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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 2

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 2 – “Shi Yi’s Weakness”

In the latter half of the year, the two kids will be turning 4. Father Shi and Mother Shi discussed with each other about sending their son to kindergarten. Shi Yi was very happy because he could play with his classmates every day! However, he did not forget about his little sister.

“Mommy, then will Yiyi also go to kindergarten?”

“This…” Ning Suya didn’t finish. She asked Zhiyi’s parents before, they didn’t seem to have the thoughts of sending little Zhiyi to kindergarten. They brushed it off saying that the child was young, and even if she went, she would just horse around, wasting their money.

Although Ning Suya adored this little girl, it wasn’t appropriate for her to meddle in another family’s affairs. The smart Shi Yi wasn’t deterred and insisted on getting an answer.

Ning Suya was pestered by her son until she had no choice, “Yiyi can’t speak very well yet, and she stumbles when she walks too. She might go to school later.”

Shi Yi refuted, “Yiyi knows how to talk, she just doesn’t bother to! Yiyi can walk, she’s just a little slower! Mommy, you know that some people are taciturn, and it’s not as if walking slow will affect her studies.”

Ning Suya: “…”

Who knew where her son learned these words, and he actually used them correctly.

Shi Yi wouldn’t relent as only one thought occupied his mind: he had to think of a way for Little Sister to come to school with him! Shi Yi dashed towards his room and found a toy fishing rod in his chest of toys. He once saw a video on his dad’s cellphone, and he deftly tied the fishing rod on top of the hat, then hung a strawberry in front, running off to go find little Zhiyi.

“Yiyi!” Shi Yi’s voice was very loud and clear. When he stood outside the door and yelled, the people inside all heard him.

Someone from the unit next door was sitting outside the door sunbathing. When they saw Shi Yi, they teased him, “Shi Yi is coming to find Yiyi again? Might as well let the Yu’s just send their daughter to your Shi family.”

If it were other children, they might have happily agreed, but Shi Yi didn’t like to hear these adults say such words. Yiyi wasn’t an item, how could she be sent to people willy nilly!

Ruan Qing was currently doing laundry inside when she heard the yells. Walking out with her daughter in hand, she let the two kids play in the courtyard.

When Shi Yi revealed a strawberry, little Zhiyi’s eyes instantly sparkled. When she reached a hand out to grab it, Shi Yi purposely ducked away.

“If you want to eat it, then come get it yourself.” He put the hat on little Zhiyi’s head, and the strawberry dangled in front of her.

Little Zhiyi’s arms weren’t long enough, so even when she stretched them she couldn’t grab it. She doggedly ran forward in pursuit, but still couldn’t grab it.

Shi Yi was at the side, cheering her on, “Yes yes, just like that, just a little more.”

Just as his words fell, little Zhiyi tripped over a rock and fell down with a “bang.”

Wawawa—” Her cries rocked the earth.

Hearing the sound of a child crying, Ruan Qing ran out in a panic and carried her daughter back. Shi Yi followed behind her, apologizing repeatedly, “I’m sorry, Yiyi. I’m sorry, Aunty1.”

Later, Ning Suya held a clothes hanger in her hand as she came to fetch her son back home. Shi Yi held his hands which were hit: He was punished to reflect facing the wall again today…

One of his good coworkers in the factory introduced Yu Kai to a construction job, but it required him to go to another province.

When Yu Kai came home, he discussed it with his Ruan Qing, “The people over there said that women can go too and cook and do other miscellaneous work.”

At first, Ruan Qing was a little doubtful, but Yu Kai always came home talking about how great it was over there, “The big boss over there secured a big job, I heard that he’ll earn several tens of thousands of dollars this year. It’s definitely better than staying in this small place!”

In the end, Ruan Qing was moved, and the husband and wife began to pack their things in preparation to earn money outside.

“What about Yiyi, then?” They had never gone elsewhere before and were afraid that it would be very troublesome to bring a little child with them.

The two people thought about it and in the end, chose to discuss it with Uncle Ruan2, and have Uncle Ruan’s family take care of their daughter. At the same time, Grandma3 can also look after the child as well. All they’d have to do is send money back every month.

Shi Yi paced around and gathered some bits and pieces of information from the neighbors’ gossip. The neighbors all said that the Yu couple was setting off to earn big bucks.

When Yu Kai got off of work, Shi Yi was standing outside of the Yu’s courtyard and stopped him, “Uncle Yu, I want to discuss something with you!” His tone was very similar to an adult’s.

Father Yu was in a good mood and played along with the child, finding a quiet place for them to sit down.

“Uncle Yu, can you let Yiyi go to kindergarten?”
“Yiyi is still little, even if she went to school she would just play.”

“It won’t be. Mommy took me to the kindergarten to let me experience it for two days. The teachers will teach you how to read and write, sing and dance, and more, I already learned a lot!”

“That’s because you’re smart.”

The little fellow shook his head and spoke in an old-fashioned tone: “Only by studying more will one be more outstanding. Uncle Yu, do you want your daughter to lose at the starting line?”

Maybe it was because he was provoked by the little fellow’s words, or maybe it was because he was thinking about the good life outside, but in the end, Yu Kai agreed to spend the money to send his daughter to kindergarten.

Just like this, Shi Yi got what he wished for, and come September he would be able to go to school with his little sister!


For the first day of school, Shi Yi set an alarm for himself…that didn’t ring. In order to make up for lost time, Ning Suya directly carried him into the car, telling Father Shi to drive them to the kindergarten.

Shi Yi kneeled on the car seat, and his face was pressed against the car window as he looked in the direction of the courtyard, “Yiyi is also giong to school, are we not going with her?”

“Baby, we’re late today, Yiyi’s parents will naturally send her to school.”
“Oh, okay then.”

Shi Yi was excited for them to meet at the kindergarten but he didn’t expect that he didn’t see Yu Zhiyi even when he stepped inside the classroom. “Teacher, do you know where Yu Zhiyi is?”

The kindergarten teacher was stumped by his question, “Little friend, is the Yu Zhiyi you’re talking about in this kindergarten?”

“Yes! She’s my little sister, she’s attending school with me.”
“We don’t have anyone in class with this name.”

When Shi Yi heard this, he became unhappy. He ran out of the classroom like a wisp of smoke, trying to find Yu Zhiyi. Only, he took just a few steps before he was caught by the classroom’s teaching assistant.

“Let go of me, I want to find my little sister!”

The teaching assistant held his hand, wanting to coax him back to the classroom when Shi Yi suddenly yelled out at the top of his lungs, “Save me!”

This yell of his caused even the principal to come over. Shi Yi’s temper tantrum fulfilled his wish as he found Yu Zhiyi in the neighboring Watermelon Class.

Because she was anxious about her son, Ning Suya had been downstairs the whole time when she was called up by the teacher. After hearing the reason, she knelt down and patiently tried to reason with her son, “Little Yi, you’re just in different classrooms. You’ll still be able to play together.”

“No way, I want to be in the same class as Little Sister, she doesn’t want to leave me.” Shi Yi firmly held Yu Zhiyi’s hand, refusing to let go no matter what.

Everyone else: “…” Exactly who doesn’t want to leave whom?

When Shi Yi saw them all looking at Yu Zhiyi, he raised his little hand and pressed down on her soft hair, “Yiyi, hurry and nod!”

The little girl’s black and glossy eyes rolled. Hearing her older brother’s command, the slow-witted her, under everyone’s gaze, clenched her soft little fists and her little head solemnly nodded, “Together with Brother!”

With just a temper tantrum, Shi Yi got his wish and was transferred to be in the same class as Yu Zhiyi.

The kindergarten’s lunch was arranged according to proper nutrition values. Every day they would hand out different fruits to the children, though the amount was not much.

Their luck was quite good. Not too long after school started, strawberry day came around. The kids sat at their desks as the teacher gave two strawberries to each student.

The moment Yu Zhiyi saw her favorite fruit, she was happy beyond compare, chomping down very quickly. Just as Shi Yi was about to take a bit, he saw that Yu Zhiyi was only left with half a strawberry. Taking the chance when the teacher wasn’t paying attention, he hurried stuffed his own strawberry into her hands.

The little girl looked down at the half-eaten strawberry in her left hand, then looked at the two strawberries that appeared in her right hand. After thinking for a moment, she held the strawberry up next to Shi Yi’s mouth, “Brother, eat.”

“Brother doesn’t like to eat this, you eat it.”

The little girl nodded and just as she was about to finish it, the little fatty next to them already ran to the teacher to tattle, “Teacher, Yu Zhiyi ate Shi Yi’s strawberries!”

The teacher who was pouring water for them turned around and saw that Yu Zhiyi indeed have two extra strawberries in her hand.

“Yiyi, everyone only gets two, you can’t steal Shi Yi’s.”

Shi Yi immediately refuted, “I was the one who gave it to her! She didn’t steal it!”

Helpless, the teacher handed two more strawberries to him and watched him eat them before walking away. Shi Yi made a funny face behind her back.

Not long after attending school, Shi Yi realized that he had a huge misunderstanding about kindergarten! He originally thought that he would have a lot of fun playing with his classmates, but only after he started attending classes did he realize that kids were really troublesome. Some didn’t know how to eat by themselves, some had runny noses, some didn’t know how to read or count, it was totally impossible for him to have a good time with them!

The kids jabbered all day long and it was useless trying to cover his ears. Looking at Yu Zhiyi who sat next to him, she was doodling in her notebook, totally uninterested in the sounds happening around her.

The head teacher had filled up his cup with some water when he returned to his office to see that his chair was occupied by someone. The little boy sat in her chair, fiddling with the rubik’s cube in his hand.

“Shi Yi, why are you here!”
“They’re too noisy.”

“They don’t know how to read or do problems.”
“Some of them even cried.”

He spat out one more sentence to sum it up, “I have no way of communicating with them!”

The head teacher was very helpless towards this intelligent four year-old, “Then you don’t care about your little sister Yiyi?”

“…” He seriously thought about it and then got down from the chair, “Forget it, I should go back to the classroom to keep an eye on her.”

The head teacher followed him and personally watched as he entered the classorom. On the way she bumped into the teacher for the class next door, “That child is Shi Yi, right? I heard that he’s very smart, even smarter than the kids in the senior class.”

“That’s right. That kid is very quick-witted, not at all like a four-year-old. We get tricked by him a lot, he was even in my office just now, saying that he had no way of communicating with his classmates…this…” She didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Haha, wouldn’t he be hard to manage then?”

“A little, but he has a weakness.”

“What is it?”

“There’s a little girl named Yu Zhiyi in the class as well. She doesn’t know how to read or count and doesn’t really talk, but Shi Yi likes to stick to her for some reason.”

“So young yet he already knows to protect girls.” The teachers lightheartedly joked around between themselves. They didn’t take it to heart.

Only later did they witness the little girl sitting on the slide, and the troublesome and mischievous Shi Yi was standing next to her the whole time, carefully protecting her.

This author has something to say:

Shi Yi: You guys don’t understand, I’m raising my wife~

Translator’s comments: I love all this fluff from when they’re little (//▽//)


  1. People use ‘Aunty’ or ‘Uncle’ to refer to people significantly older than them (usually just one generation older), even if they’re not actually related.
  2. Chinese people have very specific ways to identify how someone is related to you. In this case, the raws said 舅舅 jiujiu, which mean your mother’s older brother. Since that’s a handful, I’m keeping it simple with just Uncle.
  3. Same case as above, 外婆 waipo means your mother’s mother (maternal grandmother).
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