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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 13

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 13 – The third type of ‘like’

Yu Xinyan had one hand on the pearl chain as she kneaded the little bear’s soft ears.

Yu Zhiyi carefully stepped backwards and shielded the bear in her arms, “Yanyan, this isn’t a toy bear, you can’t play with it.”

“I like this little bear!” Yu Xinyan once again grabbed the pearl chain, refusing to let go. She even spoke righteously, “You’re older than me, big sisters should give way to little sisters.”

She often heard other people say this: Give way to the younger children. As the youngest person in this family, she was spoiled by her father and mom and doted on by her grandmother. Naturally, she had come to the conclusion that whatever she wanted, other people would always give it to her.

Unfortunately, this time Yu Zhiyi would not do so.

“This is my bear bag.” She tried to release Yu Xinyan’s grip on the pearl chain.

Yu Xinyan wouldn’t let go no matter what, “Sister, just let me play with it.”

If it were anything else, she could be generous and let Yu Xinyan play with it, but the dress she had on today and the bear purse held a special meaning for her. She really didn’t want to give in this time!

As the two sisters started to fight, their aunt passed by them. Seeing the two people fighting over a bear, she casually said, “If Yanyan likes it, then just let her play with it. You’re the older sister, don’t fight with your younger sister.”

“This is mine!” It was a present from Shi Yi, there shouldn’t even be a fight over it!

Their aunt couldn’t believe that a child talked back to her and immediately pulled a long face, “Hey, you lass, I only said a sentence, why are you so mean.”

Yu Zhiyi gritted her teeth as she applied more strength. She was truly almost in tears, but she was trying very hard to hold them back, not wanting to appear weak, “Yanyan, I’m going to say it one more time, let go!”

“No, I want it!”

In the end, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and forcefully pried away Yu Xinyan’s fingers. Yu Xinyan fought back and during the entanglement, her nails accidentally scraped the other party. Yu Xinyan’s hand turned red while a scratch mark appeared on the back of Yu Zhiyi’s hand.

Their aunt kept calling for their mother when Ruan Qing finally came over.

The moment Ruan Qing stepped into the room, she saw her eldest daughter standing by the doorway with her head lowered as her younger daughter knelt on the ground sobbing loudly, “What happened?”

The moment Yu Xinyan heard her voice, she immediately stood up and threw herself into Ruan Qing’s arms, “Mommy, Sister hit me!”

She deliberately showed her reddened hand to Ruan Qing as her tears dripped down, “Mommy, my hand hurts.”

Ruan Qing looked at Yu Zhiyi.

She knew that her eldest daughter had a calm temperament and didn’t believe that she would fight with her younger sister for no reason.

She wasn’t in any hurry to scold or blame anyone, and tried to find out the reason, “Yiyi, why did you two get into an argument?”

Yu Zhiyi gripped the bear-shaped purse by her said and raised her head, “She was the one who wanted to take my purse. I already said this wasn’t a toy but she wouldn’t listen.”

Ruan Qing finally noticed at this time that the dress Yu Zhiyi was wearing was new, and she had never seen this bear-shaped purse before either.

“Where did your dress and purse come from?”

“Brother gifted them to me.”

Brother…Ruan Qing silently repeated this form of address. She immediately knew that the brother her daughter was referring to was Shi Yi.

“Why did he send you this stuff?”

She had seen this dress when she went shopping last time. The clothes from that store were a couple hundred yuan. Although the two children had a good relationship, it was a little difficult to believe that one would just gift the other a dress worth a few hundred yuan.

“Brother had a gift certificate…” The young girl spoke honestly.

She never doubted Shi Yi’s words, but Ruan Qing didn’t believe it.

“Yanyan, Big Sister has her own rules for her things, you can’t throw a tantrum.” Ruan Qing first lectured her younger daughter, then walked over to her older daughter and said, “Yiyi, go and change out of your clothes, we’ll return them to Shi Yi.”

Yu Zhiyi originally wanted to share her happiness of getting a new dress with her family, but now she was feeling depressed.

“Why?” Brother was the one who gave this to her, why did Mom want her to return it?

“This child, you…think about it, which boss would conduct such a money-losing deal? If you want a new dress, you can tell Mom, why tell other people.”

“I didn’t ask Brother for this.” She refuted.

Ruan Qing pointed at her room as her voice became stern, “Yiyi! Hurry and change.”

Ruan Qing thought that her daughter definitely must have brought this up in front of the Shi family. The people in the Shi family were kind-hearted and bought her a dress, but they [RQ] could not take advantage of the Shi family like this.

Yu Zhiyi couldn’t understand her mother’s thinking. Clearly, she had already explained the origins behind this dress, but her mother didn’t believe her. In the end, she changed back into her old loose clothes. Neatly folding the dress, she placed it into a bag.

Ruan Qing settled Yu Xinyan down and took Yu Zhiyi with her to the Shi family.

Ning Suya was the one who opened the door, and she warmly welcomed them in. Ruan Qing had an apologetic smile on her face, “Sorry for disturbing you.”

Ning Suya brought over some fruits and tea, and the two adults engaged in some small talk. Yu Zhiyi was upset and stayed silent.

Ning Suya noticed her mood, “Yiyi, Brother is in his room, do you want to go find him and play?”

Yu Zhiyi had just raised her head when she was stopped by her mother.

Ruan Qing had a solemn expression on her face as she passed over the bag in her hand, “Ah Ya, you guys should return this thing.”

“What is it?” Ning Suya had a confused expression as she received it. When she opened it, she saw a pretty little dress. It was clearly one for a young girl.

“What’s the meaning of this?” She was very puzzled.

Seeing Ning Suya’s reaction, Ruan Qing also frowned, “Didn’t you guys buy this dress for Yiyi? Yiyi is still young and immature, but we really can’t accept this. See if you can still return it. If you can’t, then I’ll pay you back the money for the dress.”

“It’s not that. We never bought a dress for Yiyi…” Ning Suya shook her head.

“Then it was…Shi Yi?” Ruan Qing was also confused.

Ning Suya hurried over to knock on Shi Yi’s door, “Little Yi, come out!”

The sound insulation was very good, and Shi Yi was also wearing headphones so he didn’t notice that there were guests in his home until he heard his mother knocking on the door.

Walking over to open the door while playing games, he asked, “Mom, what’s up?”

“Come out wiht me first.”

“Hold on, I haven’t finished this level yet.” Shi Yi leaned against the wall, not moving.

Shi Yi liked to play video games, and this was something that everyone in the family knew. But because he always finished his homework and studies before playing games, they didn’t really care.

Ning Suya could only pull out her trump card, “Yiyi came over.”

Shi Yi: “…”

The youth who was immersed in his video games just a moment ago immediately took out his earbuds and went to the living room.

The two mothers were just about to ask about the dress when he immediately noticed Yu Zhiyi had her head lowered and didn’t look quite right.

“Hello, Auntie.” He greeted Ruan Qing first, then went over to Yu Zhiyi.

At a glance, he saw the little girl’s hand had an obvious red mark. She self-consciously shrunk backwards, but Shi Yi carefully held her hand, “What happened?”

“Accidentally scratched it.”

“…” Did he look like someone easily fooled?

But since Ruan Qing was present, Shi Yi didn’t pursue it further, only saying, “Be careful next time.”

Ruan Qing was still thinking about the dress. Shi Yi also openly admitted the origins, “I brought Yiyi to buy the dress.”

“Little Yi, your little sister is young and immature and made you spend money. Tell Auntie how much you spent, I will return it to you.” Ruan Qing made a gesture wanting to pass the money to him.

Hearing this type of coaxing tone, Shi Yi wanted to laugh out loud, “Auntie, Yiyi wasn’t being immature. I was the one who wanted to give her the dress.”

He added on, “Yiyi didn’t know about this and never asked me either. I heard that all little girls liked to wear pretty dresses, so I wanted to buy it for her as a present.”

“How can we make you do that and spend your money. It’s hard for your parents to earn money as well.” Ruan Qing still thought that he had spent his parents’ money.

Shi Yi emphasized, “Auntie, I used my own money, it has nothing to do with my parents. I have the right to make my own decisions. You don’t have to over think too much.”

Ning Suya could pretty much make out what happened from this conversation: This son of hers that matured too early wanted to give the little girl a dress, even coaxing the other party, saying that it didn’t cost anything…

Thankfully she had watched this child grow up. This type of logical reasoning and thinking was something that even adults sometimes could not think of.

“Ah Qing, our family’s Little Yi pretty much makes his own decisions about himself. Since he wanted to give Yiyi a present, just accept it.” Ning Suya helped out from the side, “The two kids have a good relationship. Yiyi’s already called him ‘brother’ for so long, it’s not a big deal for this big brother to buy his little sister a dress.”

Ruan Qing felt her head spin.

After half a day, it became this complicated? A fourteen year-old boy was this thoughtful?

After going back and forth for half a day, Ruan Qing finally let Yu Zhiyi accept the dress. She was too embarrassed to continue staying. When she wanted to bring her daughter back home, Yu Zhiyi refused to go back with her.

Ning Suya persuaded a few sentences to let the two kids resolve things on their own. After Ruan Qing left, Yu Zhiyi and Shi Yi went to his room.

Shi Yi continued playing his video game. Yu Zhiyi wanted to peek and saw a sky full of stars, “This game’s wallpaper is so pretty.”

Shi Yi told her, “This is the galaxy.”

“I remember that Brother said you wanted to go to outer space!”

“Even if Brother goes to outer space, I’ll drag you with me.”


“I don’t know. If we’re bored, we can just count the stars.”

“There’s so many stars, we can’t count all of them.”

“I’ll count the stars. Since you’re umb, you just count the moons.” Shi Yi had a wide smile on his face.

Yu Zhiyi was stunned for a moment before reacting, “Brother, you’re too mean!”

There’s only one moon, is there a need to count it?!

“Who told you to be dumb.”


Ning Suya was eavesdropping outside the door. Hearing the joyous laughter coming from inside, she felt reassured. She thought, it turns out her son liked his younger sister that much? Then should she reconsider having a second child?

When they were eating, Ning Suya teased him on purpose, “How about I give birth to a younger sister to you, what do you think?”

Shi Yi shrugged, “As long as you guys are happy.”

“Don’t you like younger sisters a lot?”

“I only like Yiyi.”

The little girl who was called out smiled.

Ning Suya felt that this development was a little strange. After Yu Zhiyi went home, she made a detour to her son’s room and sat for a bit. There was a book of high-level math problems on Shi Yi’s desk.

“Little Yi, Mom wants to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

Ning Suya asked hesitatingly, “Do you…like Yiyi?”

Afraid that he would say yes right away, she clarified, “What I mean is, the kind of like that’s different from an older brother towards a younger sister.”

Shi Yi: “Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?”

Ning Suya: “Of course I want to hear the truth!”

Shi Yi set down his pencil.

This author has something to say: Such a decisive answer, who doesn’t want to be called out so confidently!!

Mother Shi: Do you have a crush on that girl?

Shi Yi: If I say it out loud, I’m afraid I’ll scare you

Translator’s comments: What a cliffhanger (」°ロ°)」

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