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Absolutely Spoiled – Chapter 0

Hello everyone, as PIBE is about 1/4 translated, I thought I’d switch things up by translating a short but very heartwarming modern romance story, called Absolutely Spoiled.

In essence, it’s about two childhood friends that grow up together as neighbors and eventually become lovers. Our female lead was neglected and unloved by her family when she was young, and our male lead was the one who protected her and showed her that she was someone worthy of being loved.

Read on for the summary! I have yet to decide the posting schedule for this novel yet, so updates will probably be sporadic for now. The first chapter will be posted later today!

“You are worthy of being loved.”


Summary: Yu Zhiyi was a slow-witted, easily neglected child ever since she was little. Yet the gifted and intelligent Shi Yi liked to take her around everywhere.

Taking her to and from school, waiting for her to go home, using his own pocket money to buy the prettiest little dress to give her.

Toddler Shi Yi: “If you want to be a princess, then I will build a castle for you.”
Teenager Shi Yi: “Let’s go to outer space together. I’ll count the stars, but since you’re dumb, you can just count the moons.”

The year Yu Zhiyi was abandoned, Shi Yi took her to his home and protected her for the whole summer: “You are very adorable, worthy of being loved.”

The year they were 18, Shi Yi proposed; the year they were 22, she became Mrs. Shi.


Yu Zhiyi got picked to be the ‘mother’ when playing house, but it scared her playmate so much they cried, “Yu Zhiyi is so stupid, I don’t want to be her dumb child.”

As such, she could only stand there and stare at the other kids playing together. Shi Yi who was passing by picked her up, “You are a little dummy, you need to find a partner that has a high IQ to save your future children.”

“Then…then who should I look for?”

“Since we’re neighbors, I’ll allow you to become Mrs. Shi when we’re older!”


When Shi Yi was 18, the usually timid Yu Zhiyi gifted him a pricey watch and a red heart-shaped card. Shi Yi only glanced at the watch but took the card away.

Raising his charming pair of peach blossom eyes, “Giving me something so expensive, was it an impulse buy?”

The young lady’s face turned red as she stammered out four words, “It was…deliberately planned!”

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