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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 4

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 4 – Yiyi and I aren’t in a puppy love

As Shiyi wished, he finally left the childish place that was the kindergarten. Yet he discovered…the kids in the first grade were the exact same to him.

As he grew older, the knowledge he had continued to accumulate. Shi Yi felt very helpless about this. Thankfully, the only thing he was happy about was that his family’s Yiyi was still here.

Shi Yi was tall for his age, and the teacher had arranged for him to sit towards the back. This meant that he would have to be separated from Yu Zhiyi. Shi Yi didn’t want to, and he grabbed Yu Zhiyi’s hand, refusing to let go. He wanted to play the same tactic he used in kindergarten. But the teacher didn’t agree, and in the end, the two sat four rows apart.

When Yu Zhiyi entered an unfamiliar environment, she was not as open or enthusiastic as the other kids in making new friends. She felt a little uncomfortable and nervous. During class, she would often turn around, and after class ended, she would immediately run to where Shi Yi sat.

Although Shi Yi was upset that they could not sit together, he would also not purposely scare Yu Zhiyi. Instead, he patiently coaxed her, “Don’t be afraid, Big Brother will protect you from behind.” She trusted Shi Yi a lot and slowly adjusted to the new class.

Most of the students in the class were unfamiliar with each other. When they played games, they would often find those who were perky or pretty.

“Shi Yi, let’s play hide and seek!” A girl with a mushroom haircut ran over, enthusiastically inviting him.

Shi Yi calmly flipped a page in his workbook, immediately refusing, “Not playing.” He didn’t want to play such a childish game!

But the mushroom-haired girl instantly turned around and invited Yu Zhiyi, “Yiyi, let’s play hide and seek!”

The kids in the courtyard were unwilling to play with her, and now that there was someone who invited her, she was naturally very happy. She ran over to Shi Yi, pulling his sleeve.

Shi Yi put his book down, “What’s up?”

“Big Brother, let’s go play hide and seek.”

Shi Yi glanced over at the mushroom-haired girl and instantly realized the reason, “Go ahead.” He knew that Yu Zhiyi wanted to play with everyone.

Yu Zhiyi and her friends went to the little field, though Shi Yi didn’t join in.

After recess was about to end, the mushroom-haired girl along with some other kids happily returned back to the classroom. Their laughter caught Shi Yi’s attention.

He glanced at the classroom doorway. Yu Zhiyi was not in the group. Shi Yi immediately put down his workbook and rushed over, “Where’s Yiyi?”

With his question, everyone looked left and right, finally realizing that they were missing a person.

“Don’t, don’t know…” A timid voice drifted out from the group, and Shi Yi’s expression instantly changed.

He couldn’t find Yu Zhiyi in the field no matter what. His body was covered in a layer of sweat as he panted and ran towards the teacher’s office, only to find the little girl he was searching for was sitting here??

The little girl was sitting on the cool sofa in the office. A thin blanket was wrapped around her. Her black and glassy eyes turned as she quietly sat there.

Just as Shi Yi wanted to walk over, he was stopped by the teacher, “Little Shi Yi, you can’t go over right now.”

Shi Yi turned around to see the teacher using a hairdryer to dry the children’s clothes in her hand. That was Yu Zhiyi’s clothes. He hurriedly asked, “What happened to Yiyi?”

The teacher couldn’t hear him over the sound of the hairdryer.

When Yu Zhiyi saw Shi Yi, her two little hands stretched out from under the thin blanket as she sweetly called out, “Big Brother.” Shi Yi no longer cared about what the teacher said and ran over to the sofa.

The teacher hurriedly turned off the hairdryer in her hands and adjusted the blanket on Yu Zhiyi, “Little kid, don’t move around.”

Although the teacher’s voice was very gentle, Yu Zhiyi still cared about Shi Yi more. Seeing Shi Yi was being blacked, she felt a little distressed, and her fair and chubby arms kept reaching out, “I want Big Brother.”

Just as the teacher wanted to comfort her, Shi Yi finally figured it out on his own, “Teacher, I understand. Yiyi doesn’t have clothes on, right?”

Not waiting for the teacher to answer, he had a serious expression on as he patted his chest, “I won’t look, I’ll take care of Yiyi.”

Teacher: “…”
This child matured quite early.

After hearing Yu Zhiyi and the teacher’s explanation did Shi Yi discover that when she was playing hide and seek with the other kids, Yu Zhiyi went to the restroom and got her clothes wet by a naughty kid. The teacher just so happened to be passing by at the time.

When Yu Zhiyi returned to find the other kids, she discovered that everyone was gone, and the teacher brought her to the office to take her clothes off and dry them.


After this event, Shi Yi never allowed her to play alone with those people again. Even more, who knows where he got a little bell to put on her wrist, “That way, wherever you go, I’ll be able to find you!”

Whenever she moved her wrist, the bell would ring out with a crisp and clear sound. As long as she sat in the classroom, he would be able to hear her no matter what.

But this wasn’t a long-term solution. It was fine if Yu Zhiyi didn’t move, but when she did, the bell would disturb others. With no other choice, Shi Yi could only take the bell off.

When he took away the bell, Yu Zhiyi was a little happy. Her pouting face looked quite pitiful.

Shi Yi couldn’t handle her gaze and went home to ask his parents for help. In the end, they bought a bell that didn’t ring for her to wear.

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When they were in third grade, the teacher brought up the essay topic of what the kids wanted to be when they grew up.

The kids had dreams of traveling the galaxy, what aliens, Ultraman, etc. and other types of superpowers. Some would also say they had dreams of becoming teachers, doctors, etc., usually jobs that they would often hear about.

Everyone had a happy time discussing about their dreams. Shi Yi was also laughing, but the reason behind his laughter was different from everyone else’s.

When the teacher asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”
The picture that was floating in his mind was Yu Zhiyi wearing a red padded jacket sitting on the snowy ground as she foolishly said, “Grow, grow up to be a beggar…”

Other girls were fighting to be a princess in a fairytale, only his family’s little girl thought differently, actually wanting to be a beggar?!

Shi Yi just so happened to hear Yu Zhiyi’s deskmate ask her, “Yiyi, what did you write down as your dream?”
He lightly smiled and answered first, “She wants to be a beggar.”

Yu Zhiyi’s face turned bright red, “I didn’t!”
Shi Yi wouldn’t let her off, “If you said you wanted to be a princess, I would think that you’re a genius.”

Who knew that Yu Zhiyi would shake her head, “Yiyi is not a princess.”
“Hm? Why not?”
“Only those who live in castles are princesses.”

Shi Yi pinched her apple-shaped face, “If you want to be a princess, I’ll build you a castle.”

A careless promise was remembered by the little girl for a long, long time.

Ding ling ling—“

When the bell signifying the end of the fourth period rang, all the students began to fidget. The teacher yelled out “End of class”, and almost everyone immediately ran out.

The sixth grade classrooms were located on the fourth floor. Shi Yi immediately disappeared while Yu Zhiyi waited for everyone to leave before slowly carrying her pink lunchbox to the cafeteria to eat.

In the usual spot in the cafeteria sat a chic boy. The eleven-year-old Shi Yi had quite outstanding looks. He was wearing a light blue down jacket, his feet were under the long table as he pushed his lunchbox with his left hand. His fingers rhythmically tapped against the table.

Not too long later, a little girl in pigtails carried her pink lunchbox and sat across from Shi Yi. Only then did Shi Yi take back his lunchbox.

Yu Zhiyi stared as he opened his lunchbox. Seeing how it was filled with the aroma of chili chicken, she couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Want it?” Shi Yi asked on purpose.

She puffed her cheeks and nodded.

Shi Yi: “Not allowed.”

The little girl pouted as she pitifully picked up the stir-fried cabbage in her lunchbox with chopsticks. Opening her mouth to take a bite, “It hurts…”

“Hmph, who told you to secretly eat junk food without drinking water.” Shi Yi glanced at her and deliberately waved a spicy chicken in front of her face before putting it in his mouth.

Yu Zhiyi felt really wronged. A few days ago, she kept eating heavy foods, and she got a coldsore. It hurt whenever she ate.

During the weekend, Shi Yi was forced by Ning Suya to go shopping, “Son, I think you grew taller again, we have to buy new clothes.”

Not only did Shi Yi’s intelligence grow quickly, his height did too. He was only eleven years old, but he was already 1.6 m.

Ning Suya brought her son shopping at the mall. After buying two sets of new clothes, she took him to the grocery store to buy some more things. As Shi Yi browsed around, a cup on the shelf caught his eye.

The newly released cups had a unique design. There was even a swan on top of the cup. According to the salesperson, when you drink from this cup,  the liquid in the swan will also flow accordingly.

Shi Yi reached out and grabbed two, one pink and one blue.

“Mommy, I want to buy this cup, is that okay?”

“Don’t we have some at home? What’s the use of buying so many.”

“This is pretty.”

“Oh…” She had no idea her family’s son had such girly tastes.

On Monday, a new pink cup appeared on Yu Zhiyi’s desk. It was very cute, and she loved it so much she never let go of it.

Yu Zhiyi was so happy, she held the cup as she went to the back to give thanks.

“No need.” He pointed at the cup and slowly gave an irrefutable order, “In the morning, noon, and afternoon, I will fill up your cup with water. you have to finish it.”

The little girl’s ecstatic smile immediately froze, “Big Brother, I can’t finish it…”

“If you can’t finish it, then fill it up yourself then?”

“….” The little girl hugged the swan cup as she trudged back to her seat.

She looked back a couple of times. When she saw Shi Yi had his head down, she secretly opened her cup and placed it out the window. Her deskmate suddenly asked, “Yiyi, what are you doing?”

Yu Zhiyi was slow to react and she was caught in the act by Shi Yi.

The head teacher walked into the classroom to see the class representative, Shi Yi, holding a pink cup and personally feeding water to Yu Zhiyi. The little girl’s face was completely red, it seemed like she was shy. He knew that these two children had a good relationship, but they actually put on a public display of affection?

“Shi Yi! what are you guys doing!”

Already dating at such a young age?

The moment class ended, the teacher broguht the two to the teacher’s office.

As class representative, Shi Yi was very familiar with the way to the office, even going through all the procedures on his own.

“Teacher, Yiyi and I aren’t in a puppy love.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the classmates to understand the situation.”

“Of course, in order to quell your anger, I’ve already written a thousand-word reflection.” He calmly and unhurriedly handed over a thousand-word reflection essay as he admitted, “You didn’t think wrong, I wrote it just now during class. However, don’t worry, I’ve already memorized the lesson taught in the classroom earlier. If you want to double-check, I can read it to you right now.”

“Finally, do you need me to help you contact our poarents?”

“…” The head teacher felt like strangling someone.

Translator’s comments: I can honestly never stop smiling whenever I translate this novel. Shi Yi’s antics crack me up.

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Goodness, i love the ML. He’s a genius but not obnoxious. He’s rich but not overbearing.


Hahahahaha charming, smart, and smart-@ss 🤣 Thanks TN

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