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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 16

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 16

Her aunt had let it slip, and Yu Zhiyi had heard the cruel reality. She could no longer hold herself back and ran inside the house to call her parents.

The saddest part was that even though everything had come to this stage, they still refused to explain to the child, only using the excuse that “children shouldn’t interfere in the grown-ups’ matters” to brush her off.

Her grandmother comforted her, “Your parents don’t want you to worry. You can’t help them solve this problem, so just believe in them, okay?”

Yu Zhiyi felt very upset, but it wasn’t as if she could vent at her grandmother.

Late at night,t he young lady sat in front of her bed, folding countless paper stars. She couldn’t fall asleep, because the moment she closed her eyes, un pleasant thoughts would crowd her mind.

Legend says that folding one thousand stars would be able to make a person’s wish come true.

She knew that this was a lie, but it also represented the hope and desire people had inside for good things. She would also naively think that if she was able to fold a thousand stars, maybe her parents would reconcile?

Soon, it was time for final exams. Yu Zhiyi’s test scores were worse than before.

There was one more semester until their high school qualification exams. The teacher paid a lot of attention to the students’ test scores and contacted each student’s parents, hoping that during the winter break, they would be able to help their child think about what they want to do.

When Ruan Qing received the phone call, she stayed silent for a long time before finally going to find Yu Kai, “Yiyi’s grades went down, probably because of us.”

“No matter how bad our relationship gets, I hope that we can give the children a good environment. At the very least, before Yiyi takes her entrance exams, we should not affect her.”

Like this, for the sake of their daughter’s test scores, Ruan Qing and Yu Kai temporarily formed a truce. Ruan Qing was afraid that her daughter’s studies would be affected, while Yu Kai was thinking about how to use the next six month’s to win back his wife.

In order to act out this play, the husband and wife duo returned back to their hometown during the new year with their younger daughter.

Seeing her parents bring ther little sister home, Yu Zhiyi was extremely happy. She stood on her tiptoes as she shared her good mood with Shi Yi, “Dad and Mom didn’t get a divorce, they’ve made up with each other. I’m still Dad and Mom’s child!”

Shi Yi knew that Yu Zhiyi thirsted for her parents’ love. Seeing her so happy, he didn’t expose the fact that Ruan Qing and Yu Kai were just putting on an act.

Actually, anyone who saw clearly would understand. But Yu Zhiyi looked at things with rose-tinted glasses and felt that her parents were just like before.

On New Year’s Eve, she even brought out the box of stars that she had “naively” folded to make a wish, “I wish that I can stay together forever with the people I like!”

As for the people she liked, it included the Big Brother that treated her well despite not being related to her, as well as people who were related to her like her grandma, dad, and mom.

At midnight, some people set off some fireworks. Yu Zhiyi stood outside the entrance of the courtyard while Shi Yi was beside the window. On this dark night, they couldn’t see each other, but they knew that the other party was there!

Yu Zhiyi placed the box of stars on her desk. Glancing at her younger sister who was deep asleep at the side, she also entered sweet dreams.

But the next morning when she woke up, she discovered that the box of stars had been opened. The lid was on the table while the stars were scattered across the desk and ground. She was shocked, who touched her stars!

There was only one person that appeared in her mind–Yu Xinyan.

It wasn’t convenient for Yu Xinyan to sleep with their parents, and she also refused to sleep with their grandma, so naturally, she shared a bed with Yu Zhiyi. It was unlikely that the adults in the house would take her stars out and play with them, so the most likely person was Yu Xinyan.

The stars that had fallen onto the desk and ground only added up to about two or three hundred, so where were the rest?

Yu Zhiyi hurriedly put on a jacket and shoes and ran out.

“Yu Xinyan!”

She yelled out her younger sister’s name. When she went out, she discovered Yu Xinyan was holding the box of stars in her left hand as she grabbed the stars inside and threw them up like a flower girl at a wedding. Hundreds of stars flew up in the air and landed on the ground.

Yu Zhiyi panicked and immediately ran over to snatch the box. Looking down, there weren’t any stars left in the box, having been thoroughly emptied out by Yu Xinyan while she was playing.

The wishes during those late-night bouts of insomnia that she had made from worrying about her family had been thrown onto the ground like a cheap toy by Yu Xinyan. The beautiful hopes she had were being stepped on, never to come true ever again.

Yu Zhiyi’s eyes turned red, not because she wanted to cry, but because she was so angry she wanted…wanted to teach her a lesson, yet did not know how to.

“Yu Xinyan! Why did you take my stuff?” Taking without asking was theft.

“I just played with it for a little bit…” Yu Xinyan didn’t expect her older sister to be so angry. Used to being spoiled, she refused to admit her wrongdoing and pointed at the stars on the ground, “It’s not like it’s a big deal. I’ll just pick them up, it’s not like they’ll disappear!”

“You’re still arguing after doing something wrong! Apologize to me!” She was usually the warm and gentle big sister, but this really touched her bottom line. She had to get justice for herself.

Yu Xinyan didn’t want to and continued to insist, “I just played with it, I didn’t throw anything away, they can just be picked up!”

The sisters’ fighting had already attracted their grandmother’s attention. Seeing the stars on the ground, her grandma patted Yu Zhiyi’s shoulder in sympathy and told Yu Xinyan, “Hurry and pick up Big Sister’s things and apologize to her!”

Yu Xinyan refused.

She only saw her grandmother a handful of times and did not have a sense of familiarity with her, so she felt that all adults would take her side. This time, when she heard that her grandma was taking her big sister’s side, she became even more angry and purposely stomped on the stars on the ground.

Yu Zhiyi was so mad she hit her hand. Yu Xinyan cried for her dad and mom.

Yu Kai and Ruan Qing returned, and one coaxed the younger daughter while the other comforted the elder daughter.

Yu Zhiyi stared at her stubborn and conceited sister and angrily clenched and unclenched her fists.

Seeing her grandma picking up the stars outside, Yu Zhiyi hurriedly escaped from her mother’s grip and ran out. Squatting down, she gingerly picked up the stars.

For a period of time after this, Yu Zhiyi basically ignored Yu Xinyan. Every time Yu Xinyan came back, she always wanted to take her stuff! Yu Zhiyi couldn’t help but admit that in a deep, dark place inside of her, she didn’t like this younger sister of hers all that much. She wanted to protect everything that belonged to her!

Winter break wasn’t very long, and Yu Kai and Ruan Qing had already bought tickets for their departure.

Yu Zhiyi still remembered that when they were leaving, her mother had gently caressed her head, “Yiyi has to study well and work hard to get into the city high school.”

With her mother’s encouragement, her confidence level went up!

The second semester of ninth grade had more urgent studies than before. The school had added evening self-study. Yu Zhiyi had also calmed down and focused on reading books, do problems, and whenever she encountered a problem she couldn’t do, even if she had to possibly be scolded by Shi Yi, she would still go to him for explanations.

The teacher was very satisfied with the state of the two kids’ studies. Because the whole school was paying attention to Shi Yi, they would also pay attention to the person closest to him, Yu Zhiyi.

The high school entrance exam was in June. The middle schoolers were on break, letting the senior high schoolers who were about to take the college entrance examsin the classrooms.

During these few days, Yu Zhiyi would find Shi Yi every day with her books. Maybe it was because he was infected by Yu Zhiyi’s studious spirit, but Shi Yi also temporarily set aside his games and would acommpany her to study and review.

“Brother, if we both get into the city high school, we can be together fror the next three years too!”

She had already thought things through. Even if they weren’t able to buy a house, she coudl stay on campus. That way, she’d be able to see Shi Yi during classes.

“Oh…together during birth, together during kindergarten, together during elementary school, together during middle school, and together during high school. Then should we be together during college as well?”

“College?” This was a little too far off into the future for the young lady who was still fretting over the high school entrance exams. But since Shi Yi already asked, she still seriously considered it for a while before answering, “I heard that there are many different colleges to choose from. When the time comes, Brother and I can choose the same one!”

In her mind, she had never once thought about being separated from her big brother.

“Oh~” The youth turned to look at her. He raised an eyebrow, “You want to be with Brother even during college, then what about after graduating? Are you going to work with me?”

The young lady’s eyes brightened, “Ah, can I really? I still don’t know what I want to major in!”

Shi Yi: “…”

Forget it, she was still young, it was pointless to ask.

After the nerve-wracking college entrance exams passed, the middle schoolers returned back to school and continued to bury their heads in their schoolwork. During this last month, Yu Zhiyi worked harder than ever.

The day she entered the testing center, she had mantained a relaxed attititude. She felt that the questions were not significantly more difficult than normal.

After leaving the school, the usually boisterous Qiao Lezhi suddenly hugged her and cried, “Yiyi, I think I failed, I feel like I picked all the wrong answers for the last multiple-choice questions!”

She felt very upset and sad because there was a chance that they would not be able to go to the same high school. Yu Zhiyi comforted her for a long time and felt that Qiao Lezhi’s worries were unfounded. After all, one would only know after the results come out. Of course, she had to gingerly tell this to Qiao Lezhi as well as comfort her!

Qiao Lezhi held her and cried for a while until Shi Yi came over to fetch the person, “Qiao Lezhi, just cry if you want to, don’t hold onto my Yiyi. If you make her cry because you’re crying, are you going to take responsibility?”

Qiao Lezhi hurriedly wiped away the teardrops at the corner of her eyes, “I’ll just take responsibility then!”

She wanted to steal Yu Zhiyi back but didn’t expect Shi Yi directly held the person in his arms and even arrogantly tell her, “You’re dreaming!”

The sounds of happy laughter rang out and Qiao Lezhi forgot about her pain.

Yu Zhiyi and Shi Yi went home together, sharing the good news with him that she heard before she took her exam, such as: “Dad and Mom called to say that they will come back to visit after I finish taking my exams. I’ve been counting down the days, it’s tomorrow!”

She had successfully taken her high school entrance exams and finished the middle school chapter of her life.

But what Yu Zhiyi had yet to realize was that the tomorrow she looked forward to would not be the beautiful and heartwarming family reunion she had envisioned but a black hole.

Yu Kai and Ruan Qing had immediately changed their attitudes the day immediately after Yu Zhiyi’s high school entrance exams.

They no longer pretended to be the harmonious married couple and directly revealed the fact that they were going to get a divorce to Yu Zhiyi, “I have no way of living together with your father anymore. That’s why we have to tell you this.”

With their parents’ divorce, the problem of custody became apparent.

Actually, they had discussed this in private many times before, and it was a no-brainer that each would take custody of one. In their hearts, both were biased towards Yu Xinyan who they had personally raised since she was young.

“Yanyan is still immature and needs her mother’s care more. It’s more suitable for me to take custody of her.” In Ruan Qing’s view, her eldest daughter had always been very sensible and mature. Even if she followed her dad, it would not cause any worries. But her youngest daughter was spoiled and unruly, and thus inconvenient for her to follow her dad.

Yu Kai also wanted the younger daughter for two reasons. One, was because he had personally raised her since she was a baby and thus had a deeper bond with her. The second was that he wanted to argue with Ruan Qing, probably because he wanted to protect his fragile ego.

The two people both had a candidate in their heart, but pretentiously came over as if they were earnestly seeking their daughter’s opinion, “Yiyi, after Dad and Mom separate, who do you want to follow?”

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