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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 19.2

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 19.2

The wound on her face had begun to scar. Ning Suya and Shi Yi took Yu Zhiyi to the hospital to remove her bandages. When they left, Shi Yi put a black hat on her head.

Yu Zhiyi was on pins and needles the entire time her bandages were being removed. From the beginning until the end, she didn’t dare to look at anything that could make her see her reflection.

The hospital gave her a new prescription and when they left the hospital, her head was hung low. Even though there was a hat covering it, she would consciously use her hands to cover her face.

The wound was still in the process of healing, and the scars left behind were extremely obvious. After arriving home, Yu Zhiyi made a beeline for her room.

Shi Yi followed her in and saw the young lady sitting at the head of the bed with her head drooping. Both of her hands were on her knees as they shook uncontrollably.

She refused to take off the hat because that was her last layer of defense.

“Yiyi.” He kneeled down to get a better look at her face.

Yu Zhiyi jerked her head away in a panic and covered her face with her hands. She was really ugly right now, even uglier than when she was wrapped up in bandages!

“You won’t let me see it now, does that mean you never want to look at me again?” Shi Yi’s hand was left hanging in the air.

Of course not…

Yu Zhiyi secretly refuted, but on the surface, she ridiculed herself, “So ugly.”

“No way.” His eyes were full of warmth as he let out a soft smile, “Yiyi is just wounded. Once the wounds heal, you’ll still be as pretty as you were before. No, everyone says that women undergo numerous changes, so our Yiyi will be even prettier than before.”

She froze for a moment and then slowly lowered her hands.

Even so, that wasn’t enough and Shi Yi pointed at the baseball cap on her head, “You like my hat so much you don’t want to give it back?”

The young lady was teased to the point of blushing. She took off the hat and shoved it into his arms, “I’ll give it back! So petty!”

After everything that happened, Yu Zhiyi rarely showed her true emotions, but she felt upset about what happened, “I won’t be cute anymore.”

Shi Yi stood up and put the cap back on her head. He held her hand without any hesitation and resolutely told her, “You are very cute, you’re worthy of being loved.”

It was a workday, therefore Ning Suya had to go into the office. Only Yu Zhiyi and Shi Yi were left alone at home.

“Remember to defrost the meat in the freezer in the afternoon. Your father’s been craving porridge recently, so be sure to make a serving ahead of time.” These were the instructions Ning Suya left to Shi Yi.

Recently, Yu Zhiyi’s situation had improved and Shi Yi had relaxed a lot. Occasionally he’d go to Yu Zhiyi’s room and read some books, play some games, or whenever he felt sleepy, he’d set an alarm on his phone and take a nap on the bed.

The young lady sitting in front of her desk slowly turned her head and turned the alarm off.

Leaving the room, she walked around the house for a bit and finished the tasks Ning Suya had instructed.

Passing by the bathroom, she saw her reflection in the mirror. The scars on her face stabbed at her conscience and she hurriedly turned her face away, not wanting to look any longer.

Today, she got off of work early, so Ning Suya stopped by the supermarket on the way home and bought some fruits back. But when she opened the front door coming home, she felt that something was off…

It seemed like the floors were cleaner, the things more organized, and upon closer examination, even the shoes she placed outside the shoe cabinet yesterday had been cleaned and placed on the balcony to dry.

Walking into the kitchen, Ning Suya saw the cooked porridge as well as some freshly washed and chopped vegetables. There was even a plate full of prepared condiments as well.

Something was weird…her family’s son was good in every way, except for cooking. This type of delicate and attentive handiwork definitely did not seem to be his doing.

Yu Zhiyi had just stepped onto a stepstool to carefully clean the top of the window.

Out of nowhere, someone suddenly grabbed her waist and brought her down. Standing on the ground, Yu Zhiyi looked back to see a dark-faced Shi Yi.

“What are you doing climbing this high?”

“Just…wanting to help clean.”

“Who let you clean my room.”

“Sorry.” She was startled and hurriedly apologized and explained, “But don’t worry, I didn’t move any of your stuff, and in the places I did wipe, I put everything back.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Shi Yi sighed and put a hand to his head.

Just as he prepared to explain, Ning Suya knocked on the door and entered. Seeing the two people standing by the window, she asked with some suspicion, “Did you guys clean the rooms today? The ingredients in the kitchen…”

She only finished half of what she was about to say when she noticed Yu Zhiyi holding a towel in her hands and a basin of water next to her feet and suddenly realized something.

On the other hand, Shi Yi also understood what happened from what his mother said and went out to observe Yu Zhiyi’s handiwork.

“So you secretly turned off my alarm and cooked and cleaned the house?” Shi Yi was so upset he couldn’t help but laugh, “Did I bring you home to make you do this stuff?”

Yu Zhiyi couldn’t figure out what his mood was and didn’t know how to answer.

“What are you saying!” Ning Suya pushed her son away in annoyance and gently held Yu Zhiyi’s shoulder, “Yiyi, what we mean is, you don’t have to do these things. See, if you do all this, then your brother won’t know how to do anything and he’ll be spoiled rotten!”

“In the future, if there’s any chores, just let him do it.” Ning Suya pointed at her son.

Shi Yi who was detested by his birth mother frowned and pulled the young lady over, “Mom, I’ll talk to her.”

“Fine then, I’ll leave first.” Ning Suya shut the door on her way out.

Shi Yi was parked right in front of the door, blocking the young lady’s only escape route as he questioned, “Can you tell me what exactly you’re thinking?”

“Brother, I’m afraid…” She took a deep breath and continued quietly, “I’m afraid that I will be a burden on you guys and in the end you’ll regret bringing me home.”

She was well aware that she could not just righteously act as if she could be given things without offering anything in return. If she didn’t do anything to reciprocate, she would become an annoyance.

Ultimately, it was still her own low self-esteem to blame. Facing the talented Shi Yi, she started getting nervous, “Yiyi can do lots of things, and anything I don’t know, I can learn. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Shi Yi’s mouth crooked up, “I don’t think you heard what I was saying.”

“So let me say it again, you listen carefully.”

“If that person is Yu Zhiyi, she doesn’t need to purposely try to win over goodwill, I will blatantly protect her and spoil her regardless, understand?”

This author has something to say: Yiyi’s developed a feeling of inferiority and is very afraid of being abandoned, so she does everything very cautiously. On the other hand, Shi Yi knows that what she lacks the most is the feeling of reassurance, which is why he constantly and very clearly tells her his likes.

To sum everything up, it’s another sour day.

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