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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 14

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Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 14 – Growing up

Shi Yi set down the pencil in his hand, “Mom, I’m only 14.”

“So?” She just wanted an honest answer.

“Before I have the ability to support another person for the rest of their life, I won’t get into a relationship with that person.” It was easy to say the word ‘like’, but with love comes responsibility.

Ning Suya felt the words in her throat had been blocked, “You’re only 14…”

Only 14, but he already understood how to be responsible and reliable.

They were never like other families who forbid their children from dating early, but she asked because she knew that her son pretty much didn’t play with any other girls aside from Yu Zhiyi.

She originally thought that her son’s feelings towards the little girl was more than just platonic sibling love, and at most it would only be at the extent of where a boy has a crush on a girl, but she didn’t expect…he was actually seriously contemplating deeper questions?

“Son, aren’t you a little too mature for your age?”

Shi Yi pointed at the high-school math problems on his desk, “Can’t help it if my IQ’s this high.”

“Alright, since you’ve already put it that way, I won’t say much.” As long as her child knew where to draw the line, she was willing to respect his decision.

According to Shi Yi’s line of thought, when he gained the ability to support another person for the rest of their life, then that would be at least after college graduation? If so, then there wasn’t much for her to worry about.

However, Ning Suya didn’t expect that less than a year later, Shi Yi would give her a slap in the face1


Ruan Qing stayed with her youngest daughter at home for half a month before leaving again. Yu Zhiyi’s life returned to normal. Just like a normal middle-school student, she studied, played with friends, and studied some more.

As the hottest part of summer passed, they moved up a grade once again. This semester, they stepped into the school as 9th graders2.

The school welcomed in a new batch of 7th graders. Shi Yi had held onto his persona of being the most handsome boy with the best grades for three years straight, causing these new little sisters to feel their young maiden hearts tremble in infatuation.

People at this age expressed their infatuation quite shyly and carefully. At times, everyone would secretly gossip but there were very few that had the courage to openly express their intentions.

But, there was always an exception to every norm. There was a brave one in the 7th grade who made a special trip to the 9th grade classroom to wait. Seeing Shi Yi appear, she stopped the person at the door, “Classmate Shi Yi, want to date?”

Listen to this, what a direct confession.

Shi Yi wasn’t moved and just returned a “sorry” before pulling the stunned Yu Zhiyi behind him into the classroom.

He took out a milk carton from his backpack and passed it to Yu Zhiyi. The two people whispered a few words to each other before Yu Zhiyi returned back to her seat. Their classmates were already used to their ‘public displays of affection’. After all, in their eyes, this was a pair of siblings with a very good relationship.

However, the rejected female student was like a thorn in the side. Shi Yi’s treatment towards her and that other girl was very piercing to her eyes. She felt uncomfortable, and also hearing that the school forbid its students to get into relationships, she immediately wrote a secret letter reporting this to the head teacher’s office.

When the head teacher opened this letter, she immediately laughed out loud.

Who is Shi Yi?

The focus of their school, the student who they’ve been grooming; everyone’s been watching him! Whether he was in a relationship or not, how could they as teachers not know?

The head teacher passed this letter over to Shi Yi’s homeroom teacher, “Look at the children nowadays, they’ve even begun to fabricate things.”

“You can’t put it like that. Shi Yi and Yu Zhiyi have such a close relationship, would it cause the other classmates to misunderstand? Would it lead their classmates astray?” If by chance everyone started to imitate Shi Yi and Yu Zhiyi and the two genders began to interact too closely, it would easily cause problems.

However, those two were very open in their actions, plus they grew up together, taking care of each other like real siblings. They couldn’t just forbid the two from interacting with each other just based off of this letter.

“How about this, when there’s a chance, find the two of them and have a private discussion with them. Tell them to not be too close to each other during class.”

“En, this is a good idea.”

The teacher’s concerns were not unfounded, but the two people who were the topic of their discussion had no clue.

The homeroom teacher decided to follow the head teacher’s suggestion and wanted to find the time to have a private discussion with Shi Yi.

During recess, she came to the classroom and saw that a majority of people were sprawled out on their desks, sleeping. There were some that weren’t sleeping and were doing their own thing.

The homeroom teacher rarely came here during recess. Coincidentally today, she discovered there was a girl with long hair that was sprawled out on Shi Yi’s desk.

She wouldn’t have wrongly remembered Shi Yi’s seat… As a result she shifted her gaze to Yu Zhiyi’s assigned seat one row ahead and saw Shi Yi.

Shi Yi sat in the seat of Yu Zhiyi’s deskmate. In his hand was a small fan that he was using to fan the little girl. It turns out Shi Yi switched seats with Yu Zhiyi’s deskmate and went to go take care of Yu Zhiyi? No wonder someone reported them for being in a relationship. Even biological siblings may not take such good care of each other like this.

The homeroom teacher quiet opened the door and walked into the classroom. Walking to Shi Yi’s side, she whispered, “Come out with me for a moment.”

There were few people in the hallways during recess, making it quiet and perfect for discussing things.

The homeroom teacher spoke to him for a long time. Shi Yi quietly listened without interrupting or refuting. When it was time for him to express his views, he only replied with two words.

The homeroom teacher felt her throat was parched from speaking so long and feeling that it was enough, she said, “Shi Yi, what Teacher said just now was out of good intentions for you. I hope you guys can understand.”

“I understand what Teacher is saying and also know what to do. However, I hope that Teacher will not seek out Yu Zhiyi. A girl’s heart is more fragile and sensitive, it’s easy to affect their emotions.”

Even the teacher thought that it was refreshing to have a conversation with Shi Yi. Because he was intelligent and could understand right away, his replies were also pleasing to hear and gave no room for refusal. Just like right now.

The homeroom teacher nodded her head and promised him that she would not disturb Yu Zhiyi.

After bidding farewell to the homeroom teacher, Shi Yi returned back to the classroom and continued to sit in the seat next to Yu Zhiyi.

The sleeping girl had furrowed her brows at some point in time, looking as if she was about to wake up. But, seeming to have sensed a familiar person had returned to her side, she slowly opened her eyes. The arm that was laying on the desk moved down, pressing against her stomach.

“What’s wrong?” Shi Yi felt that something wasn’t right.

“My stomach is a little uncomfortable.”

Seeing her face turn a few shades paler, Shi Yi immediately turned solemn, “Let’s go to the infirmary.”

Yu Zhiyi left the classroom with Shi Yi. Even on the stairs, Yu Zhiyi’s situation didn’t get better. Shi Yi started to panic. He bent down on the next set of stairs, “I’ll piggyback you there.”

“No, it’s ok.” Yu Zhiyi didn’t want to see him work so hard.

Shi Yi was helpless towards her. He could only hold her hand while reaching his other arm around her back for support.

Yu Zhiyi bit her lip and suddenly felt that something wasn’t right with the lower part of her body, “Brother, I want to go to the bathroom.”

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

Yu Zhiyi went to the restroom and when she pulled down her pants, she discovered that there was a bright red bloodstain. Her heart jumped in shock.

When she took biology class, she learned about all this and also knew what this entailed. It was also likely that her stomach’s discomfort was also due to this. But this all came so suddenly, she wasn’t prepared at all!

She only discovered now that her pants were dirty as well. What should she do now…

There weren’t any other girls in the restroom, and it was difficult to wait for someone to show up during recess. The only person she could turn to for help was Shi Yi who was waiting outside.

To a young teenage girl, it was difficult to talk about their first period, not to mention facing a boy. She tried her best to pull down her loose shirt. But no matter how much she tried, it couldn’t hide the red mark on her rear.

The little girl dejectedly walked out of the batroom. Shi Yi opened his mouth and asked, “Do you feel better?”

Yu Zhiyi shook her head.

“Then we’ll still need to go to the infirmary.”

Seeing Shi Yi reach his hand out to hold hers, the little girl felt both panicked and embarrassed, “Brother, it’s not my stomach that hurts…it’s…”

The words were hanging on her lips but she couldn’t say it out of shame and embarrassment.

“What’s going on?”

“I…my period…”

When she said it, Shi Yi was speechless for a moment. Hemming and hawing for half a day, it turns out to be this.

Being with Yu Zhiyi every day, even though there were differences between boys and girls, he knew that this was Yu Zhiyi’s first time having a period.

His brain worked quickly to recall the textbooks he read before, and he had a general idea of how to solve the situation.

“Do you have that thing?”

She shook her head.

“Then you wait here for me first, I’ll go buy one for you.”

“Brother…my pants are dirty…” The little girl was embarrassed to the core.

Shi Yi hated seeing her cry the most and gently comforted her, “Yiyi, be good. Go inside the bathroom first. Brother will help you solve it. In a little bit, I’ll find someone to give the things to you.”

“En!” At this time, she was completely trusting of Shi Yi’s words, “Brother, you need to hurry.”

Yu Zhiyi went back to the bathroom to hide.

Shi Yi ran back to the classroom and rudely woke up the sleeping Qiao Lezhi. He shoved the jacket in the cubby into her hands.

“Yiyi is currently in the bathroom on the second floor…”

He very simply explained the main points to Qiao Lezhi. Qiao Lezhi yawned, “But I didn’t bring that thing either…”

It was really troublesome to bring this type of thing around, and it’s not as if she could just openly wave it about. Shi Yi decided, “You go to the second floor first and stay with her, tell her to not be scared. I’ll go buy it and I’ll come back to find you guys.”

“Ok ok, sounds good.”

Qiao Lezhi and Shi Yi separated. One went to the restroom on the second floor, and the other went downstairs to the convenience store.

Qiao Lezhi stopped halfway. Slapping her head, she muttered to herself, “Wait a minute, wouldn’t it be better if I was the one buying that?”

Would boys understand which feminine products to buy? Wouldn’t he feel awkward?

No one could help answer this question for her. Qiao Lezhi entered the second floor restroom and probed, “Yu Zhiyi?”

Yu Zhiyi stretched her arm out, “I’m over here.”

She thought that Qiao Lezhi had brought over a pad for her, but that wasn’t the case. Hearing that Shi Yi went to buy a pad for her, the little girl’s expression became complicated, “Qiaoqiao, can I trouble you to make the trip? What if Brother doesn’t know how to buy it…”

“He told me to come here and stay with you.” Qiao Lezhi replied without thinking. But giving it another thought, she thought that it really wasn’t appropriate and amended, “Then I’ll go take a look, you wait a moment, we’ll try to be fast.”


Just as Qiao Lezhi reached the steps, she saw Shi Yi carrying a black plastic bag. The two people almost collided into each other.

Shi Yi ran in a hurry so his breathing was unstable. He walked while asking, “Why are you here?”

Qiao Lezhi explained, “I wanted to go find you, but I didn’t expect you to be that fast.”

“You bring this stuff in first.” He passed the plastic back to Qiao Lezhi.

Qiao Lezhi ran into the bathroom with the stuff. After the two people fussed about in the bathroom for a while, they finally came out.

Seeing Yu Zhiyi, Shi Yi’s first spoke some words of concern, “Is your stomach still feeling uncomfortable?”

“It’s already much better.” Yu Zhiyi lowered her head. Her two hands were fiddling with the jacket, she still felt a little shy.

Qiao Lezhi didn’t really have a filter over her mouth, so she started to ridicule, “Class Rep, you’re so daring, didn’t you feel embarrassed buying this stuff?”
“You ran away so fast, you should’ve just had me buy it.”

Shi Yi let out a sigh and interrupted her, “That’s not important.”

Being embarrassed or whatever, none of that was important.

Qiao Lezhi wasn’t able to react in time, so she asked, “Then what’s important?”

“…” He almost let it slip: Yiyi was the most important.

He pursed his lips and ordered sternly, “Nothing. Let’s go back to class.”

At the time, he didn’t think at all that it would be embarrassing. He only knew that if the little girl was left there all alone, she would feel scared.

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  1. Figuratively, of course.
  2. China’s primary school education system is: grades 1-6 (elementary school), 7-9 (middle school), 10-12 (high school)
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