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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 18.2

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 18.2 – Please let me take Yiyi home

TW: Suicide

When Ning Suya clocked out of work and arrived at the hospital, she heard two voices arguing in the hallway. Feeling that they were a little familiar, she took a closer look and found that it was Yu Kai and Ruan Qing.

“How could you be so cruel! She’s your biological daughter, how could you raise your hands towards her?” Ruan Qing fiercely questioned her ex-husband’s atrocious actions, “Do you know how many stitches are on her face? How much it must have hurt! Yiyi is only fifteen years old, if…if a girl’s face that she holds most precious is ruined, how do you want her to live in the future?”

Most girls wanted to be pretty, and Yu Zhiyi was definitely not someone who didn’t care about her appearance. It was just that after she woke up, other than answering a few simple questions, she didn’t really take the initiative to speak.

After saying a couple of sentences, Ruan Qing began to cry again and reached out to push Yu Kai.

Yu Kai grabbed his hair in frustration and knelt on the ground.

He was getting annoyed from being yelled at and couldn’t help but retort, “You’re blaming me, but did you ever care about her? At that time, you just patted your hands and left without remorse. Don’t think that I didn’t know that you and that guy surnamed Zhao had a relationship since long ago. You were just waiting for the day to change your and Yanyan’s surname, when did you ever remember Yiyi?”

Ruan Qing was even more agitated, “What are you saying! How can you say that about me! It was all because you were muddleheaded and gambled away the money to buy a house, what right do you have to blame me?”

Hearing this, Ning Suya could only let out a sigh. Their daughter was already like this, both her mind and body were bruised and battered, yet this couple didn’t forget to push the blame onto the other while feeling sorrowful.

To say they didn’t love their daughter, they still felt aggrieved, regretful, and didn’t actually plan on abandoning the child. To say they they loved their daughter, neither the father nor the mother took responsibility and ended up hurting a perfectly fine child to this extent…

Yu Zhiyi’s surgery fees were paid for by her uncle. After Ruan Qing returned, she paid him back.

Because of this incident, she started a new round of scolding Yu Kai, saying a grown man like him was so useless, he couldn’t even pay for his daughter’s surgery.

The wound on Yu Zhiyi’s face needed time to recover, but she couldn’t stay in the hospital forever because they couldn’t afford the expensive medical fees.

The adults held a discussion to bring Yu Zhiyi back home and let a familiar person take care of her.

Afraid of disturbing the child, they stood in a corner, whispering.

“If Yiyi went back, who is going to take care of her?” As a bystander, Ning Suya saw the situation most clearly.

Yu Kai and Ruan Qing, Uncle and Aunt, these two pairs stared at each other.

Neither one wanted to take the initiative, and in the end it was still Aunt who couldn’t help but start nagging, “You guys are really…Yiyi was so good before, never saying a word of complaint even as she cooked and did chores every day. Now look what happened. There’s one less helper, and someone even has to go over to take care of her. Who has that much spare time.”

In the past, whoever heard such words would definitely start fighting with the person who said them, but listening to them now, it wasn’t completely untruthful.

Didn’t this describe Yu Zhiyi’s situation perfectly?

When actual danger occurred, it was still the Uncle and Aunt who saved the child’s life.

When it came to the biological parents’ stand, Yu Kai could only helplessly shake his head, “Yiyi doesn’t even want to look at me right now, how can I take care of her?”

Yu Zhiyi would hide the moment she saw him as her psyche developed extreme fear and rejection toward this father of hers. It truly was unsuitable for him to take care of her.

Ruan Qing added on, “It’s not that I don’t want to take care of my daughter, but even disregarding the fact that I can’t quit my job, I also have to take care of Yanyan as well as Yiyi’s grandmother. I really don’t have the ability to take care of three people.”

It was true that she felt sorry for her daughter, but it was also true that she was unable to take care of her.

Even for Uncle and Aunt, they had to work. For them to take care of her was their generosity, they couldn’t force them to take care of her.

Ning Suya understood, “So none of you are able to take care of Yiyi?”

The four people fell silent.

Even the usually good-tempered Ning Suya was angered to the point of letting out a mocking laugh, “What kind of adults, blood-related relatives are you guys. Since I’m here today, I’m not afraid of offending you guys. Yiyi is fifteen years old this year, the age when she’s like a flower. At school, which teacher doesn’t praise her for being obedient? In the courtyard, which neighbor doesn’t compliment her for being mature? Now, because of your stupid fights, she became like this!”

“You guys are good, each and every one of you want to toss away this hot potato, do you want to hurt the child even more?”

“Don’t think that an obedient and mature child doesn’t need any love. In fact, it’s exactly this type of child whose emotions are the most sensitive. I really don’t know what you guys are thinking. If this was my daughter, I would never let her suffer even the slightest of grievances.

The usually easygoing and friendly Ning Suya completely dropped all pretenses for the very first time. Her words were full of anger as she couldn’t calm down.

As the actual relatives, they were reprimanded by an outsider, yet none could refute what she said. Ning Suya’s each and every sentence lodged into their hearts, but even so, this problem was still unresolved.

They didn’t notice that a young girl was standing in the doorway of the hospital room. Her hands gripped the door frame, shaking.

Yu Zhiyi turned around and went into the restroom and closed the door. Raising her head to look at herself in the mirror, she saw the cotton gauze wrapped around her forehead. Her face was smeared with medicine, and the wound on her chin had yet to heal.

“So ugly…”

Yu Zhiyi, you’re so ugly.

No one would ever compliment her. forbeing cute anymore.

What’s the use of being obedient, what’s the use of knowing how to do chores.

“They all say you’re cute and obedient…” She whispered as she stared into the mirror. It was ass if she was able to see the past her through this mirror, “But even so, you were still abandoned, so why did you ask to be saved?”

If she didn’t ask to be saved and just quietly died that night, then those people wouldn’t be fighting because of her either…

She wanted to receive love, but those people couldn’t see her. Now that she was afraid and hid away, those people had all the more reason to distance themselves from her.

Maybe she wasn’t worth being loved, no one would resolutely choose her.

Really want to die…

Only. ifshe died, would she finally be free.

When the sharp knife sliced through her skin, she actually didn’t feel any pain. She felt that she was really about to die, even the sensation of pain had disappeared.

“Where’s Yiyi?”

“Yiyi, are you in the bathroom?”

Knock knock knock…” Someone repeatedly knocked on the door. The harsh sound disturbed her to where she couldn’t close her eyes.

“Yu Zhiyi! Are you in there, if you hear me, then answer me.”

She seemed to have heard a very familiar voice. That person sounded very anxious as they repeatedly called out her name.

Yu Zhiyi forced her eyes open, “Brother…”


The people outside broke open the door and entered.

When Shi Yi saw the young lady sitting on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding her hand, he lost all composure, “Yiyi, Yiyi!”

The adults who followed him crowded aroudn the entry. He directly carried the girl back to the hospital bed and frantically pressed the call button to notify the doctor.

Thankfully when they discovered it, the wound wasn’t too deep and it wasn’t a fatal injury. Every let out a sigh of relief.

Shi Yi no longer cared about being polite and stared at this group of unreliable adults. The vein on his temple throbbed as he clenched his fist and questioned, “What happened just now? What did you guys say to her?”

All he did was eat a meal outside, and when he returned his girl ended up like this? So many people were here, but they couldn’t even keep an eye on one person?

Unwilling to imagine what could have happened had he arrived later, Shi Yi’s brain was a complete mess right now.

Yet these adults all shook their heads, expressing they didn’t know.

The auntie on the neighboring bed weakly said a sentence, “I saw that girl stand by the doorway earlier before going into the restroom.”

All the adults were stunned.

Just now…

Aunt was shocked, “Did Yiyi hear us talking about who would take care of her??”

No one dared to answer this question.

They only thought that the child felt upset about being hurt and never thought that she had thoughts about giving up her life.

“Ah…” Shi Yi turned his back on the group and didn’t say any more.

He shouldn’t have trusted other people. Many people always think, “impossible, no way”, and only until the tragedy finally happens do they finally feel regret.

When he found out that they were discussing who would take care of Yu Zhiyi after she’s discharged from the hospital, Shi Yi had a private talk with his mother.

“Mom, do you know? When I saw Yiyi laying lifelessly on the bed, I even wanted to call the police…”

“But I didn’t do it. I can’t tell if after Yiyi loses her mother, if she would be able to accept also losing her father, even if that man is not worthy of being a father!”

After expressing his hatred for the cruel parents, he finally stated his purpose, “Mom, I want to bring Yiyi home.”

Shi Yi’s decision was out of Ning Suya’s expectations, yet also within, “Xiao Yi, what happened this time is not that simple…”

Yu family’s situation was extremely complicated. It wasn’t the same as the past where staying over for a few days would solve the problem.

“Mom, I know choosing a person means accepting a heavy responsibility, but if I were to abandon her because of such considerations, then that would be my life’s biggest regret.”

Ning Suya frowned, “You’re only a teenager!”

What does a teenager even know about forever.

“I believe that no matter what age I am, I have the right to make a choice. At least, right now I want to protect her for a long time. If I keep pushing back what I want to do to the future, who can guarantee that things will always stay the same?”

“But Xiao Yi, did you forget what the doctor said? She most likely has depression now.” Such a scary illness had destroyed many lives.

With some tenderness that couldn’t be hidden behind his resolute gaze, Shi Yi implored her, “Mom, please agree for me to bring Yiyi home.”

Ning Suya covered her mouth and turned her face away, not wanting her son to see her cry.

She sniffled and said in a solemn voice, “You go tell Yu family. As long as they agree, we’ll bring Yiyi home.”

That child was also the daughter she watched grow up.

Shi Yi nodded, “Thank you, Mom.”

He wasn’t worried about Yu family at all. Those people were probably all too willing for someone to take care of their problem.

But Shi Yi still separately talked to Yu Kai and Ruan Qing. After expressing his decision, he didn’t say much else, only leaving behind the same sentence for both, “You have a hundred, a thousand reasons why you don’t care about her, but her only desire has always been to just love you.”

When she was hurt by her parents, she never stopped loving them. Instead, she constantly questioned herself, and in the end, she finally gave up on herself.

The two people felt extremely ashamed after hearing this. They had lived for several decades but couldn’t even match up to a teenager in understanding their daughter. Originally, they were supposed to be their daughter’s closest people, but instead they became her worst nightmare.

Shi Yi returned back to the bedside, guarding Yu Zhiyi from night to day.

“Buddha said that if you help others in return, you will also be repaid for your kindness. I’m not a selfless or kind person, but for you, I want to be a kind person for once.”

To be a person who was selfless, a person who did not expect anything in return.

When Ning Suya who was standing behind the curtain heard this sentence, her heart felt very sour.

She still remembered what Shi Yi said before, “when a sensitive child was abandoned once, they would suspect everyone’s love”, that sentence fully manifested itself in Yu Zhiyi.

That young girl probably felt that the whole world no longer loved her.

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