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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 12

Translations by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 12 – Only spoiling you

When Shi Yi saw the card, the thought that flashed through his mind was: This fellow was helping someone else bring him a card again?

But he quickly came to his senses. The calligraphy on the card was clearly Yu Zhiyi’s. Yu Zhiyi didn’t expect such an accident to happen either. Obviously the thing she wanted to hide was discovered by Shi Yi, and now she felt very embarrassed.

She hurriedly bent down to pick it up and shove it into her backpack. Just as she wanted to zip it up, she was stopped by Shi Yi, “Isn’t this for me?”

Yu Zhiyi didn’t move as she said in a low voice, “But you won’t like it.”

“Who said I won’t like it?”

“You don’t even…read cards…” After throwing away so many cards and even personally saying that holiday cards were boring, wasn’t it obvious that he didn’t like them.

“Naturally I have no interest in other people’s holiday cards, but Yiyi is not other people.”

When she heard this, the little girl raised her head up in happiness, no longer avoiding his gaze. Shi Yi curved his lips and and tapped the back of her hand, wanting her to let go, “Brother will help you carry your backpack.”

The little girl’s fighting spirit was completely gone, and her backpack was naturally “stolen” away. He easily plucked out the holiday card and put it into his own backpack as he promised, “Brother will definitely keep this card safe.”

Yu Zhiyi’s mood was like a rollercoaster, from the lowest point to the highest, she was very excited. Thus, she also plucked up her courage, “Brother, I still have another Christmas present for you!”

“Hm?” There were so many surprises today.

“It’s in the backpack.” She pointed at her backpack which was currently in Shi Yi’s hands.

Shi Yi set the backpack down and let her open it. The little girl reached in and felt around. After finding a rectangular box, she pulled it out, “Look!”

She opened her hands up to show a box with the image of a Walkman on top. He had pretty much guessed what the present was. The little girl was full of joy as she presented her carefully prepared gift to him, “Last time I heard that you wanted a Walkman for Christmas, for you.”

As expected…

The little girl blinked a few times. Her round and shimmering eyes were bright and full of fondness and affection for him, “Brother, do you like this present?”

Shi Yi accepted the present and stepped forward to hug her. Gently rubbing her head, his voice was extremely warm and gentle, “I like it very much, thank you Yiyi.”

After returning home, he couldn’t wait to open the box and put in a cassette tape. Ning Suya took a glance and saw that his Walkman had changed colors. She couldn’t help but feel suspicious, “I remember the Walkman you bought the other day was blue? How come it’s black now?”

“I switched it.”

“Switched?” Ning Suya took a closer look and felt that something was off, “This doesn’t look as nice as the one you had before, how much is it?”

“…Mom, stop asking.”

“How come! The one you had was around five to six hundred yuan, it was so expensive!”

Although Shi Yi used scholarship money to buy it, it was by no means chump change.

“Aye…” Seeing his mother determined to get to the bottom of things, he let out a light sigh. He could only clearly explain to her, “This is Yiyi’s present to me. I don’t know how much it cost, but I like it a lot.”

Ning Suya, “…”

Alright, she understod.

As long as it was something that Yu Zhiyi gave, even if it was just a rock, Shi Yi would treat it as gold!


The flowers began to bloom during spring, and it was now spring semester.

In April, Ruan Qing suddenly brought Yu Xinyan back to stay for half a month. Both her grandmother and mother hid the details from her, only saying, “Little kids don’t understand the matters of adults.”

She knew that the adults didn’t want them to join in, or maybe they really did believe that she was still too young and immature. But how could she not understand?

Because she grew up without her parents by her side, she was very sensitive towards matters regarding her family. Whenever she saw other kids acting spoiled in their parents’ arms, she would feel envious. Whenever she saw her younger sister unhesitatingly cling onto their mother and ask her for things, she also felt envious.

However, she was always so cautious and careful, afraid that her wishes would elicit her parents’ unhappiness and afraid that they would think she was immature and wouldn’t like her. She often went to the Shi family and was used to seeing how Shi Yi interacted with his parents. When she thought about how she interacted with her own parents, she felt the difference was as big as heaven and earth.

When school ended and she returned home, she saw her younger sister throwing a tantrum outside the courtyard. The eight year-old Yu Xinyan should’ve been attending elementary school but their mother had applied for leave for her instead and brought her back to their hometown. Yu Xinyan wore a pretty dress and had a flower inserted into her hair, making her look like a little princess.

Yu Zhiyi suddenly stopped walking. Just standing in place, quietly watching her, Yu Zhiyi’s gaze was full of envy. Because Ruan Qing didn’t need to work after she returned, she would often braid Yu Xinyan’s hair, pick out clothes for her, and take her shopping. Yet Yu Zhiyi had to go to school and had no time.

“Brother, do you know?” She suddenly opened her mouth and answered her own question, “I’m so jealous of her.”

“Yiyi.” This was the first time Shi Yi couldn’t find an appropriate response.

“Yanyan grew up with our parents, and Mom knows everything about her. Maybe it’s because I matured too quickly that Mom had forgotten that I am already fourteen this year.” Her mother had also bought a dress for her before, but her mother didn’t know that she had already grown up and could not longer fit in it.

She didn’t continue. Turning to look at Shi Yi, she smiled again, “There’s a lot of homework today. I left two problems that I didn’t know how to do, teach me later, Brother.”

Mid-term exams were coming soon.

The math rep was holding the English textbook as he bitterly cried out, “Ah, why did such a devilish subject like English ever appear…I can’t conquer it, definitely not!”

Don’t misunderstand, the math rep’s English grades weren’t actually that bad. It was just that as the deskmate of the top student of the grade, he felt a great deal of pressure.

“Ever since the parent-teacher conference and my parents know that my deskmate is the top student in the grade, they’ve been both bullying and tempting me! They’ve even been asking me when I’d be able to place first in the final exams, and when I do, they’d give me two thousand yuan!”

“Hahaha, if you eliminate the class rep, you’ll be first.”

“How is that possible…” Even though he was in second place, it wasn’t just one or two points that separated him from Shi Yi.

Just as he was thinking this, the class rep suddenly knocked on his desk.

“How about a trade?”


“I’ll let you place first, we’ll split the money.”

“For real? Class Rep, you’re really willing to let me place first?”

“First place is yours, the money is mine.”

“Deal! I’ll give it all to you!” The title of first place, towards the person who was an eternal second-placer, was like a ream come true!

When the mid-term exam grades came back, the math rep sat on the coveted throne of first place. He was so ecstatic he wanted to set off fireworks to celebrate, “Class Rep! Class Rep! Thank you!”

Shi Yi calmly flipped through the mid-term test paper, “No need to thank me, just give me the money.”

The class rep made good on his end of the bargain. He happily gave the two thousand yuan he earned to Shi Yi. When Shi Yi saw the thick stack of money, he took out half to return it back, “I’m okay with just this much, you keep the rest.”

“Class Rep, do you want to do this again for finals?” His eyes glistened, full of expectations.

Shi Yi: “Hehe.”

In your dreams!

The two people’s backdoor deal went completely unnoticed by others.

Shi Yi’s placement went down after the mid-term exams, but not only did the teacher not lecture him, she even showed him warm concern, “Shi Yi, I heard that you didn’t feel well during the English exam, you didn’t even finish the essay portion. Pay more attention to your health in the future.”

“Got it, thank you Teacher.”

Due to ‘feeling sick’, Shi Yi who had skipped over the English essay portion had been specially taken care of by the teacher, and Ning Suya also became more attentive when preparing his meals. Anyhow, no one criticized him.

Instead, there was a little girl who felt very anxious, “Brother, you didn’t feel well during test day? You didn’t tell me.”

“Brother, what happened last time? Are you still feeling sick?” She remembered that she didn’t sense anything was wrong that day when they were going home. She was feeling so regretful now!

“…” Shi Yi was pestered to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore. Lowering his head, he whispered a few sentences into her ear.

Yu Zhiyi’s eyes immediately widened. It turns out…he needed to answer the call of nature1!

“Brother’s image at school is one of a top student. I’m only telling you this secret, you can’t tell anyone else, got it?”

“Uh-huh! Yiyi has already forgotten all about it.” The little girl was very quick-witted.

“Hearing you say this, Brother has decided to give you a prize.”


Shi Yi brought her over to the mall and walked to the women’s clothing section. The shop was filled with endless rows of clothes, the dazzling designs were most popular with young ladies. Only then did Yu Zhiyi realize that he ally wanted to buy her a dress as a present.

Even the cheapest dress cost over a hundred yuan, she didn’t dare to make Shi Yi spend his money. The little girl wanted to leave, but Shi Yi directly body-blocked her at the entrance, “I had a stroke of good luck and got a hundred-yuan gift certificate. However, everything here is for young women, and it doesn’t suit anyone in my family. Therefore, you’re the only one that can use it.”

“We can’t waste a hundred-yuan gift certificate!” He had a stern expression on his face.

Yu Zhiyi didn’t believe him so Shi Yi personally brought her with him to ask the store employees. The employee confirmed that there really was such a gift certificate, “However, the gift certificate can only be applied towards certain clothing.”

Coming upon such a good opportunity, they naturally couldn’t waste it. The employee pointed out a few pieces for her, and Yu Zhiyi picked the cheapest one among them. It was a pale lilac dress that made her skin look even fairer.

“Brother, is this pretty?” She spun in a circle a few times. The dress billowed out like blooming flower petals.

He saw a bag that girls like to carry, but that particular style didn’t suit Yu Zhiyi. Therefore, based on his own fashion sense, he picked up a purse in the shape of a bear with a pearl chain and slung it across her shoulders. It made her look very cute.

“En, very pretty.”

He nagged Yu Zhiyi to go back in and change out of the dress so that they could pay. Taking advantage of the time when the little girl went back to the changing room, Shi Yi presented the bear purse in his hands, “I want both the dress and this.”

The total was three hundred yuan.

Seeing the boy treating his younger sister so generously, even the owner couldn’t help but praise, “You’re such a good big brother.”

Shi Yi just smiled without saying anything.

Yu Zhiyi brought the purple dress back out and Shi Yi gave the “gift certificate”, completing the transaction. At this time, Shi Yi hung the bear purse on her again. Yu Zhiyi held onto the pearl chain and full of reluctance, said, “This is the store’s.”

Shi Yi: “En, the boss said you were cute so decided to give it to you for free.”

Yu Zhiyi: There’s no way she’d believe that!

The boss made a timely appearance: “This didn’t cost that much anyways. Since you like it, I’ll just charge you twenty yuan, it’s not worth that much.”

Yu Zhiyi shook her head, “I won’t want it.”

Shi Yi held her head down, “I already paid for it.”

Yu Zhiyi frowned, “Then can we return it?”

The boss shook their head, “Unfortunately, your big brother had already cut off the tag, so it can’t be returned.”

The boss had already said so, so what else could Yu Zhiyi say? Yu Zhiyi forlornly told Shi Yi, “Brother, next time when I’ve saved up enough money, I’ll pay you back.”

He didn’t reject her offer this time, “Alright, no need to rush.”

Just like this, she happily carried a shopping bag and a bear purse home. She was excited to change into the dress and share this piece of good news with her mother and grandma.

However, when she changed into her new dress and brought the bear purse out, she was pulled aside by her younger sister, “Sister, this little bear is so cute, I want to play with it!”

This author has something to say: Oh my god, someone give me a Shi Yi!

Translator’s comments: I grew up as an only child (and the youngest out of my extended family), so Idk how people with siblings react to their brothers/sisters wanting to play with their stuff. Do you guys get annoyed? Play with them? Hide them?

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  1. There’s a Chinese saying that people have 3 types of urgencies: hunger, poop, and pee
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Me to myself: she’s just a little brat.she’s just a little brat. Calm down.


I had 2 younger brothers growing up and even then we still share clothes and toys. Being the eldest sister, there were times I had to give up stuff for my brothers but not all the time. I cant even count the number of times we all went head to head and fought over the TV remote control and computer 😂
When we were young, there were some stuff that my brothers were not allowed or threatened not to touch (like my bags, stationeries and chocolates) or they’re really gonna get the worst part of me.
Oftentimes they don’t touch them but those little devils still can’t get their paws off my hidden chocolates.
I remember getting angry and chased them with a stick around the house when they did (haha I was young and those were from saving up my allowance 😂).
So I’d definitely understand if Yiyi would be unwilling. For starters, she barely get anything for herself unlike her sister that’s definitely spoiled by her parents. She has it harder because at least, I can still firmly say no to my brothers and complain at my parents over them. But I can imagine Yiyi would be reluctant to refuse as she’d want to be a good sister to Yanyan and in the eyes of her parents 🙁 I can’t even get mad at her sister knowing she’s too young and doesn’t really know anything 😔


All of the girls would love to have a big brother’s love like yiyi… Pampering


Guess he needs to learn that she’s very literal so he needs to be more clear 😆 Baby, all things from you and only you are good 😉
Thanks TN

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