.”

Her little sister had many toys, but she had never played with them before. After she finished eating, her mom was still chasing after her sister trying to feed her. There was no opportunity for them to play

“Oh~” When Shi Yi heard this, he rolled his quick-witted eyes, “I told you so, people from different generations don’t have any topics in common. See, the two of us can play together!”

This was Mr. Shi’s professional brainwashing. Yet the little girl thought he made sense and nodded her head in approval, “I like to play with Big Brother.”

Shi Yi rubbed the little girl’s head, feeling very satisfied.

Yu Zhiyi suddenly remembered something and pulled out two new pencils from her backpack, setting them on the table, “Mommy bought me a pencil case. I picked two in your favorite colors for you.” Then she pulled out a handful of candy from her pocket to give to him, “Candy too.”

These were the only two things that she could give out from the presents she received. It’s not as if she could give him clothes, and Shi Yi didn’t need snacks either.

Shi Yi hadn’t had time to be happy about the two pencils when he was distracted by the candy in her hands. However, it wasn’t ebcause he liked to eat them.

“Yu Zhiyi! Didn’t I already tell you that you can’t eat candy right now?” He confiscated all of her candy, not letting her keep any of time.

His finger tilted her chin up as he ordered, “Open your mouth.”

She obediently opened her mouth.

Shi Yi examined her teeth in detail. It was the right time for her permanent teeth to be growing out, she can’t be too careless. He sternly lectured her, “Before your adult teeth finish growing out, you’re not allow to eat candy, understand?”

Before Yu Zhiyi could make her stand clear, Ning Suya suddenly knocked on the door and entered, “Yiyi, did you already eat? Aunty will make some food for you.”

Shi Yi rushed to answer, “Mom, remember to not add any spices to the food, Yiyi has a coldsore and it still hasn’t healed yet.”

Ning Suya laughed as she waved the spatula in her hand, “Got it, you worrywart. You’ve already nagged me so many times these past few days, how could I not know?”

Ning Suya turned around and went to the kitchen.

Shi Yi retracted his gaze. Just as he was planning to continue his lecture, he suddenly discovered that the little girl was crying.

Shi Yi suddenly panicked, “Yiyi, I wasn’t trying to scare you, don’t cry.”

Yu Zhiyi shook her head. She wasn’t crying because Shi Yi didn’t allow her to eat candy.

The intelligent Shi Yi would only lose his calm at the sight of her crying. He clumsily wiped away her tears as he coaxed her, “Don’t cry, when your teeth grow in, Big Brother will take you to buy candy.”

This author wants to say: I…I suddenly feel like my childhood friend was a fake. I’m crying from jealousy

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