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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 18.1

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 18 – Please let me take Yiyi home

When her grandma’s surgery ended and she finally woke up, the first thing she wanted to do was to give her granddaughter a call. However, she discovered that no one was picking up.

She had been in the hospital this whole time for check-ups and treatment. Sometimes when Yu Zhiyi called, she had no choice but to hang up when the nurse came in. She could only call back later and tell her granddaughter, “Yiyi, just wait a little longer. Grandma will come back soon.”

Just prior to the surgery, she was quite weak and didn’t call as much. After she safely finished the surgery and was now in her recovery period, the person Grandma thought about the most was still that granddaughter of hers in her hometown, “Xiao Qing, how come I can’t reach anyone at home?”

“Ah…” Ruan Qing didn’t know either.

During the time when she had just gotten divorced, Yu Kai would call every day, begging to get back together. She felt so annoyed that she didn’t even bother to pick up. Yu Kai even went to look for her older brother and sister-in-law that lived next door and begged them to help him. Later when her sister-in-law called and mentioned Yu Kai, she directly hung up the phone.

Speaking of which, it really had been almost a month since they last talked.

“Mom, just wait a moment, I’ll call right now to ask.”

Just as Ruan Qing was about to call Yu Kai, her youngest daughter suddenly ran into the patient room, holding a strawberry popsicle in her hand, “Mommy, look, Uncle Zhao bought me ice cream!”

There was a man who followed Yu Xinyan in. Wearing a suit, he looked much more pleasing to the eye than Yu Kai.

“Ugh, I told you not to spoil her.”

“It’s nothing. Since the child likes to eat it, it’s not bad to buy her one.” The man smiled as he shook his head. Setting down the nutritional supplements in his hand onto the table, he greeted the elder on the patient bed.

Grandma knew that the reason her daughter wanted to divorce was because Yu Kai had gambled away their savings. Seeing a more outstanding person appear, she didn’t want to disturb her daughter’s chance at a new relationship, so she did not bring up the topic of her ex-husband in front of him.

As they talked, the phone call they meant to dial was set aside.

When Shi Yi arrived at the local hospital, it was already afternoon.

On the journey here, he didn’t dare to think of how or why the young girl had suddenly entered the hospital. Even so, his guesses were a far cry from the horrifying reality that greeted him.

White gauze was wrapped around the head. There was also a piece of gauze on the right cheek as well, a scar could be seen near the chin.

The moment Shi Yi raised his head, his eyes turned red. Even Ning Suya who came as well was startled, “How could this happen?”

That’s right, how could this happen?

The little girl who once smiled at him and would grab his elbow and act cute with him was currently weakly lying on the patient bed with a face full of stitches. For a moment, he didn’t dare to believe that this was actually Yu Zhiyi.

Aunt who was sitting next to the bed hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth, “They said a beer bottle did it…”

She recalled the moment when Yu Zhiyi had a face full of blood and was crying as she pounded on their door, her frail voice crying out for them to save her. When they went over, they discovered Yu Kai was still laying on the ground, completely wasted.

“At that time, her uncle and I directly carried her to the hospital. The doctor took out all the glass pieces and also did some stitches on her face…” They were already horrified as bystanders, not to mention the young lady who was the victim of this ordeal.

“When we brought her over, she was crying the whole time.” As Aunt talked, she covered her face and cried.

Seeing her unable to control her emotions, Ning Suya hurriedly comforted her and dragged her out, “Let’s talk outside, don’t disturb the patient.”

This room still had other patients and was not appropriate for conversation.

Shi Yi didn’t say anything but he heard everything. He understood it all. Yu Kai actually committed domestic violence towards his daughter!

Everyone always assumed that even if a child was not happy following their father, at least it was still home. But none of them had ever considered how cruel the father would be.

Shi Yi leaned over the bed and gingerly held her hand. Her soft and seemingly boneless little hand was so slim, so cold that he couldn’t feel any warmth from it.

The young girl lying on the bed looked so delicate, so fragile that only the slight movement of her breathing indicated she was alive.

“Yiyi, I’m sorry.”
“I came late.”

He almost…
He almost lost her.

He should’ve known earlier. The little girl had gone through so much and was extremely sensitive. She always hid her wounds, putting on a happy smile to show to everyone else, cautiously trying to win the goodwill of everyone, afraid that she would be abandoned.

How could he just believe her when she said she’s fine? He should’ve known earlier!

“Yiyi is still so silly, am I not enough for you? You didn’t even tell me when you’ve been wronged.” He wanted to beg her to wake up and open her eyes to see that he had returned.

He wanted to personally tell her as well as personally show her: Yiyi didn’t get abandoned, her big brother would be here forever.

Someone had once asked him, “Don’t you hate immature children the most? You get annoyed by their lacking intelligence, so why do you keep protecting Yu Zhiyi?”

His answer was always the same: “I’m willing.”

That’s right, he was willing to protect Yu Zhiyi.

From when she started babbling to learn how to talk to when she learned how to take her first steps, he was always watching over her, never taking her as a burden. He only knew that when that cherub-cheeked little girl tilted her head up, smiled and yelled out “Brother” for the first time, he wanted to protect her!

Forever and always, there was no limit.


As night fell, Yu Zhiyi woke up later that evening.

Shi Yi had been next to her this whole time. With the slightest of movements, he woke up and hurriedly pressed the call button to signal for the nurse to come. Yu Zhiyi slowly opened her eyes.

After Yu Kai sobered up, he was full of guilt and regret, and immediatelyrushed over to ask about his daughter’s situation. However, the moment he appeared, Yu Zhiyi’s eyes were flooded with fear as she grabbed the snow white sheets and scooted back.

Shi Yi hurriedly held her hand, “Yiyi.”

Hearing Shi Yi’s voice, it was as if she had found a life-saving straw and leaned towards him. But awhen Yu Kai reached out his hand, Yu Zhiyi became so frightened she yelled.

Shi Yi patted her back to comfort her to no avail. He looked at Yu Kai with a cold gaze, “Uncle, can you step out?”

Everyone knew the reason behind Yu Zhiyi’s avoidance. Seeing his usually gentle and mild-mannered daughter become like this, Yu Kai felt immense regret.

Yu Zhiyi’s body was fine, but her wounds were all on her face. For a girl, this was even more unbearable than if the wounds were on her body instead.

In order to placate her emotions, Yu Kai didn’t dare to appear in front of her. Her Aunt brought over some easy to digest foods, but Yu Zhiyi was unwilling to eat.

At first, no one pushed her, believing that she would eat once she became hungry. Yet it was as if she didn’t feel hunger at all, not opening her mouth for the whole day.

Shi Yi brought over a bowl of porridge and held it to her mouth, but she still refused to open her mouth, shaking her head instead.

“Is Yiyi still not hungry?”

Sh answered, “I can’t eat.”

Shi Yi patiently coaxed her, “Eat just a little bit, I’ll feed you.”

When the spoon touched her lips, Yu Zhiyi finally relented and slowly opened her mouth, forcing herself to swallow.

Shi Yi let out a sigh of relief and scooped a second mouthful. But when Yu Zhiyi wanted to open her mouth to eat it, she suddenly leaned over the bedside and vomited.

Gagging, her small face had turned red as tears hung at the corner of her eyes. This set of movements tugged at her wounds, causing her pain.

She wasn’t throwing a tantrum, she really couldn’t eat it.

Yu Zhiyi’s situation was even more serious than they had thought. The doctor frowned, “Based on the results of her most recent physical report, there isn’t anything wrong with her body. The patient may be having some serious psychological issues.”

Heavy psychological burden in addition to the physical trauma she received resulted in her lack of appetite. Anything she ate would be vomited out, so they could only choose to supplement her with IV nutrition.

Yu Kai didn’t have money and had no choice but to contact the child’s mother.

When Uncle finally made a call too, Ruan Qing was finally willing to pick up, “Big Brother, is there anything wrong?”

“You finally know to pick up the phone! Your daughter almost died, did you know?” Uncle’s words were a little harsh, but it truly scared Ruan Qing.

In the end, Uncle finally revealed the truth and Ruan Qing’s hands were shaking, “Yiyi, is Yiyi alright?”

“I’m coming back right now, I’m coming right now.”

When Grandma heard something had happened to her granddaughter, she hated that she couldn’t just immediately leave the hospital. But her treatment was only halfway done and the doctor refused to let her leave.

Ruan Qing comforted her mother, saying that she was leaving right away to take care of her child and also promised to report back to her the truth. Only then did Grandma finally calm down.

The elder laid on the bed and wiped away her tears, “yiyi-ah…”

Such a good child, how did she encounter such a father!

She was also to blame for having such a weak body. She couldn’t even go back and accompany the child.

When Ruan Qing arrived, Uncle finally released a breath. After all, the child would definitely still care about her mother.

But no one expected that when Yu Zhiyi saw Ruan Qing, it was as if she saw a stranger. She lowered her head to play with her fingers, silent and unhappy.

Ruan Qing walked over, wanting to touch her daughter. The moment she touched her, Yu Zhiyi flinched and shrank away on reflex, her eyes full of suspicion.

“Yiyi, I’m mommy, I’ve come back to see you.” Seeing her usually vibrant and cute daughter suddenly turn out like this, Ruan Qing’s tears fell non=stop.

But it was no use. No matter what Ruan Qing said, Yu Zhiyi only avoided her.

During the times when she was in desperate need of companionship and love, they gave her neglect. So now, she doesn’t want it anymore. She doesn’t want anything anymore.

She was a child who had been abandoned, she would never hold expectations ever again.

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2. Her soft and seeingly boneless little hand
1. A typo, “Her soft and seemingly boneless little hand…”
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