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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 19.1

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 19

Yu Zhiyi finally opened her eyes. Both times when she woke up after teetering on the edge between life and death, the person she first saw was…Shi Yi.

There was no expression on the young lady’s face. Her eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly flapping its wings.

The wound on her face had been covered, so the most eye-catching place on her face were her round and glassy eyes. Usually, everyone thought that her crystal grape-like eyes were full of spirit, but now they had lost their shine.

Shi Yi sat at the bedside as he quietly met her gaze.

The two people were silent for a long time. He lowered his head and his body slightly leaned forward. He quietly asked her, “Why did you do it?”

Yu Zhiyi closed her eyes, not daring to look at him.

Shi Yi didn’t plan on letting this topic go and continued, “Usually, if you just frowned, I’d be afraid of making you upset, and if you cried even just a little bit, I’d give in to you.”

“Now, you dare to be this cruel to yourself, are you trying to die or are you trying to make me die of grief?”

“I treat you so well, and this is how you repay me?”

She closed her eyes and didn’t speak.

“Yiyi, you’re so heartless.” Shi Yi raised his hand and placed it on hers. His soft and warm fingers lightly tapped the back of her hand a few times, though his tone didn’t have even a hint of blame.

“I’m sorry.” She opened her eyes a little, tears lining the rims.

The sensation she felt on the back of her hand disappeared.

His pair of warm hands tightly gripped her own. He suddenly smiled, “Since you know you were in the wrong, then I’ll give you a chance to make it up. Come home with me.”

Returning back to the courtyard would cause Yu Zhiyi to constantly recall those unpleasant events, so after Shi Yi and his mother discussed it, they took her to the city.

The home that the Shi family bought in Yunyang City had finished renovations long ago. All there was left to do was actually move in, so it was no problem to just do it right away.

This was a 3 bedroom, 1 living room house with a kitchen and private bathrooms. There was more than enough space for a family of three.

“Coincidentally, the empty room on the left side can be Yiyi’s. Aiya, I must’ve been a fortune-teller when I was saying to buy a 3 bedroom house that time.” When Ning Suya personally promised to bring Yu Zhiyi home, she had already decided to take good care of this young lady.

She decorated the room mainly in pale pink and beige colors. After stocking it with basic items, Ning Suya also placed a vase of flowers there too, making it look more lively.

After finishing all these, Ning Suya placed her hands on her hips and surveyed the room, extremely satisfied with what she saw.

She looked back and saw her son holding onto the girl’s hand as they stood outside the door. She hurriedly waved to the two kids, “Yiyi, come in and look, do you like this room?”

“If you feel that there’s anything unsuitable, just tell me, we can change it anytime.” Maybe it’s because she accepted that she has “adopted a daughter”, she felt a burst of happiness thinking about raising a girl so she placed even greater care towards this.

“Thank you Aunt Ning, I like it very much.” Yu Zhiyi was very moved as she gave her thanks in a frail voice. The room radiated warmth, making it obvious that it was decorated with care.

The young lady was very restrained, completely different from the relaxed demeanor she used to show whenever she visited the Shi family. Ning Suya felt a little heartache but didn’t let it show as she smiled, “Then you guys go ahead and play on your own here, I’ll go and prepare lunch.”

After leaving, she let out a sigh and shook her head. It was clearly the adults’ fault, but in the end, the one left to shoulder everything was an innocent child.

Now, everyone would be very cautious when interacting with Yu Zhiyi, afraid that they would scare her. Ironically, this also caused her to be unable to relax as well.

As for Shi Yi? When it was time for discipline, he would point out Yu Zhiyi’s mistakes, not at all treating her like a guest.

“Just now we toured your whole room, did you remember everything?”

“I remembered.”

“Alright then, do you see the water cooler outside? Go pour me a cup of water.”

When the young girl received the command, she immediately went out. She knew where the water cooler was and also knew where each person’s personal cup was as well. This type of small thing was not a big deal to her.

After filling up the cup, she handed it to Shi Yi.

Shi Yi naturally took the cup with one hand as his other gently tapped her head as he praised, “Our Yiyi is so good.”

The corners of the girl’s lips perked upwards.

Even though it disappeared in an instant, Shi Yi still caught it.

To Yu Zhiyi, what she lacked the most right now was confidence. She was a very simple person. All she really wanted was to be acknowledged by others.

When they were at the hospital, the doctor performed a psych evaluation on Yu Zhiyi. From Shi Yi’s observations, she was clearly depressed.

Low mood, an inability to focus, and sometimes she wouldn’t respond even when you called her several times.

Lacking self-confidence, feeling as though there was no purpose to her living, and furthermore, no hope for the future.

And most importantly, she had already tried to commit suicide once before.

Shi Yi would nag her to eat every day, and Yu Zhiyi was still very obedient. She’d try her best to eat, but she never ate much. Her originally toned figure slowly became skinny, to where you’d feel her bones if you held her hand. Her body looked so frail to where it looked like it’d be blown away by the wind.

“We can’t continue like this, the more we try, the skinnier she gets.” Ning Suya tried her hardest to come up with some more nutritious meals to no avail.

Seeing Ning Suya bring over food to her every meal, Yu Zhiyi really really wanted to finish it all, but her stomach wouldn’t let her. One time, she had forced herself to eat everything only to end up secretly throwing it all up in the bathroom.

“This child, really…I’d rather her not be so obedient!” Ning Suya couldn’t help but tear up, no longer daring to urge her to eat more.

Even so, there was still a silver lining to the past few days in that Yu Zhiyi didn’t have any suicidal ideations.

Every time Shi Yi went to hold her hand, he would raise her wrists to look at the fading scars.

Yu Zhiyi promised him, “Brother, I won’t do anything stupid again.”

At that time, she was truly tired. Actually, it didn’t matter whether it was that night when she went to plead for help or whether it was now going home with Shi Yi, all of these decisions were evidence of her will to continue living!

She didn’t want to die, but she also couldn’t feel any joy.

After receiving the answer he wanted, Shi Yi also felt a knot loosen inside of him. As long as she wanted to live, everything else could be taken one step at a time.

“Don’t mention it again in the future. My heart is not so good, it can’t take any more scares.” He purposely patted his chest as he joked around.

The young lady looked up at his chest as she placed her hand on it, “Brother, don’t be sad, I will listen to you.”

When she was standing on the edge of a cliff, there was someone who pulled her back at the last minute. She, who was wavering, landed in a safe place, so she was able to continue living.

That was when she knew that there was still someone in this world that hadn’t given up on her yet.

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