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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 3

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 3 – Mrs. Shi

“Shi Yi.”

When the kindergarten let classes out for the day, the parents came to pick the children up while the teachers would call out the students’ names. Hearing the teacher’s voice, Shi Yi immediately put the sketchbook in his hands back into the shelf. Wearing his backpack, he walked outside.

After meeting his mom, he habitually searched for Yu Zhiyi’s parents, “Mommy, did you see Yiyi’s grandma?”

“I didn’t.” Ning Suya shook her head.
“Then let’s wait some more.”

“Alright.” Ning Suya rubbed her son’s head and patiently waited. But as they waited, even when all the other kids had gone home, no one from the Yu family came.

The empty auditorium was left with only a couple of teachers and Yu Zhiyi. The little girl was standing at the doorway waiting, on the edge of tears.

Shi Yi hurried pulled his mom’s hand and ran over, “Yiyi, where’s your grandma?”

She shook her head in confusion, looking even more helpless.

The teacher’s phone calls to Yu Zhiyi’s family wouldn’t go through, and she couldn’t contact the adults in the house so she felt her head ache. The little girl’s glittering tears streaked downwards, the tears wetting her long eyelashes. Her black, grape-like eyes were misty as she softly and sweetly called out, “Brother, Yiyi can’t go home.”

Shi Yi hooked his arm around his little sister, and imitated the adults, gently patting her back as he comforted her, “Don’t cry Yiyi, I will take you home!”

Ning Suya went to discuss it with the teacher, and brought the two kids home together.

When they personally dropped Yu Zhiyi back at the Ruan family, they saw Yu Zhiyi’s uncle and aunt had already set up dinner, completely unaware that the child did not come home.

Ning Suya couldn’t help but frown, “Yiyi was all alone at the kindergarten and no one came to pick her up, did you not know?”

At this moment, Uncle Ruan came over to pick up the child, and said that he had no idea.

After Yu Zhiyi’s parents went to the neighboring province for work, her grandma had been taking care of her at Yu Zhiyi’s own home. Today, her grandma had something on and had to leave. Before she left, she had told Aunt Ruan to pick up the child in the afternoon, but Aunt Ruan did not take it to heart at all. Therefore, she had no idea that the child had not come home.

On the way back to their home, Shi Yi turned his head towards his mother, “Mommy, next time when you pick me up, let’s also bring Yiyi home.”

When Grandma Ruan returned, Ning Suya personally went to discuss this with her, saying that in the future she’ll bring both kids back. The elderly naturally happily agreed.


Yu Zhiyi was born in the middle of December. The day she turned five, the white snow had covered the ground, making the simple courtyard look like a brand new world.

Ruan Qing who was working outside had fallen pregnant again, and it was inconvenient for her to make the travel back and forth. As such, she only mailed a set of new clothes to her daughter as a birthday gift.

Little Zhiyi was elated when she saw the new clothes and couldn’t wait to change into the new red padded jacket. Grandma nimbly tied her hair into braided pigtails, and tied them with red string. The little round face was framed in red and looked extremely cute.

After Little Zhiyi changed into her new clothes, she stepped on the slippery snowy ground and shakily ran over to the Shi family that lived opposite.

On the empty courtyard outside of Shi family, a little boy was currently holding a toy shovel, shoveling snow.

Little Zhiyi ran towards him, but the ground underneath her was slippery and she landed on her butt. The two kids were both shocked.

Shi Yi hurriedly threw the shovel away and helped her up. The strong little girl didn’t feel it hurt at all, and instead was happily showing off her clothes, spinning around in a circle, “Big Brother, Big Brother look, Mommy bought me new clothes!”

Shi Yi looked seriously at her new clothes and rubbed his chin, falling into a deep thought.

How to put it…
So fat, she almost turned into a ball.

But Shi Yi knew that he should not say to girls that they are fat so he praised, “Cute!”

The little girl who received a compliment held her face and her pink cherry lips curved upwards.

Shi Yi held his toy shovel as he continuously shoveled and played in the snow. Little Zhiyi followed him the entire time, leaving behind messy footprints. The snow-covered ground was quite slippery, and her steps were not as steady as Shi Yi’s. After a few steps, they would be separated quite far from each other.

Shi Yi would walk a few steps and wait a while for her to catch up. In the end, he bent down by the road and waved at her. She clenched her little fist and tried to speed up, but didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to stop in time and fell headfirst into the snow.

The snow that was piled on the grass flew everywhere after she collided into it. Little Zhiyi blankly turned around and looked at him, holding two tree branches in her hand.

Seeing her silly appearance, Shi Yi bent over, “Just look at you, what can you do when you’re older?”

Little Zhiyi threw the branches away as she blushed and stammered out an answer, “After, after older, go, go beg for food…”

“Hmph, so lacking.” Shi Yi sighed and bent down in front of her. He couldn’t help but stretch his hand out and pinch her soft face, “Forget it, in the future I’ll work hard to earn money to raise you.”

Little Zhiyi held her face. Her crystal eyes sparkled, as if they knew how to speak.


Time passed by in a flash. The day that Shi Yi had prayed for so long had finally arrived: kindergarten graduation. The teachers had personally made their own gifts to give to each student. Most of the children’s parents had arrived on time to celebrate them graduating.

“My daddy and mommy are both here.”
“My daddy is busy earning money and can’t come, but my mommy came.”

As soon as one person mentioned it, the other little classmates would follow up, unconsciously comparing themselves to each other.

As they compared, someone even pointed out a certain child’s difference, “Yiyi’s parents didn’t come.”

Shi Yi, who was currently holding an elementary school textbook, finally spoke up, “Dummy, every adult has a job, the ones graduating from kindergarten is us, not our parents.”

“But daddy, mommy, and child are one family.”

“Yiyi is part of my family.” Shi Yi immediately replied.

The little boy argued: “Liar. Yiyi isn’t your sister.”
Immediately following, the others echoed: “That’s right, only daddy, mommy, and baby are one family!”

Shi Yi closed the book and asked the crowd, “Then do you know why daddy and mommy are together?”

“Don’t know.” The children honestly shook their heads.

He explained, “Because daddy and mommy married, they are one family.”

“Oh~” The kids chorused.
“Shi Yi, you’re so smart!”
“Then if you and Yiyi are one family, are you two also married?”

“Ah…” Shi Yi who matured early helplessly shook his head, too lazy to explain to this group of ignorant children.

He sat down and just as he opened his book, a little head suddenly appeared next to him, “Big Brother, are we married?”

Shi Yi replied seriously, “Yiyi, little kids cannot get married.”

“Then when can you get married?”
“Of course it’s after you grow up.”

Little Zhiyi nodded her head. Who knows if she truly understood or not.

When summer break had just begun, Shi Yi had followed his mom to visit his grandpa1 and grandma2, and still had yet to return.

Little Zhiyi sat in the courtyard, feeling bored when she heard the sounds of kids happily playing outside. Her short legs slowly walked out.

It was rare for children from different courtyards to play together when their personalities and ages were different. Wang Siyuan, who was in second grade, was a girl who came here for summer break. Her pretty dress became the object of admiration from the kids in the courtyard. Both boys and girls liked to play with her.

Wang Siyuan proudly stood on the footstool, like a proud peacock. She looked left and right, then reached out to point at Yu Zhiyi who was standing by the courtyard entryway as she asked in a loud voice, “Hey, what are you doing hiding over there?”

Little Zhiyi bravely shuffled forward a couple steps and asked in a small voice, “Can, can I play with you guys?”

Just as she asked, the chubby boy in the middle stood up, “Don’t play with Yu Zhiyi, she’s the dumbest when it comes to playing games.”

Wang Siyuan didn’t believe him and insisted on pulling her in.

They were discussing who would play what for the game, house. Wang Siyuan wanted to play an adult and be the mom because she felt that little kids had to listen to their mom.

The boys were arguing on who would be the dad, also wanting everyone to listen to them. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement, they might as well do a random draw. When everyone else finished drawing, Yu Zhiyi was left with the last slip of paper.

Everyone received a role to play and were curious who would play the ‘dad’ and ‘mom’.

Wang Siyuan didn’t get the role she wanted and was a little unhappy, “Everyone show me your slips, I want to see it!”

Yu Zhiyi was a little slow in her movements and was the last to show her slip. When everyone saw it, this person who was the worst at playing games actually got such a good role.

The little fatty laughed out loud, “Yu Zhiyi is actually going to be the ‘mom’, she’s so stupid, she doesn’t know how to do anything!”

When the little boy who drew the ‘baby’ role heard this, he suddenly broke out into tears, “Yu Zhiyi is so stupid, I don’t want to play her stupid child.”

Wang Siyuan who wanted this role suddenly stood forward and snatched the slip of paper from Yu Zhiyi’s hand, “No one wants to play with you, you should just go to the side.”

As expected…the others don’t want to play with her. The outcasted little girl could only stand there and watch as the others happily played together.

Little Zhiyi squatted on the ground, feeling bored. Her fair and soft little hands pulled up clumps of grass.

“Why isn’t Big Brother back yet?”

Just as her words fell, a shadow appeared in her sight. Little Zhiyi tilted her head up and her eyes immediately sparkled with joy, “Big Brother!”

Shi Yi bent down to grab her skinny arm, steadying the person, “What are you doing squatting here alone?”

“They said that I was too stupid and didn’t let me play with them.”

Shi Yi firmly held her hand and took her to the group of people, “Just now, who said she was stupid, come out!”

Shi Yi was an entity that they did not dare to offend, because when Shi Yi was in kindergarten, he already knew how to solve elementary school level questions. He also knew how to make the adults happy, and their parents all wanted them to study like Shi Yi. If they didn’t want to, then they would be scolded. As such, the little fatty was exposed.

The little fatty was also scared, and also exposed the other one, “He was the one who said he didn’t want to be Yu Zhiyi’s stupid baby.”

From the bits and pieces the others said, Shi Yi understood the whole situation. Pointing towards Yu Zhiyi, he spoke to everyone, “Apologize to her!”

“I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry.”

The two people said together.

Even though they had apologized to her, Yu Zhiyi still felt upset. When she was walking home with Shi Yi, she stupidly asked, “Big Brother, am I really stupid? Will my kids also be stupid?”

“You are a little dummy, so you need a partner who has a high IQ to save your future child.”
“Then…then who should I find?”
“Seeing how we’re neighbors, I’ll allow you to become Mrs. Shi when you grow up!”

This author has something to say:

When Shi Yi said these words, he didn’t really know what that responsibility entailed, he just knew some basic knowledge.

My little cousin whose in kindergarten comes home and has a new girlfriend everyday…I don’t know whether to laugh of cry.

Yiyi: Beg for food after growing up.
Shi Yi:…My wife is really talented.

Translator’s comments: Where was my Shi Yi when I was a child????


  1. 爷爷 yeye is paternal grandfather (father’s father)
  2. 奶奶 nainai is paternal grandmother (father’s mother)
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