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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 11

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 11 – Only believe in you

From they were little until now, two people who had always been together, how could they be separated? She didn’t want to, didn’t want to at all!

These few days, Yu Zhiyi’s mind was always wandering.


Her forehead accidentally knocked into something warm and soft, it was Shi Yi’s hand.

“How many times have I told you to not look down when you’re walking. What would you do if I wasn’t next to you?”

Who knows when this little girl developed the habit of always being distracted when she was walking. Never looking at the road when she walks, he didn’t know how many times he had helped her avoid accidents already.

Usually, when she gets lectured, the little girl would smile and act cute, but today there was no smile to be found. Her mood was crestfallen as she held onto Shi Yi’s hand, “Brother, we won’t be separated right?”

“What is your little brain thinking all day?”

“A few days ago, I heard Grandma talking with Mom on the phone. Grandma said that they’re preparing to buy a house in the city, when the time comes, we will sell the house in the courtyard and move over there.”

Shi Yi who had a teasing expression on his face just now suddenly became solemn.

After returning home, he made a beeline for his room and shut himself in. He didn’t even eat dinner.

Shi Yi wasn’t someone that would throw childish tantrums, so when he said he didn’t want to eat, Ning Suya just assumed that he wasn’t hungry yet. However, when he still hadn’t left his room at night, Ning Suya couldn’t help but become worried, “Little Yi, open the door, it’s Mom.”

After a moment, the person inside finally opened the door.

“You didn’t eat anything after you came back today, and you even shut yourself in your room, did something happen?”

“Mom, if Yiyi moved, what happens?”

“Ah…” Ning Suya didn’t expect that it was something this big.

When discussing something like this with Shi Yi, one definitely could not gloss over it or lie just to coax him. Ning Suya seriously thought for a while then slowly said, “Each separation is for the next better reunion. Son, I know that you have a good relationship with Yiyi, but you guys are growing and maturing. You’ll go your separate ways sooner or later.”

“Why do we have to separate?”

“Because every person is an individual, when one grows up, they will have their own lives. Even biologically related brothers and sisters will separate. This kind of separation doesn’t mean that you will never see each other again, just that you will interact with each other differently than when you were young.”

Shi Yi closed his eyes, “I don’t want to.”

He knew what his mother was saying and that this was something everyone had to face. However, he felt that these words were not a hundred percent correct.

“Mom, you’re right, even biologically related siblings can separate, but Yiyi and I won’t.” He wouldn’t be childish and cry or throw a temper tantrum. He had to think of a way to make them better together!

The Yu couple were still in the planning stages of buying a house; he didn’t want worry about it if it didn’t come to fruition.


On the internet, a video of a teenager solving a Rubik’s cube went viral. Such a cheap yet fun Rubik’s cube became very popular amongst the students, and there were even some who especially went to study formulas on how to solve a Rubik’s cube.

Yu Zhiyi felt that the guide was quite magical, but even when she and Qiao Lezhi followed the formulas, they still couldn’t solve it.

Yu Zhiyi: “It’s the correct formula, but how come it won’t go back?”
Qiao Le Zhi: “So hard…”

The two little noobs let out a sigh when an excited yell came from behind them, along with applause, “Wow, Class Rep is awesome!”

“Class Rep only took 10 seconds1 to solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube, do you believe it?”

Whether they believed it or not, he did it.

The vice class rep who had always been close to the class rep in all aspects also gave it a try and took 15 seconds.

The audience expressed: The battle between gods is not something that mortals can imitate.

At the moment, the school held an event that stimulated the children’s brains, encouraging them to pursue hobbies other than studying, for example: Rubik’s cube. The school not only encouraged their interests, but also set up some prize money. Although it wasn’t much, everyone wanted it. For those w ho were interested in playing with the Rubik’s cube, pretty much anyone who was able to solve it signed up.

In order to encourage more people to participate, not only did the school set up a 3×3 Rubik’s cube solo competition, there was also a team competition. Two, three people could participate together, and it would only calculate the last time it took for the Rubik’s cube to be solved.2

For their class’s glory and honor, Cheng Qingyu took the initiative to approach Shi Yi, “Class Rep, how about we work together?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He didn’t care who his teammate was because he was confident in his own abilities.

Qiao Lezhi hated seeing Cheng Qingyu’s arrogant manner the most. Hearing that she was going to be a team with Shi Yi for the competition, she purposely teased, “Class Rep, our Yiyi also wants to participate, how about being a team?”

She was obviously mimicking the way Cheng Qingyu talked, making the classmates laugh out loud.

Yu Zhiyi grabbed Qiao Lezhi in panic. She was super slow at solving the Rubik’s cube, she couldn’t compete!

Yet she didn’t expect that Shi Yi would agree without hesitating, “Okay.”

When Cheng Qingyu heard that he wanted to include Yu Zhiyi in their team, she immediately became unhappy, “Yu Zhiyi doesn’t even know how to play. We’re competing to win, don’t just include anyone.”

“I’m happy.”

“No way! I definitely don’t want to be in a team with her!” Her goal was to be champion, she didn’t want to be dragged down by others.

“Then we don’t have to be a team.”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. At least you’re still sensible, knowing which person is the best choice to be your teammate.” Cheng Qingyu became smug and calmed down.

Yet, she didn’t expect Shi Yi to suddenly slap her face3, “What I mean is, I’ll be a team with Yiyi. Vice Class Rep can go find another expert.”

Cheng Qingyu: ???
The class: ???
Qiao Lezhi: !!!
Yu Zhiyi: “Uh…don’t argue, I didn’t plan on entering this competition.”

Shi Yi spread out his hands and didn’t give her a chance to refuse, “No way, I already picked you as my teammate. If you don’t participate, what’ll happen to my team competition?”

Just like that, Yu Zhiyi bizarrely entered the competition.

Seeing how other people had great teamwork and worked in tandem, the time they took to solve the Rubik’s cube only differed by a second or two. She held the Rubik’s cube and her hands shook a little, “Brother, I’m going to say sorry in advance.”

Even if Shi Yi solved a Rubik’s cube in ten second, the time it would take to solve two Rubik’s cubes would be at least twenty seconds. Not to mention, his teammate was not at all someone that could solve it in ten seconds.

“Stay calm, we can win this.”

“…” She knew very clearly about her own abilities, she really couldn’t calm down!

Some people entered the competition just for kicks. There were those that took a few minutes to solve it, and there were even some people that couldn’t solve it even after ten minutes.

Before Cheng Qingyu stepped onto the stage, she passed by the two people’s seats and gave them a look full of meaning, as if she was saying: I’m definitely going to win!

Cheng Qingyu’s results were pretty good. She and her teammate both finished within twenty seconds, the longest time was eighteen seconds.

When it was time for Shi Yi and Yu Zhiyi’s team to go on the stage, Shi Yi only said one sentence to her.

There were two Rubik’s cube placed on the stage. The competition rules allotted them time to observe the cubes. When the timer started, Shi Yi grabbed the cube and spun the sides so quickly people could only see a blur. On the other hand, Yu Zhiyi just stood there, not even touching the cube.

“Why isn’t she moving?”

Just when Cheng Qingyu was preparing to watch a good show, Shi Yi had already finished his Rubik’s cube when he picked up Yu Zhiyi’s cube and began to quickly spin it. The time it took to solve both Rubik’s cubes was fifteen seconds.

“Wow!” The audience was stunned silly. They were in disbelief as the speed they only ever heard talked about in the news had actually appeared right in fronto f them.

Cheng Qingyu immediately became dumbfounded, “This…how could this be possible.”

But the reality was right in front of her. With so many people staring, no one suspected that he had cheated, after all the person on stage was their school’s famed genius!

Some people questioned why Yu Zhiyi didn’t move at all.

It was because before they got on stage, Shi Yi only said one sentence to her, “After we get onstage, you don’t need to do anything, Brother will help you do it.”

She believed in Shi Yi, no matter what he said.


It was almost Christmas, and it was popular in school for people to write holiday greeting cards.

Yu Zhiyi and Qiao Lezhi were very girly, they liked the cards purely because of how pretty they looked.

“Yiyi, I’ll give you a holiday card, you also give me one.” People at that age believed that it was proper to reciprocate gifts.

Yu Zhiyi nodded her head. She bought a card to write to Qiao Lezhi as well as some more for the other classmates they usually played with.

Yet, when school ended at noon, she ran out to a little shop alone.

Whatever other people had, she would definitely also give one to Shi Yi. The pretty holiday card that she chose was a little more expensive than the normal ones. But she wanted to give the best to Shi Yi so she decisively bought that holiday card.

Racking her brains, Yu Zhiyi poured all of her knowledge and seriously wrote a long essay inside. Once Christimas comes, she can send the gift out!

“I heard that in other countries, parents would pretend to be Santa Claus on Christmas Day and give their children presents.”

“If Santa Claus is real, what kind of present do you guys want?”

During break, everyone gathered around to play and talk.

When this topic was brought up, everyone unhesitatingly called out what kind of presents they wanted, such as: “I want a toy set, but too bad my mom doesn’t celebrate Christmas.”

“I want a big bag of snacks!” Everyone’s presents were very down-to-earth, things that could be easily obtained.

“Class Rep, what about you?”

When they asked Shi Yi, Yu Zhiyi’s ears perked up to listen.

Only to hear Shi Yi casually say, “A Walkman.”

It turns out Brother wished to get a Walkman for Christmas…

During break, Yu Zhiyi went shopping alone and found a place that sold Walkmans. She couldn’t afford the ones that were too expensive, but even the most basic ones were at least a hundred yuan.

She usually didn’t get any allowance. Even if she saved up for a whole year, she still wouldn’t be able to afford this.

“Little friend, this is the last one available for this model. If you like it, you’ll have to buy it soon.”

There was only one left, and Christmas was almost here. She wanted to give Shi Yi a surprise.

“Older Sister4, can you hold it for me? I will try my best to quickly buy it.”

She returned home and knocked open the ceramic piggy that she had saved up for many years, grabbing three fifty-yuan bills from it.

She didn’t have many family members, and her uncle’s family didn’t have the tradition of giving children new year’s money. During new year’s, only her parents gave her fifty yuan.

Unlike the rest of his classmates, Shi Yi was not that excited about Christmas. The way he saw it, those people exchanged holiday cards just for fun. Before they even received their own cards, they were already happy, there wasn’t any sincerity in it.

On Christmas Day, many cards were shoved in his desk drawer. His current problem was: Where is the best place to throw away these things?

So annoying!

He might as well shove it all in his backpack, and throw them away altogether when he’s away from school. Since he thought of this, he did it.

When Yu Zhiyi saw this, her heart was a little shaken, “Brother, so many people gave you holiday cards, don’t you like it?”

“It’s meaningless.” He really didn’t want to accept them.

“But…aye…” She also prepared a card, but it turns out Shi Yi doesn’t like it.

Hearing the little girl letting out sigh after sigh, he didn’t think too much of it, “If I were to bring all this home, adding on to the ones from before, wouldn’t my house be full of them?”

The little girl silently lowered her head. It’s better if she didn’t give him the card, since he wouldn’t like it anyways.

“Your backpack looks pretty full, are there a lot of them inside? Shi Yi suddenly grabbed her backpack.

Yu Zhiyi vigilantly protected her backpack.

Seeing her panicked appearance, he became even more curious about who gave her the things inside, “Come, let Brother take a look, what kind of cards did our Yiyi receive.”

“No!” She held onto the backpack.

“How impressive, Yiyi has grown up, keeping secrets from Brother now.”

“…” This speech again, she won’t fall for it this time!

Shi Yi was usually very calm, but now that he was fooling around with her, he directly stole her backpack. Seeing her secret was about to be exposed, Yu Zhiyi reached her hands out but Shi Yi grabbed them with one hand.

“Little thing, you think you can win against me?” He arrogant unzipped the backpack.

Yu Zhiyi panicked, “That’s my backpack!”

“Petty little fellow.” He couldn’t bear to see her angry so after teasing her for a little bit, he relented, “Alright, Brother won’t look at it, here’s your backpack back.”

When he was passing over the backpack, Yu Zhiyi hadn’t fully grasped it yet when Shi Yi had let go.

Unexpectedly, the backpack landed on the ground and the holiday card inside fell out halfway.

Shi Yi had great eyesight and immediately saw the three words on the envelope:

To Shi Yi.

This author has something to say:

Yiyi can do it: Believe Shi Yi no matter what he says.
Later Brother expresses: The holiday card is so nice!

Translator’s comments: Ah, the innocence of little children, how nostalgic. I remember when our school went through a Rubik’s cube craze too. One of my friends was so obsessed, he bought a 5×5, 6×6, and even 9×9 cube to solve. Meanwhile, I’m like Yiyi, even when I look at the guides, I still didn’t understand how to solve them. My friend’s an engineer now LOL.

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  1. I had to look up the world record for this and it turns out that the current world record was set by Yu Dusheng (China) under 4 seconds, so OMG
  2. It’s not made very clear in the raws, but I’m assuming that everyone in the team competition starts at the same time, and only the longest time it takes for any of the team members to solve the Rubik’s cube is counted, if that makes sense.
  3. This is a figure of speech that’s equivalent to making someone eat their words.
  4. Not her biological older sister, but just a way to address a woman’s whose older than her but not old enough to be her mother.
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