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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 10

Translated by: Cozy Translations

Chapter 10 – Moving Houses

The bell rang for class to start.

The math teacher had a heavy expression on his face as he walked into the classroom. With a “pa” sound, he slammed the stack of papers in his hand on the podium, “I’ve found that our class has a very severe homework copying problem!”

“Who copied their homework, stand up for me!”

The homework was separated into two piles. The one on top was thick, maybe about ten sheets. The students with a guilty conscience stared at the homework, afraid that they’d hear their names being called out.

“No one wants to stand, huh? You dare to do it but you don’t dare to admit it, are you waiting for me to call your name?”

Yu Zhiyi had already started trembling. She actually wanted to confess, but she was firmly pressed down by Qiao Lezhi.

Biting her lip, she felt panic slowly overwhelm her. It was her first time doing such a thing, how come she’d get discovered so quickly…

Because no one spoke up, everyone held the attitude that they’d be able to slip away by chance. Right now, they were fighting a mental battle with themselves, seeing whether the teacher’s provocation was stronger or if the guilty students would surrender first.

in the end, the math teacher couldn’t hold it in anymore and took the ten or so sheets on top and placed them on the podium, reading out the names one by one.

“Zhang Jiazhen.”
“Chu Heyi.”

The students whose names were called all stood up and looked at each other. They were really the ones who usually copied homework. Was the teacher a psychic or what…

Yu Zhiyi felt a drum beating in her heart. When she heard Qiao Lezhi’s name being called out, she felt that she was also dead meat.

As the teacher read the names one by one, she kept feeling that the next name would be her, but even until the end, she didn’t hear her name. Yu Zhiyi was delighted!

“You people, don’t say that I’m falsely accusing you.” The math teacher picked up the chalk and turned around to write down a couple of word problems on the board.

The math teacher knocked on the chalkboard, “Amongst the students who stood up, who can tell me what the answer to this problem is?”

Some people didn’t even look at the problem when they copied answers, while others had some impression but didn’t dare to answer.

The math teacher hated that iron couldn’t become steel1, “Since you don’t dare to answer, then I’ll answer for you. All of you wrote √2 on your papers!”

The copiers were confused: What’s wrong with √2?

It was the first word problem, and it was also the answer that the class rep wrote, it was definitely right…

The subject representative looked at Shi Yi and asked in a small voice, “Class Rep, didn’t they copy your answers? I think I remember that the answer to that problem was π though?”

Shi Yi twirled the pencil in his hand, “I did write π”

However, his handwriting was a little messy, so it was easy for people to mistake it as √2.

It was possible if one or two people got it wrong. However, when at least ten students made the same mistake, the teacher would definitely take note and get angry.

After being scolded by the math teacher, the students who copied were a little scared. Even when copying, they’d get it wrong, who else could they blame? It’s not like they could blame the class rep who always “took care” of them. They could only swallow the bitterness themselves.

After class, Yu Zhiyi deliberately passed by Shi Yi’s seat and passed him a note. When the note was opened, there were three words written: I’m sorry.

He read it once and crumpled the paper up, throwing it into the trash. He never needed these three words from her.

After school ended, Yu Zhiyi followed behind him.

Shi Yi suddenly stopped and she bumped into his back.

“Aiyah.” Her nose immediately turned red.

“Such a fool.”

“Brother, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry, I don’t like to hear those words.”

“Then I won’t say it anymore. I didn’t lie to you on purpose. Yesterday, I left the math homework behind in the classroom, so I…” copied the answers.

When she saw her answers on the paper had been altered, she knew that Shi Yi had discovered she lied. She really recognized her mistakes now.

“Brother, don’t be mad, I won’t do it again.” She immediately held up three fingers, “I promise.”

Shi Yi lightly glanced at her but still didn’t say anything.

In order to coax him, Yu Zhiyi directly went to the Shi family with her backpack to do homework, “Brother, how do I do this problem?”


Peeling fruits, bringing water, she continuously served him. Even Ning Suya couldn’t take it anymore, “That’s enough, how did Yiyi anger you, you’re still not going to forgive her?”

She usually didn’t like to interfere with the children’s matters. Even if they fought, they had their own ways of making up, though she had never seen these two children actually argue.

Ning Suya was a little worried, “Are you really angry at Yiyi?”

Shi Yi shook his head, “No.”

Ning Suya: “Then who are you putting on such an ugly face for?”

“Whoever’s guilty will look at it.” If he were to forgive her so easily this first time, then in the future she will also easily make such mistakes. He had to condition her from the very beginning: Lying to Shi Yi is not allowed!

Ning Suya turned her head to look at the little girl who was currently focused on cracking seeds. She felt a little distressed yet also wanted to laugh. This little girl was very naive, how could she beat her mature and devilish son.

Not long after, she placed the plate with the de-shelled seeds in front of Shi Yi and smiled ingratiatingly, “Brother, eat.”

Yu Zhiyi knew that he liked this type of snack.

He grabbed a melon seed, bringing it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and her moist lips touched his finger.

As if he was shocked by electricity, he took back his hand, “If you dare to lie to me again next time…”

Before he could finish, Yu Zhiyi hurried waved her hand, “I won’t, there won’t be a next time, definitely not!”

The plate of melon seeds that were painstakingly de-shelled wound up in Yu Zhiyi’s stomach in the end.


Shi Yi originally thought that the little sister he raised would always be obedient, growing and developing in the way he anticipated. He expected that during their second year of middle school, Yu Zhiyi actually received a love letter. He was almost angered to death!

When they entered their second year of middle school, the school arranged the classes according to grades, and three new students joined their class.

Originally, Shi Yi didn’t really care about this until…

Two months into the new school year, he opened Yu Zhiyi’s backpack one day to grab a pen when he found a pink letter inside.

“This thing again…” He was about to throw it away out of habit when he found Yu Zhiyi had grabbed onto a corner of the letter, not letting him take it away.

The little girl avoided his eyes, “Not this one.”

His eyes flashed and he felt like he smelled something unusual, “Oh, it’s not mine, then…it’s yours?”

Bullseye. Yu Zhiyi blushed. Stammering, she didn’t dare to lie, “It’s, it’s mine.”

Shi Yi raised an eyebrow, “You read it?”

She shook her head.

“Then how do you plan to deal with it?” He asked.

“I haven’t decided yet.” She felt it was embarrassing to look at, but she was unable to throw it away decisively like Shi Yi did.

Shi Yi gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. This little fool actually became more and more brazen, even daring to accept love letters behind his back! And she was reluctant to throw it away?


“There’s nothing good to look at about this, throwing it away is the best.”

“That doesn’t seem too good…”

Shi Yi didn’t care about these things because he had received too many, but this was her first time getting a love letter. It was also a sign of affirmation from others, right?

Seeing the little girl hold on even tighter to the letter, he secretly gritted his teeth.

The next second, he went back to being the upright big brother as he tried to reason with her, “Brother understands what you’re thinking, however, you’re only 13 years-old. If you take away your attention from your studies to deal with these kinds of problems, you’ll be very tired.”

“If you reply to him, then when the time comes, both of you will be troubled.”
“Do you think that’s right?”

“En.” The reasoning was clear and seemed to be very logical. She expressed her agreement, “Brother is right.”

“Just let Brother deal with this matter, OK?”


Just like this, Shi Yi easily took away her love letter.

This was the first time he ever opened a love letter, and it was a love letter from a boy at that. The contents were overly flowery and inappropriate to read. At least, that’s what Shi Yi thought.

He didn’t immediately throw it away. Instead, taking the letter with him, he went to go find that male student, “Please don’t disturb Yiyi in the future.”

Everyone knew that Shi Yi was Yu Zhiyi’s big brother. Since the big brother already expressed his stance, then that also represented Yu Zhiyi’s intention as well. The male classmate felt both shy and embarrassed. With a guilty conscience, he wanted to take back this thing that he poured his feelings into.

Shi Yi originally thought that this matter would end here, but who knew that these two people would give him a sequel!

After the midterm exams, the seats would be rearranged. Yu Zhiyi actually ended up being deskmates with that male classmate.

Could Shi Yi still sit still?

One week later, Yu Zhiyi and the male classmate were called out by the teacher to switch seats. The two innocent people had dumbfounded expressions.

On the road back home, Yu Zhiyi casually brought it up, “I don’t know why the teacher suddenly wanted me to change my seat today.”

“It sounds like you’re quite reluctant?”

“Not really, I just think it’s weird.”

“Oh, then maybe the teacher felt it wasn’t pleasing to look at.”

Not too long ago, a certain class rep had a righteous look on his face as he marched into the teacher’s office. Standing in front of the head teacher, he earnestly suggested, “Teacher, I discovered that there are two students who like to talk during class, I would like to suggest for them to be separated.”

The mastermind looked calm and carefree after having nipped the seeds of puppy love right in the bud!

The two people separated at the entrance of the courtyard, returning back to their respective homes.

The door to the house was wide open and Yu Zhiyi directly walked in to hear her grandma on the phone.

Because the elder’s hearing wasn’t too good, her voice was a little loud, so Yu Zhiyi could hear some of the conversation.

“You guys are planning to buy a house?”
“Not buying over here…”
“Then what about Yiyi’s school?”
“Oh, oh, as long as you guys have a plan.”

As she made out bits and pieces of the conversation and linked them together, she could more or less guess that it was about a house and where to live.

When the phone call ended, Yu Zhiyi asked her grandma, “Grandma, what house were you talking about just now?”

“Oh, Yiyi’s back. Just now I was talking to your parents. They said that they had saved up some money over these years and plan to buy a house in the city. Soon, we can move into the new house.”

“Wow!” A new house, it was nice to even think about it. However, just as she was basking in her delight, she thought of a different problem, “After buying a new house, will we leave this place?”

“Of course. If the new house is bought, this old house has to be sold.” That way, they can pay off their new house a little quicker.

Just now she was feeling elated over the new house, but now she felt some panic.

“We have to leave this place after buying a new house?”
“Grandma, can we not go to the new house first…”

“I want to stay here.” If they move to the new house, then wouldn’t that mean she wouldn’t be able to go to school with Shi Yi anymore?

She had never thought about being separated from Shi Yi. Yu Zhiyi felt her heart grow heavy. That night, she had a nightmare.

She dreamed that she was carrying a suitcase as she followed behind her parents, leaving Shi Yi behind.

This author has something to say: Yiyi didn’t actually like that male classmate, he’s just a passerby.

Translator’s comments: When Shi Yi does more to educate Yiyi than her own parents (ㄱ ㄱ)

As I am about halfway through translating Pampered Into Being the Empress, I have decided to give Absolutely Spoiled a more regular updating schedule. So far, I am planning for weekly releases for Absolutely Spoiled to be 1 chapter/week released on Sunday. I want to preface this by also saying that if my schedule gets too full, I may go back to being more sporadic with updates for this novel (or at least until I finish translating PIBE). Thank you to everyone who has stuck with this novel’s rare updates so far and thank you for all your support!

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  1. Idiom to mean that one didn’t live up to expectations
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